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OceanEx released their first major update OceanEx 1.1.0 (Beta)

OceanEx is is a VeChain-based cryptocurrency asset management platform that utilizes cutting-edge AI technologies to provide an actively protected and ultra-liquid crypto trading environment.

As today, 21st January 2019, OceanEx officially release a major update of their platform as stated in the official announcement released three days ago. The new version will include features like:

  • Overall optimization of webpage performance
  • Upgraded the deposit/withdrawal function
  • Optimized the user interface
  • Optimized the candlestick chart; users can save chart settings
  • Trading supports users’ input of the total order price
  • Added the display of network signal in the order book
  • Added a search function to easily find tokens in the Balances page
  • Added a sorting function for tokens and token pairs

The team informed the community about the going live of the update on the official Twitter page stating: “OceanEx 1.1.0 (Beta) is now live, welcome users to explore the new features!

This is definitely good news for the OceanEx followers and investors, who can already trade 9 different pairs on its exchange platform. The partnerships with giants inside and outside the blockchain sphere like BMW, Renault and Vechain give OceanEx something extra, compared to other projects out there.
Apart from the cited partnerships, we also have the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed in December 2018 with Safe Haven (SHA), the first VeChain Dapp. Its token (SHA) will be soon listed on the OcenaEx trading platform as stated on the Safe Haven official Twitter page.
The team updated its followers in a recent tweet stating: We are happy to announce that in the coming days will provide a SHA/BTC pair. This strategic pair is designed to bring new members to both the OceanEx and Safe Haven communities. Stay tuned for final announcement tomorrow.”
The team has also released around mid-January an update on the milestones completed, some details about the OCE listing in 2019 and the new telegram channel flagged Netherland.
The OcenaEx platform looks strong at this point in time, they are active with the community and on time with their roadmap. The steady listing of new trading pairs and the future developments & partnerships will definitely increase its exposure in the cryptocurrency and blockchain community.
Stay tuned to get more updates about the different projects in the blockchain space