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What is BlockEstate?

BlockEstate is a United State based real estate fund, which is investing in the Carolinas with focus on the Greenville, Raleigh, Charlotte, and Asheville areas. It has impressive team members who have over $650 million in combined property management. Besides this, it also has development experience and wants to leverage this to its target market. Their aim is to use a traditional fund structure, which is focused on an aggressive portfolio and merge it with the Blockchain technology.


Several industries are facing obstacles to growth. This could be fraud, wastefulness, and theft, which prevent such industry from getting to its full potential. For instance, the healthcare sector is bogged by legacy patient data systems. Furthermore, we know the issue plaguing our banking and payment systems. The real estate industry is not exempted from facing its own challenges.

One major problem facing this industry is the lack of funds to finance projects. Furthermore, there is little trust between tenants and homeowners. There are other crises faced by the industry; however, BlockEstate is looking beyond these problems and providing a viable solution. It gives investors the opportunity to support its goal of building the first tokenized real estate funds in the world.


In a strong economy, many people have the capacity of generating profits in the real estate industry. To outperform the market significantly, this requires both the resources and agility to leverage the opportunities at a national scale. When you consider things like rental income, cost, and occupancy, it is hard to outperform the estate market. However, BlockEstate has partnered with various experts in different fields to trail the megatrends behind the real estate evaluations and income perspective.

The platform is raising capital to finance the first tokenized real estate funds in the world. It will use predictive modeling to manage and invest the funds in a wisely chosen portfolio of the market sectors with the aim of increasing profits. Once this is achieved, it will use the funds to invest in more properties and buyback tokens from its token holders at net asset value on the open market.


BlockEstate has a team of professional experts in finance and real estate. The team comprises of individuals with an outstanding record of accomplishment of accomplishment. The team has blockchain, real estate, finance, and asset management expert to ensure this unique project becomes a reality. A detailed list of its team members is available on its website and Whitepaper.

The project partners of BlockEstate include Polymath (Security token issuance), OpenNetwork Forum (ATS/Trading platform), Issuance/Crowdfund X (Fundraising), RivelsWahab LLP, Syneva Economics, Amazix etc.


  • Telegram: 119 Members
  • Twitter: 3442 Followers


Token Info

BlockEstate is offering its unique Beat ST-20 Token and Polymath is in charge of powering it. The public sale is slated to start at Q1 2019, which will be open to all accredited international and US investors. It will accept both ETH and BTC currencies.


The real estate market is a profitable industry with lots of potentials for any investors. However, on a global level, BlockEstate will have to face tough competitors. Nevertheless, since its focus is on the Greenville, Raleigh, Charlotte, and Asheville areas, it is likely to have low competitions.


  • Uses custom protocol for its project
  • Multiple stakeholders can own a property


  • Helps speed up real estate transactions
  • Project already operational


If this plan by BlockEstate becomes a success, it will be a revolutionary innovation in the real estate industry. It is evident that the blockchain will disrupt the real estate business in a big way. There is a need to be optimistic because some platforms have already existing prototypes to solve other issues facing the real estate market.

In spite of this, no one should be audacious to envisage how well a project will succeed in a particular niche; however, it is a fact that the real estate industry will revolutionize because of the blockchain. Considering the fact that BlockEstate has carved out a particular location for its solution, one will only hope to see the outcome. If it becomes a success, it will open doors to more areas. Generally, the plan by BlockEstate is practicable.









By Jamal Molla














  • Fractional ownership
  • Reduction in direct costs
  • Automated compliance
  • Experienced team members


  • No real information on its upcoming token sale