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CEEK Token had steadily grown in January, gaining around 68% against the US Dollar and 120% against Ethereum.

CEEK is an award-winning developer of premium social virtual and augmented reality experiences. Its mission is to make virtual reality experiences universally accessible and enjoyable.

The platform simulates the communal experience of attending a live concert, being in a classroom, attending a sporting event and other ‘money can’t buy’ exclusive experiences with friends from anywhere at any time.

The last news from CEEK is dated 31st of January as we can see in the tweet below:

The Medium article explains the recent release of “CEEK PoS Masternodes Beta” and how to set up a CEEK Masternode. The article goes through the importance of this implementation and how the blockchain will make more secure and reliable the VR distribution content.

At current CEEK price, buy a Masternode comes relatively cheap. The minimum is 150.000 CEEK Tokens for a grade 1 Masternode, which will reward you each month with 5.000 CEEK Tokens. There are 5 grades with a grade 5 that requires 750.000 CEEK Tokens and rewards you with 25.000 CEEK Tokens a month.

Considering the recent price a Masternode can be acquired at $750 USD more or less, which is much lower than other Masternodes in the cryptocurrency market where you need thousands to get one.

In other news from their blog, we also have new uploads like the exclusive interviews with the well-known artist Michael Bublé and David Archuleta, who got in second place on American Idol.

CEEK’s VR content is pretty great, its format goes from “360º VR” to “True 3D” in a way that when you enter CEEK you are presented with a command center for discovering content like a TV Guide. The navigation is something amazing and it’s done via eye contact, which you will use to select the different content play them.

This can be done with their VR Headset which can be purchased on their official website.

Looking a the price action of the last 7 days, we saw a growth of roughly 68% against the US Dollar as we can see in the chart below:

The price touched a low around $0.0032 USD, before rebounding and arriving at roughly $0.0050 USD as of today 4th of February. 

We have also seen a major rise in the price against Ethereum, where the gain arrived at roughly 120% in 31 days since the start of January 2019:

The price is pretty close to a major resistance around 0.00005 ETH where the price could retrace or have a breakthrough and rise more towards new hights.

The CEEK platform seems to perform audaciously, with the implementation of Masternodes and the constant addition of new content, which spaces from music and sport to educational material more. The Skilled team behind it and the numerous partnerships give also more reliability towards the whole ecosystem.

What do you think about the CEEK ecosystem? Let us know below in the comment section and remember that this is not financial advice but our personal opinion about the project and its development. 

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