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As 2018 is slowly dragging to its end, it’s time to start thinking about the future. What awaits us in the ICO and the blockchain world in 2019? We can’t know everything 100%, but here is the list of 10 decentralized finance and banking projects set to rock the blockchain industry to the core in the following year:

1. Agate (AGT)

Agate (AGT) is an innovative, decentralized, and comprehensive crypto infrastructure for day-to-day banking and dealer transactions. It provides instant payment without volatility risk and high transaction fees. A platform consisting of a blockchain, two mobile apps, a fiat-pegged ecosystem, and API suite, plug-ins, add-ons, and a physical POS terminal, operating with a multi-currency mechanism, it is one of the highest ranked upcoming ICOs. Most of its modules are already built or working or have beta versions, and we predict it will have a bright future in the coming years.

2. Araw (ARAW)

Araw (ARAW) is an ecosystem aimed at simplifying the procedure of accepting payments with cryptocurrency for e-commerce owners who are regular people. Their mission is to combine the best aspects of e-commerce and payment industries, providing end-to-end solutions for e-commerce, touch&pay cryptocurrency card, online cryptocurrency payment, and developing a reward system on the Ethereum blockchain powered by the native ARAW token. Araw already has a massive community on Twitter and Telegram and a working MVP, so it is obvious that the team is serious and working hard toward success.

3. Natmin (NAT)

Natmin Pure Escrow (NAT) is a DApp offering pure escrow services built on blockchain technology. Eliminating the need for a middleman, Natmin provides secure transactions between the buyer and seller, reducing costs and lowering the risk of fraud. Natmin makes the entire process incredibly easy for everyone, even if you’re not well-versed in the escrow industry. Already listed on Bitmart exchange, Natmin has a clear roadmap for the years to come.

4. Quantocoin (QTC)

According to their whitepaper, Quantocoin (QTC) is the first global alternative asset with immediate liquidity and currency functionality, offering extreme speed, reliability, and efficiency at a low cost with optional anonymous transfers. To be more precise, Quantocoin involves earning and spending money, with the availability of investment and speculation. In addition to the noble cause of wanting to provide bank services to those without any access to them, the guys and gals at Quantocoin are certain they will reach the same success as bitcoin or other altcoins in a short time, thanks to their technology and massive expansion. We share at least a part of that enthusiasm and believe in them, as they already have an Android version of their app.

5. Victorieum (VTM)

Victorieum (VTM) is another project with great potential to unite the banking and cryptocurrency sector by creating its own cryptocurrency banking system with off-shore units. The platform’s aim is to provide end-to-end banking services such as credit cards, asset management, loans, and more. What separates Victorieum from its competitors though, is the feature of mitigating security risks through obligatory KYC of users, enabling all participants to invest, trade, and use crypto coins without any issues. Moreover, Victorieum already has a working product at such an early stage. High investment bonus and passive income program it offers are bound to attract investors and draw success in 2019.

6. Kinesis (KVT)

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Kinesis (KVT) is a yield-bearing cryptocurrency based on 1:1 allocated physical gold and silver, with a goal to make an evolutionary step beyond any monetary and banking system around today. Buyers of Kinesis currencies are simultaneously allocated real gold or silver stored securely in one of the third-party vaults across the world, ensuring no counterparty risk. The digital coins (KAU for gold-based coin and KAG for silver-based coin) can be spent at the point of sale using the Kinesis debit card. When KAU and KAG are transferred between holders, the network collects a 0.45% fee which is then accumulated and distributed monthly in varying proportions to participants in the Kinesis monetary system called “yield”. Kinesis is an innovative project that will certainly catch the investors’ attention and already has a debit card feature in place. 2019 should definitely be their year.

7. Nexxo (NEXXO)

Nexxo (NEXXO) is a multinational blockchain-powered small business financial services platform, which aims to link all local/private blockchains and help grow small businesses’ operations, lower their expenses, and manage their surrounding ecosystem. They plan on doing this by providing financial and payment solutions to small businesses, ranging from corporate cards to point-of-sale systems, such as NEXXO IBAN, a NEXXO mobile wallet linked to a debit card with international remittance, and NEXXO token-to-fiat conversion functionality, NEXXO bank account management, and many more. We believe the team has a highly commercial product in the store, bound to attract mass adoption in the following year.

8. UniFox (FOX)

UniFox (FOX) is a complete crypto ecosystem that aims to become the MasterCard for cryptocurrencies. The concept is supported by four working products, with a goal to help the adoption of blockchain technology in the real world. Divided into five fully autonomous parts (stable cryptocurrency, ATMs, online exchange platforms, POS terminals, decentralized exchange), the platform promises to help cryptocurrencies stay independent and decentralized. And while it still has a lot of work to do, we like what we see and can’t wait to see them in action.

9. Midex (MDX)

Midex (MDX) is a digital asset exchange and financial platform, which already has a working cryptocurrency exchange. Currently, it is a host platform for Midex Exchange, Midex Banking debit cards, Midex Trust Fund, Midex Credit P2P MArketplace, and Midex Business Blockchain Development. All things considered, Midex is a powerful platform with a strong endorsement and is bound to continue its success in the new year.

10. Nauticus (NTS)

Nauticus (NTS) is an e-commerce, crypto, and fiat exchange platform, with a working MVP. Their aim is to have six banks working with six currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD, and ZAR). And while the team behind Nauticus could be accused of too much confidence, it is not without reason. The project is quite innovative with a clear vision and the team itself is strong and experienced. On the basis of what the company has shown so far, it is safe to assume that they will continue yielding good results in 2019.

By Sead Fadilpasic