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What is Akropolis?

“Acropolis” is a Greek word that means “upper city,” the center of defense of a city. In recognition of the defense against unwanted attacks provided by the Acropolis, this ICO has an enviable mission of addressing some of the major shortcomings of the existing pension system.

As a decentralized pension platform, it offers accountable, transparent, and portable pension scheme that will be of great benefit to modern workers.


The current pension system is flawed. The two major problems that the users of the existing system have to contend with are:

  • Lack of accountability and transparency.
  • Conflicts of interest.
  • Hidden fees.
  • Misaligned incentives.

These problems are passed on to individuals who don’t have a say over their money. For instance, a report by the World Economic Forum shows a shocking revelation: almost half of the people at retirement age (48) don’t receive their pension. This can be frustrating for someone that has worked for years and counting on his or her pension to serve as the lifesaver after retirement. Some of those who receive their pension may have to pay as much as a third of their money as fees, robbing them the opportunity to enjoy their wealth. That is a complete rip-off.


The problems outlined above prevent people from enjoying their pension the way they should. This is a great problem that is addressed by Akropolis through its decentralized pension infrastructure. Akropolis is primarily designed to reduce the flaws in pension funds throughout the world, and if possible, to eliminate the flaws completely. That will make the pension system a robust system that will benefit all and sundry.

The blockchain will ensure the delivery of transparent, secure, and efficient pension system that will guarantee a peaceful future for the savers. This will be achieved by decentralizing the system and ensuring that each individual is in control of his or her funds and data.

To support this novel idea further, the blockchain will offer a transparent record-keeping system through the decentralized platform. It will also use an efficient pension fund structure that is based on smart contracts for the same purpose to make the idea of an efficient pension fund work perfectly.

Transparency and immutability will be offered by the smart contract as a part of the effort to make the fund system more efficient.


The digital currency and other communities are aware of the Akropolis’ potential to change the world for pensioners. Thus, it is not surprising that it has got the support and partnership of several corporate bodies as shown in the image below:


Akropolis is not bereft of good features. Some of the numerous attractive features of this ICO include:

  • Transparency: The operations conducted through the ICO are as transparent as possible. This gives the users the confidence to use the ICO conveniently.
  • Ease of use: Of course, everything you need to make the best use of the ICO is provided for you.
  • Amazing team: The dedicated team ensures the successful operations of the ICO right from beginning to the end.

The Team

The Akropolis team is made up of members who know their onions. They are professionals in the blockchain industry with years of experience to show for their years of practice.

Headed by Anastasia Andrianova, the CEO and an advisor to Web3 Foundation and The Bee Token, the team also include Kate Kurbanova and other team members who play different roles to make the project a success.

The co-founders, Anastasia Andrianova and Kate Kurbanova have played significant roles in the technology industry before pulling their experience and resources together to build Akropolis.

If you want to find out more about the other members of the team, visit their official website:

Token Sale

  • Token ticker: AKT
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Platform: Ethereum.
  • Available: 360,000,000 AKT
  • Start date: unknown.
  • End date: Unknown.
  • Token price: unknown.
  • Currencies accepted: Ethereum.
  • Minimum investment: unknown.
  • Maximum investment: Unknown.
  • Hard cap: USD $25,000,000


In order to give Akropolis the desired publicity, the team has taken it to the social media community. The stats below show the reward the team is getting for its efforts:

  • Telegram: 16,947 members.
  • Twitter: 2,194 followers.
  • LinkedIn: 172 followers.
  • Facebook: 1,859 likes.


On Akropolis’ blog, you can find some informative news about the project. Some notable news highlight are:

If you don’t want to miss any Akropolis-related news, click here.


Akropolis seems to be a lone ranger in the pension industry. At the moment, it doesn’t have any competitor.


Akropolis is making a name for itself as one of the best blockchain technology with its unique area of concentration. It is tackling one of the biggest problems in the world, the pension system. It holds a ray of hope for those who are denied the opportunity to enjoy their retirement by making adequate plans for them to have access to their retirement benefits.

Nevertheless, it still needs to put in more effort in order to become a force to reckon with as a credible pension fund system. This should start by creating more social media presence that can increase the reach and acceptability of the blockchain technology.


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  • Promising
  • Credible partners and board members
  • Awesome innovation
  • Transparent
  • Portable


  • Insufficient publicity
  • Insufficient token information