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What are Brave and BAT?

Brave and the associated Basic Attention Token set out to fix the web. They give the user a better, safer, faster browsing experience while providing support to content creators with the associated Basic Attention Token Reward system. It is reinventing the way the world consumes content.

The Brave browser enables between 2-8 times faster load times than its competitors while blocking ads and trackers from accessing our data. Their sophisticated tool blocks anything running even in the background accessing our location and information. It provides complete privacy and stops unwanted access to our information.

The Basic Attention Token was developed to fix the broken digital advertising scene. In the BAT ecosystem, advertisers give publishers BAT based on the measured attention of users. Users also receive BAT as a reward for their attention, which they can then donate to their favorite publishers, and can gain BAT by choosing to view the advertisement. This system keeps user information private while allowing fewer, more relevant ads.

Publishers experience less fraud, while getting higher rewards, and advertisers get better reporting and performance. All this is running on the Brave browser, which is already operational.

Partnerships and Beta Products Since ICO End

Brave’s ICO has ended on 31st May 2017, and since then they have been busy growing!

Product development:

  • New Brave 2.0 browser released on 29th September 2018
  • 4.6 million active monthly users
  • Brave reaches top 10 download list in Play store in 21 countries


  • BAT extends to Youtube- rewarding video creators
  • MetaMask
  • Townsquare
  • Dow Jones Media Group
  • Civic
  • Uphold
  • Youtube stars Bart Baker and Philip DeFranco

Team and Community:

  • Leadership team extended with Chief Scientist Ben Livshits and David Temkin as Chief Product Officer
  • Opened London office
  • Launched several referrals and giveaway programs
  • Meetups all around the globe

Info, News and ICO Results

Brave’s ICO is somewhat legendary: launched on 31st May 2017 Brave set out to raise approximately $36 million. This amount was raised in 25 seconds.

The tokens are based on the Ethereum network, ERC-20, and during the ICO 1 ETH = 6,400 BAT token, about 1 BAT= 0.0359 USD. At a total of 1.5 million BAT supply, Brave was valuing its entire supply at $58.85 million.

At the time of writing, 1 BAT=0.1741 USD, providing about 400% return on investment from the ICO. Their total market capitalization is at $174 million and ranked on the 44th place on the total crypto market.

Community Around Brave:

  • Telegram: 5.3K Members;
  • Twitter: 53.6K Members;
  • Facebook: 3.2K People Follow It.
  • Reddit: 19.8K Subscribers;

Brave and the BAT token both have separate websites and social media channels, although they originate from the same project. Brave browser tends to have a bigger buzz about it, and more followers at the moment.

In the news we could see:

Read the full Brave blog here: and BAT blog here:


Although Brave and the BAT can be considered market leaders at this moment, there are several companies aiming to disrupt digital advertising:

  • MetaX

MetaX has launched their AdChain Registry dapp, a community-curated list of ad-supported websites. Community members with the help of the adToken choose which websites can be in the registry. Their solution helps to eliminate ad fraud, and it also serves as a real-time buying platform to find target audiences in ad exchanges.

  • Bitclave

Bitclave wants to give back the right to customers of their own data and give compensation for the advertisements. Their decentralized search engine gives the option to choose to reveal searches and browsing habits to interested parties. The users get paid in Consumer Activity Token for their attention and use of their personal data.

  • AdEx

AdEx creates a decentralized marketplace allowing brands to connect directly to publishers, without middlemen. Buyers are able to bid for specific advertising slots and allowing users to control which ads do they see.

In regards to market cap none of these companies come even close to Brave.


The Team

The main figure behind Brave and the BAT is Brendan Eich, the CEO, and founder.

He has been working for Mozilla for 11 years till May 2015 latest as CEO. The co-founder is Brian R. Bondy an exceptional programmer, who has been taking part in projects like the Khan Academy and Mozilla as a software engineer.

On their website, we can see 15 other team members listed, but the team has been greatly expanded since the launch of the project. The leadership board has welcomed Chief Scientist Ben Livshits and David Temkin as Chief Product Officer. See the team photo below:


Find more information about the team at Brave here.


  • Great product– full browser, not just an ad block +2
  • A revolutionary way of thinking about advertising and attention +1
  • Strong team experience +1
  • Huge growth since launch +2


  • Big competition such as Google -0.5
  • Very disruptive business model in advertising with BAT -0.5

Considerations About What We Have Seen

Brave has started a revolution. This is not just a mere, small service, complimenting how our world works right now. It is a new way to think about privacy and digital advertising.

The browser is very useful, speedy, and filters out all unwanted content- 4.6 million downloads prove how well it works. At the moment, I am not quite sure how many people actually do use the BAT token reward for content- this still might be in a starting phase.

The team has a lot of relevant experience, and their fight to bring back privacy into everyone’s lives on the big scale. They have been rapidly growing, and actively organizing their community.

Although there is some big competition, such as Google, in the current environment, with GDPR, data breaches and customers aiming for more privacy, Brave’s mission resonates with more and more people.

The BAT token can provide a new way to incentivize this environment and puts users in the focus.

Brave’s solution changes the whole digital advertising industry, and I am very excited to see the development of this project. rating: 5/5


By Barbora Juhaszova