Reading Time: 4 minutes, formerly known as Monaco, is a company that allows people to buy, sell, and pay for services using cryptocurrencies. The pre-paid debit card that provides is called the MCO Visa Card and can be loaded with cryptocurrencies, while also providing a wallet service to enable users to buy, sell, send, and track their digital currencies.

The chain was launched last year, and it supports the leading cryptocurrencies, allowing people to use them to carry out transactions in some parts of the world. chain has its own blockchain and native currency, the CRO token, which works differently from MCO, the other native coin of the company. Pay now in Indonesia

The Chain Token (CRO) has been listed on a major Indonesian cryptocurrency exchange platform, Indodax. This latest development will see the cryptocurrency made available for trading to users in the country on March 14, 2019. Chain is the network powering the Pay, and entering the Indonesian market implies that users in the country will now be able to use the service to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrencies. For merchants, the platform allows them to receive crypto as a means of payment without worrying about the volatility. They will also get to enjoy lower processing fees and instant payment.

To boost its presence in the country, partnered with Yoshugi Media Group, one of the leading e-commerce companies in Indonesia. The company sells various products and working with Pay will enable them to reduce the exchange rate on fund transfers, reduce transaction fees, and increase payment processing speed.

As a company specializing in cross-border business, we sell products around the world with customers paying with various currencies. We believe working with Pay we will be able to cut the exchange rate on fund transfers, reduce the processing fees, and speed up the payment proceeds and flow.

As stated by Yoyok Rubiantono, Chairman of Yoshugi Media Group.

The CEO and co-founder of, Kris Marszalek, is excited about their entry into the Indonesian market due to the large population it has. He believes Pay would play a crucial role in driving cryptocurrency adoption. Pay Goes Live, CRO Token Listed on Bittrex

The Beta version of Pay went live earlier this month and is now available to merchants affiliated to the company. The feature is now available on’s app and allows users to make purchases using the CRO token. The milestone was completed three months ahead of the set date.

On March 8, 2019, the company announced that its CRO token was listed on Bittrex International, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States. The listing of the coin on a US-based exchange is a big deal as the company work towards making its MCO Visa cards available to United States users in the near future.

In a bid to improve the customer acquisition and growth of Chain’s platform, the company hired Kasim Zorlu, a former executive at Rovio Entertainment. The appointment is expected to help the company expand its portfolio of services as it prepares to enter the US and European markets. Community Excited About Entry Into Indonesia

The community are excited about the payment service going live in Indonesia as it would boost the adoption of CRO token. The Telegram community members discussed the various uses and features of the Pay and how the CRO token will help merchants in Indonesia.

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