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What is Dentacoin?

Dentacoin is an Ethereum based blockchain network connecting the dental community. Dentacoin aims to develop creative solutions to improve the quality of dental care worldwide using smart contracts and their own token.

Dentacoin’s solution is drafted within different phases.

  • Phase 1 includes a blockchain-based trusted review platform, where patients will be able to rate their doctors. People will be able to view the reviews, which are guaranteed authentic and cannot be modified, and dentists will be encouraged to build better relationships with customers.
  • In Phase 2 the Dentacare mobile app will help patients worldwide to develop better everyday habits for their dental health. DentaVox will be a collective customer intelligence tool and rewards users for their honest opinion in diverse dental health topics. This market research data will serve as a base for dentists, suppliers, and manufacturers.
  • Phase 3 will introduce a new dental insurance concept based on smart contracts.
  • By phase 4 Dentacoin will include a healthcare database, where patients will be able to safely store all of their dental care information.

With this business model, Dentacoin provides benefits for all dentists, patients, and suppliers as well. It creates a community, where parties are rewarded for their contribution with their own cryptocurrency, and they hope to improve overall dental health and hygiene habits with their product.

Partnerships and Beta Products Since ICO End

Dentacoin has been building their network internationally with different dentists, manufacturers, and healthcare professionals. Currently, there are 4093 dentists in the network. They have also completed the first 2 phases of their network, by rolling out the Dentacare mobile app, DentaVox research, and currently establishing the assurance platform.


  • Argentinian Cool Dent Chain
  • Hellertown Dental Group, Pennsylvania, USA
  • ATM Diagnostic and partner center, Brazil
  • Dental Planet Chain, India
  • East Tremost Medical Center
  • Dr. Salari, Iran
  • Periq
  • MABB Biomaterial Manufacturer, Argentina
  • Ecodent, New York
  • Mobident
  • Skin and Teeth Medical Centre, Middle East
  • And many more!

Info, News and ICO Results

The token sale, which ended on 1st November 2017 and received $2.1 million USD. The token is Ethereum ERC-20 based token. 1 DCN traded for 0.0001 USD. Currently, the coin is trading $0.000234 per DCN, with a market cap of $76 million, which makes a 200% ROI compared to the ICO. There are 39.000 token holders, who have completed more than 140.000 transactions with DCN.

Dentacoin trades on:

  • Latoken
  • HitBTC
  • Cryptopia
  • Coinhub
  • Mercatox
  • Coinexchange
  • Waves
  • OEX
  • Idex

Community Around Dentacoin:

  • Telegram: 6.8K Members;
  • Twitter: 18.1 K Members;
  • Facebook: 36K People Follow It.
  • Reddit: 2.3K Subscribers;

In the news we could see:


At the moment, there are no competitors to Dentacoin. Although there have been some initiatives, none have grown into a successful venture.

There is one company who is close to Dentacoin’s world: Dentalfix, data storage on blockchain and controlling the dental supply chain.

There are a few projects, which are promoting overall health care, data storage, and review platform. One of these is NHCT, the blockchain powered ecosystem for global health. They also promote a preventive approach with healthy habits, instead of reactive medicine. NHCT focuses on a different area of health care, so they do not have to be in competition with Dentacoin.

The Team

Dentacoin’s team is based on their primary founder Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev– a university lecturer in the subject of science and engineering with over 30 years of knowledge and experience.

The co-founders are Philipp Grenzebach, bringing his knowledge of business and economics, taking care of business development, and Jeremias Grenzebach, taking care of the core development of Dentacoin.

Find more information about the team and advisory board here.

Considerations About What We Have Seen

Dentacoin set out to disrupt the whole dental industry. Their overall solution provides better care for patients, deeper relationships and more information for doctors, and is aimed to solve the lack of information and trust in dental care. Their ecosystem includes several services- instead of trying to achieve success one way, they developed multiple.

They have been delivering constantly their products and enlarging immensely their network of affiliated doctors worldwide. With several doctors around the globe, it seems like they do not have strong local coverage anywhere yet, which would help someone choose a better dental service in their area. However, we can hope that soon with the active growth in partnerships the density can soon increase.

Their active communication via the blog keeps an engaged community, and we can also often find them in the media often. No wonders, as a lot of people wonder how can Dentacoin change not just in industry, but how people see dental care.


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  • The only player in a new market
  • Long-term, multifaceted offering
  • Active growth with partnerships
  • Working products


  • No dense coverage yet by region
  • Risk of product novelty
  • The team does not have start-up experience