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What’s Ceek?

Ceek (CEEK) is a distributor of virtual reality and hardware for VR, it aims to change the way people consume entertainment and education.

The Ceek VR system allows users to virtually experience concerts and shows with a plan to add in the future support for educational seminars as you were right there. They already won two important awards, 2016 CLIO award, and 2017 GRAMMY award.

The platform is governed by their utility token CEEK, allowing users to get rewards and vote, every CEEK token holders will be available to participate in virtual reality space for real-world concerts, sporting events, charity, classroom learnings and so on through Smart Contract governance.

CEEK currently offers a number of immersive VR experiences inside of virtual reality within ‘CEEK CITY’, including a theatre, concert arena, and sports.

The problem they want to solve is the reach of the events, now if you want to join a concert or a live event you have to buy your tickets and go in the place where the concert will be, these limits the number of tickets saleable for artists due to the limit of the space the location offers, with VR users are able to join the concert on their coach or all over the world without be really present at the location of the live event.


CEEK VR, Inc.’s partnership agreement with Universal Music Group, grants rights to live performances with top-tier artists like:

  • Katy Perry,
  • Lady Gaga,
  • U2,
  • Sting,
  • Neyo
  • And upcoming releases with major studios and influential producers.


These are the real features blockchain brings to users:

  • Secure transactions – Blockchain provide an immutable record of exchanges;
  • Transactions fee savings – CEEK will allow exchanging digital assets at a fraction of the cost, will reduce gas cost down to approximately 1/10th of a cent.
  • Open Standards – allow CEEKERS the ability for true ownership of digital items.
  • Interactive Voting – allowing CEEKERS to access self-governing, user-curated content inside private and public VR experiences through an interactive vote

Info, News and ICO Results

At the moment, the price of CEEK is sitting at $0,010388 USD (-2,03% today) with a market capitalization of $ $4.303.183 USD and an $11.602 USD 24H volume.

The Total supply is CEEK and we have 414.247.244 CEEK as the circulating supply.

Pre-sale was live from 26 March 2018 to 15 Apr 2018.

Token Sale ICO was live from 16 April 2018 to 03 May 2018 and they’ve raised 17,344,575 USD in total.

ATH PRICE was $0.18389 on the 9 July 2018 and the ATH MARKET CAP was

$14.82M on the 10 July 2018.

CEEK is currently listed on 5 exchanges:

– LAtoken

– Coinsuper


– Bancor

– RightBTC

Community Around It:

  • Telegram: 50.835 Members;
  • Twitter: 50.300 Followers;
  • Facebook: 4.045.918 Likes;
  • Instagram: 16.400 Followers;

Regarding recent news, you can have a look at the links below for the last relevant updates:

  • Q3 CEEK Update and Q4 Outlook (October 10th)

  • CEEK Blockchain Explorer Enhancements (September 18th)

  • CEEK VR Teams up with UFC Title Contender John Moraga (September 1nd)

To stay updated:

Competitor’s comparison

CEEK has a lot of competitors in the VR market field, one of the most similar projects is

Looking at the power of the project and the social engagement they have, I expected a bigger team, instead they have only seven team members and 6 advisors, however, the team is well experienced in many fields, like blockchain, marketing, video advertising etc. They also demonstrated their ability to build strong partnerships with famous artists and to make their own VR device. Vibehub’s team is as big as the CEEK team, but watching previous experience it looks weaker, CEO has no previous documentable studies in this field, but it’s a self-taught tech guru.


The idea behind is awesome, give the possibility to enjoy a concert sitting on your sofa is revolutionary, the main difference between the idea of the two companies is about the device, CEEK has his own device, and you have to buy it if you want to benefit their system, VibeHub instead has developed a software compatible with many devices on the market, like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Daydream by Google, Samsung Gear VR and if you don’t have one on these devices, you can use their product on desktop browsers and smartphones, this put VibeHub on another level of compatibility compared to Ceek.

About MVP, Ceek has not anymore an MVP but a strong platform and a ready device, for VibeHub we have many MVP’s ready and they are working on several products like two new games, but it feels like they are far away from the developing stage of Ceek, you can try their software here:

The utility token of Ceek (CEEK) has of total supply, VikeHub (Vibex) indeed has 267,000,000 of total supply created as an ERC-20 Ethereum token, supply is very different but in terms of chances to grow and price appreciation, I see the Ceek project with more possibilities due to their important partnerships and state of development.

The Team

– Digital cinema pioneer;

– Previously head of Satellite Communications at BOEING;

– Creator of Vidaroo, an online and mobile video platform;

– Studied global innovation management, electrical engineering, and computer science at Georgia Institute of technology.



– Highly-placed executive in the music

– As SVP for Staples she helped take Staples from $100 Million to 11$ billion

– Studied at Harvard business administration and at University of Massachusetts science and marketing.


You can check all team members and advisory board here:

Considerations About What We Have Seen

The project is very well established, it has already a finished product and a fully operative platform, it has also a very important partnership with great artists and more are coming in the near future.

The team is pretty solid with great previous experience in different fields, great community support (I never saw a Facebook page of a blockchain project with so many likes).

They’ve won also two very important awards and they are also very active on socials. I see a bright future for this project if they keep working like before.

What I like

  • Solid Team +2
  • Platform and product ready +3
  • Super partnerships +3
  • Awesome idea and vision +2

What I dislike

  • Many competitors -1
  • Platform compatibility -1

Ceek receives a rating of 8/10


By Michele Costa