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Brave Software revealed that it had launched the first advertising platform developed on privacy. The Brave browser is becoming popular in the cryptocurrency space due to the privacy it offers and its use of Basic Attention Token (BAT) as its native coin.

Brave Ads is The First Ad Platform Built on Privacy

Brave announced two days ago that it had launched the first ad platform that is wholly built on confidentiality. According to a blog post by BAT, the latest version of Brave browser for macOS, Windows, and Linux would give users the option of viewing privacy-preserving Brave Ads by joining the Brave Rewards.

Users that opt into the program will receive 70% of the ad revenue as a reward for their participation. According to the team, the new platform paves the way for the birth of a refreshed internet where people can browse the web, earn rewards, and also contribute to the success of their favorite content creators. They can do all these while preserving their privacy, they added.

Brave added that users would be rewarded with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) through the integrated Brave Rewards present in their browsers. At the end of each monthly reward cycle, users can collect the tokens they have gathered viewing ads on the browser.

BAT can be donated to a users’ most visited sites or to tip their favorite content creators. The team is working on enabling users to utilize the tokens for premium contents as well as redeem it for real-world use in places like hotels, restaurants, gift cards, and more.

Dow Jones Media Group Partners With Brave

A few days ago, the Dow Jones Media Group which comprises of platforms like MarketWatch, Barron’s and Financial News revealed that it is working with Brave with the aim of bypassing the middlemen in the advertisement sector.

Dow Jones will be working with Brave to find new ways to share content and advert as part of an effort to provide readers’ free subscription-based information. Brave and Dow Jones will utilize the BAT token in their network to incentivizes users to engage with adverts.

The companies will experiment with content-based ads to see if customers are interested in the proposal. Almar Latour, the publisher of Dow Jones Media Group, revealed that the company is interested in blockchain technology as it would help them learn how digital users interact with online content. is Now Live

Basic Attention Token’s development team announced last week that the is now live. The new website is designed for community members and online content creators. It would contain news, technical tools, global meetup groups and events, and promotions.

The website will help members keep up to date with all BAT-related contents and contribute to the overall growth of the community. For content creators, they can find the product information they need to gain verification and start earning the tokens. They would also see the latest promotions that would allow them to reach more users.

BAT Technical Analysis

On the 1W chart below we can notice that the token price finally closed above the 0.786 Fibonacci level after 4 attempted, and failed, breakouts. The price stopped before the 1.618 Fibonacci and started retracing, the RSI has also shown a divergence where the price kept rising with higher highs, creating at the same time lower highs on the RSI, which indicates how the positive momentum is losing its strength.

Nevertheless, the token had some huge gains with a 200% increase against BTC in the last 77 days.

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