About us


Alan Tonetti

Editor in Chief

Alan is a blockchain marketing specialist and advisor, he has 18 years’ experience with partnerships, business development, strategic marketing in Europe, North America and Asia. He has a master in communication and strategy plan, he worked with Samsung digital communication team at Rio 2016 Olympics. He has been a speaker at Milano Politecnico University in a blockchain related event and his own personal profiles on social media reach over a million people per week.

Marco Di Maio

Project Manager & Social Media Manager

Cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast, investor and analyst since January 2017; he’s also an English-Italian translator and proof-reader. Marco’s always been passionate about informatics, especially when comes to world-changing technologies.


Sead Fadilpasic

Writer & Analyst

Seasoned journalist with more than 15 years of experience. I’ve been actively reporting on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for two years now. Prior to focusing on all things crypto, I was a member of Al Jazeera’s web editorial.

Vishal Chawla

Writer & TA expert

He covers developments in enterprise technologies for international publications, and he’s been analysing the crypto-market for the last couple of years. He graduated with an Economics major and also has a Master’s degree in Journalism.

Md Jamal Molla

Writer & Analyst

Md Jamal Molla is a freelance writer, blogger, marketer and businessman. He simply loves breaking new business grounds. Jamal is a cryptocurrency investor with one Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and one in Finance and Financial Management Service.