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What is BlockState?

BlockState is a platform that is focused on building a legal and technological bridge between the blockchain technology and the financial markets. Its products maximize transparency, efficiency, and accessibility of traditional and cryptocurrency financial markets.

BlockState at the moment is building the legal and technological foundation to be the world’s leader in derivatives, debt market (bonds and loans), and asset management. The products embody the highest regulatory compliance, technological excellence, and experience of over 70 years in providing financial services.

The Problem

The financial markets today are characterized by many inadequacies including numerous intermediaries and outdated technologies. Most of these intermediaries deal in processing products and ensuring that various regulatory requirements have adhered. As much as these complicated and resource-consuming structures are used, investment banking activity and transparency of financial products are just a shadow of them, as they don’t meet the potentials of the market.

The Solution

BlockState is proffering a viable solution by developing infrastructure products, which will solve these three major issues facing the financial market. The platform believes that by using distributed ledger technology, most of the methods can be automated. The approach of a modular infrastructure will cover many building blocks in the financial markets such as issuance, compliance, risk, calculation agents, and custodian.

BlockState acts as a technology facilitator, which enable the financial institution to offer their products and services in a more efficient and transparent manner giving access to a wider group of different investors while ensuring compliance with various regulatory standards.


The BlockState team comprises of seasoned professionals in the finance, cryptocurrency, and technology sector. It has the executive team and the advisors and mentor team that work together to see that the project becomes a success. A comprehensive list of its full team member is listed on its websites with position and previous experience.

BlockState is supported by various bodies include Bitcoin Association Switzerland, MAMA Xapo, Crypto Valley, and the European Commission. Furthermore, they also participate in conferences such as Private Wealth Excellence, Delta Summit, Malta Blockchain Summit, and Blockchain technology conference among many.

You can find more information about the team on the official website.


Latest Developments at BlockState

Why we are building BlockState

VQL Approval Attained

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Token Info

BlockState is offering its unique BLK token with a respective 2 Million Euro funding equivalent in exchange for the 10% tokenized equity in the company once the sale of the token is completed. The sale of the token is scheduled to start at Q4 2018.

Furthermore, the proceeds gotten from these sales will be used in completing the development of its three key products, which are derivatives, debt (bonds and loans), and asset management.

The price for each token during its STO is 1 BLK to 0.02EUR with a minimum of 500 EUR for anyone that wants to invest.


The financial institution is one with much competitions and BlockState will have to face tough oppositions if it wants to break through the market and become a force.


  • Peer-to-Peer platform for lending and borrowing
  • Uses AI and machine language to analyze trustworthiness


  • Providing blockchain solution to traditional banking ensuring adherence to regulations
  • Provides loans at a preferable rate

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Besides this, numerous service providers in the same financial institution render such services. Some of them are listed as upcoming ICO and BlockState will have to triple its effort to compete. These upcoming ICO include Credible Network, MaxData, MenaPay, LendLedger, DINNGO etc.


BlockState tends to solve three major issues facing the financial institution. Using a Ledger Technology, which is automated is a commendable one from the team. However, as widely known, the blockchain financial institution is one that is overcrowded with various projects.

Furthermore, the team has to do more to attract investors to pool their resource for the success of the project. Focusing on derivatives, debt (bonds and loans), and asset management is a unique strategy, which when invested can be a boom. Finally, the chances of its succeeding seem slim, as it has to fight against top financial institution solution providers and upcoming ones. Additionally, the team has much work to do.










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  • Asset management operational
  • Build on the weakness of its competitors


  • Very competitive market