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Renting luxury cars from Cloud 9 Exotics can now be seamlessly done by paying with Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Bitcoin and Litecoin continue to maintain their relevance in the financial ecosystem in the face of the bleeding cryptocurrency market.

Cloud 9 Exotics, a luxury car rental outfit based in New York, USA recently added Bitcoin and Litecoin to their means of payment for services delivered to the public.

This cheering news simply implies that anyone who wishes to hire Cloud 9 luxury cars for private, corporate/group events do not need to have fiat currency before he can do so. All that one needs to do is to have either Bitcoin or Litecoin and the transactions would be carried out as fast as possible.

In a tweet posted on Twitter by one Jon Moore, with the handle @jonnylitecoin, he simply wrote, “New Merchant Accepting Bitcoin & Litecoin for Payment!! @Cloud9Exotics is the Go-To spot in NY, NJ, CT for renting high-end Super Cars!! Next time crypto spikes in price, rent yourself a Lambo, Bentley, Ferrari or Rolls Royce and #PayWithLitecoin #Litecoin.”

Cloud 9 Exotics is a premier exotic car rental and driving experience company based in Northeast and takes care of New York and Long Island. They deliver private, group/corporate events and rental services, maintaining one of the highest standards in the car rental industry.

Sleek car lovers can easily rent automotive brands like Bentley, McLaren, Porsche, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi and many other posh cars. With highly trained professional drivers, Cloud 9 has positioned itself to deliver state-of-the-art services to its teeming users.

While finding payment alternatives remains the bane of many businesses, the smart ones are smartly searching for ways to manage the problem without losing potential customers.

With the addition of Bitcoin and Litecoin, Cloud 9 Exotic for sure is not leaving any money on the table. Providing alternative means of payment means that more customers will find it easier to do business with them without passing through unnecessary stress.

Though the prices of cryptocurrency continue to plummet in recent time, Bitcoin and Litecoin, as well as a few other altcoins, seem to be gaining traction as their demand continues to soar.

Even though they are not enjoying price gains as expected, they are at least getting more merchants and businesses to adopt them for payment. If others in the same market could adopt the same strategy as Cloud 9, the car rental business would experience a healthier competition.

The current depreciation in prices of several cryptos has forced a lot of the coins to be delisted from major exchanges or removed from the CoinMarketCap, which has the record of all the hundreds of cryptocurrencies and altcoins currently being traded.

How long Bitcoin and Litecoin remain relevant is dependent on how long the crypto market can hold its own.

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