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What’s Cryptune?

Cryptune is a project, which aims to revolutionize the POS technology in the business of any size, with a lower transaction fees compared to the traditional systems and a lot of features in a complete ecosystem.

Its hardware will accept payment with over 1000 different cryptocurrencies.


Cryptune’s team has a wider vision in the blockchain world, according to them cryptocurrency should be accessible to everyone, and in a simple way, as they say, “Using cryptocurrency for everyday transactions should be as easy as buying a cup of coffee“.

The market of Point-of-Sale (POS) has lagged behind new technologies such as blockchain, which has been growing exponentially in recent years.

Besides this, the traditional centralized POS market forces business activities to use obsolete platforms with large transactions fees due to large banks behind this system.


Over 20 years of experience in the POS field have made possible for the team to solve the problems previously exposed, freeing traders and consumers from middle-men, high fees and delay in transactions, all this in a decentralized system.

They’ve developed a new software for their proprietary hardware, that thanks to NFC, wireless network technology and other features will be able to accept payment via both fiat and cryptocurrency.

As already mentioned, the accepted cryptocurrencies will be over 1000, a unique feature in this field.

The team is also developing an app for both iOS and Android, to manage all the cryptocurrencies in a secure wallet. The application will also allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with fiat currency.

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Cryptune was founded in 2017 by expert entrepreneur, investor, and developer.


CEO is Ricardo Cuesta who has several years of experience in the developer field, especially POS software. He has worked as a senior developer at Columbia University in NYC.


COO is Jose D. Collado who is a mogul of the food industry, entrepreneur and investor with over 20 years of experience. He has major investments in a medical transportation company and owns various businesses in NYC.

Check also our direct Q&A with the CEO of Cryptune:

For more information on the team, click HERE

The community around Cryptune

  • Telegram: 150 members
  • Twitter: 3802 followers
  • Facebook: 5400 followers
  • Instagram: 4700 followers

Token Info

STO start date: 15 Nov 2018

STO end date: 11 Feb 2019

total token supply: 10,000,000,000

token allocated to STO: 5,200,000,000 CPTS

soft cap: $ 2.400.000 USD

hard cap: $ 24.000.000 USD

token name: CPTS

token sale price: $ 0.006 USD

acceptable currency: BTC, ETH, LTC, USD, CAN, EUR

Token distribution:

• 52 % Pre-sale/Public STO

• 15 % Founders & Team

• 13 % Reserved for R & D

• 11 % Bounty Program

• 4 % Partnership & Early Adopters

• 3 % Advisory

• 2 % Education Found


• Q4 2018:

– Pre-sale of POS software and hardware

– Partnership with Paragon Solution

– Start of crowdfunding the US

– STO Launch outside the USA

• Q1 2019:

– STO token release to Internation Exchange

– Reward Program CPT token Marketing and Development

• Q2 2019:

– Cryptune POS roll-out

– VOX products ship out

– Worldwide sales team assembled

• Q3 2019:

– ATM fiat & crypto software developed


Looking in the POS market, I found some other interesting projects based on blockchain and that allow payments in cryptocurrencies, which as you will have guessed is the main feature of Cryptune.

The projects taken in consideration are:

Coingate, unlike Cryptune, does not have a hardware POS, but only software that is already available on the iOS and Android platforms, there is also a version accessible from the web.

Being a software-only version, it is more accessible to everyone and more convenient to use, but only accepts Bitcoin and in the current market it is a disadvantage, so Cryptune with its over 1000 accepted cryptocurrencies is a better project with more market opportunities.

PundiX is a project very similar to Cryptune, the team is much more prepared from an IT point of view, but in Cryptune’s team, there are people with several years of experience in POS field.

PundiX it’s an ended ICO, and they’re currently shipping over 5000 devices for payment, instead of Cryptune that only have an MVP.

TillyBilly is the last project that I’ve found, it is a little terminal that retailers can add to their existing POS, instead of Cryptune project, which wants to replace the traditional POS.

TillyBilly is stellar based and it will accept payment with various cryptocurrencies, but not as Cryptune that will accept over 1000 crypto.

I haven’t been able to find other information on this STO, they haven’t an MVP and also the date of the STO is unknown.


It’s time to tie up loose. Cryptune it’s a really good project, their team has seen an opportunity in this large size market that is expected to reach $ 116.06 billion by 2025, with 9,9 % annual growth.

As already mentioned, an MVP is currently available and the STO at the time of writing (November) has just begun.

They already have a partnership with some exchanges on which they will be listed after the STO, these are HITBTC, BITBAY, COINBENE, BANCOR.

These reasons make the project very interesting, despite the high volatility of some cryptocurrencies, if you want to invest this could be the STO for you.









By Marco Cucci














  • Over 1000 cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Very low transaction fees compared to the traditional system


  • Most cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, which doesn’t incentivise their usage