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What is Cosquare?

Cosquare is a universally accessible social marketplace with the capability of transforming how social media users shop. Serving brands, influencers, and consumers, Cosquare combines e-commerce, social media, and the blockchain technology to create an exciting social shopping experience for users.

The platform has its own currency, which runs on the Ethereum public blockchain. The blockchain functions as a pure payment token while acting as a means of exchange for product sold within the Cosquare marketplace. The Token (CSQ) fulfills one of the primary functions of money as a means of exchange for goods and services. One of the objectives of the Cosquare platform is to ensure that the CSQ is the most used currency for online shopping.

The Problem

Today, there are numerous challenges faced within the social media and online shopping platforms. The issues of transparency, inefficiency, and insecurity are top-most challenges that require urgent solution.

Online shopping gives people the opportunity to buy things without moving an inch. You don’t have to stand in long queues and deal with an over-enthusiastic salesperson. Nevertheless, the boom of e-commerce has changed the way shopping is done but it comes with its own challenges. In spite of efforts to help alleviate brands, customers still face challenges when shopping online such as quality issues, digital payment failure, additional charges, lack of security, etc.

However, Cosquare is proffering a solution that is aimed at solving some of these issues faced in the online shopping platform.

The Solution

Cosquare aims at merging the social media and e-commerce world into a global social marketplace, which will be powered by the blockchain. It will metamorphose how people (influencers and consumers) and brands interact to redefine online shopping. Furthermore, the platform will allow influencers and consumers will buy products using the Cosquare currency while earning rewards. Through the platform, users can receive purchase paybacks and monetize their data.


The Cosquare team comprises of seasoned professionals in various sectors such as financial controllers, software engineers, developers, ICO legal counsel etc. The team includes its Founder and President, DucoHiensch, Co-Founder and vice president Louis Thiers, and Executive Director Sergio Nicolo among many.

More about the team and advisory board Here


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  • Bitcoin Talk Activity – 108 interactions
  • Facebook – 394 likes
  • Twitter – 122 followers
  • Telegram – 3857 members

Token info

  • Token Sale start date: 15 November 2018
  • Token Sale end date: 14 April 2019
  • Total Token Supply: CSQ 25,000,000,000
  • Token Symbol: CSQ
  • Token Sale Price: $1.00 USD
  • Blockchain Used: Ethereum
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Token Type: Payment and Utility Token

Token distribution

  • 65% Token Sales
  • 15% Platform Reserve
  • 15% Long-term incentives team
  • 5% Strategic Reserve


  • Q3 2018: Pre-ICO token sales begin. Integrate blockchain application layer with a social marketplace.
  • Q4 2018: ICO Token sales begin and sales team begin onboarding brands
  • Q1 2019: Roll out a go-to-market strategy to attract brands and influencers
  • Q2 2019: Launch MVP (iOS, Web, and Android)
  • Q3 2019: Introduce decentralized influencer agency portal (Enable users to opt-in to monetize their own data)
  • Q4 2019: Dynamic media delivery and expanded product offering capability
  • Q1 2020: Expand online offerings to include services and experiences
  • Q2 2020: Roll out payment solution at brands’ offline stores



  • This platform aims to democratize the global e-commerce industry by providing an avenue where consumers and businesses can transact easily by using digital currencies.
  • The platform allows users to buy, sell, and promote goods and services through more than five digital assets. Users are also rewarded during the process.


  • Combines virtual reality with cryptocurrency to improve the online shopping experience
  • Had a Successful token sale that ended on January 23, 2018


Firstly, looking at the team, it is quite big with experience in all fields. Although the vision of the project isn’t new because numerous projects are trying to be the social media platform for buying and selling of things. Secondly, the website looks cheap. However, since it is a competitive market already, it will be hard for the Cosquare platform to succeed. Additionally, the whitepaper does not have competitive analysis, which is essential for any serious business. Nevertheless, there is the likelihood of it becoming relevant in the industry.












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  • Transparent
  • Revenue generation platform for investors
  • Users monetize their data
  • No advertising on the platform


  • No details on its partners, brands, and influencers
  • Highly competitive market