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What’s Desico?

Desico, the new security token platform is now starting their STO or security token offering. Desico helps to launch, trade and invest in security tokens. The project originating from Lithuania has received great industry ratings, extensive attention in the media, and several endorsements.

Their token is projected to have 12-20 times return on investment over a 10-year period, providing quarterly payouts for holders.


Currently, the startup funding space is dominated by big investors, such as venture capitalist, and do not let retail or institutional investors to enter the market. ICOs are only allowed to issue utility token, which besides the speculative value of the coin, does not hold real value and is excluded from regulations.


The Desico solution has 5 key components:

  • Platform to issue security tokens– Desico serves as a platform to launch verified and credible blockchain startup STOs
  • Exchange– STOs launched on Desico have immediate access to the exchange platform
  • Payment system- Desico will allow a member to manage their crypto and fiat holdings within the platform, operated under a European e-money license
  • Fully compliant– Desico operates under the current securities and crowdfunding license of Lithuania and endorsed by Lithuania’s Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economy
  • Combines a community of STO token holders, issuers, investors and exchange members

Additionally, the DESI token provides quarterly payouts for holders, and guarantee against scam for the projects on their platform. There would be no institutional „whale discounts “or any price manipulation on the market. Desico also protects token holders under the Lithuanian and EU law.


Desico originates from Lithuania, and the 3 founders are:

Laimonas Noreika- CEO– a fintech entrepreneur and business development professional, with over a decade of experience. Founder and CEO of Finbee.

Audrius Griskevicius- Business Development- finance professional with over 15 years of international experience, at Swedbank amongst others. Head of Finbee for business.

Darius Noreika- COO– a certified financial analyst with experience at 2 of the region’s biggest banks. COO at Finbee.

The CTO is Povils Laucius, one of Lithuania’s leading developers and entrepreneur.


You can find the rest of the team members in the link below:

Token info

Main Token Sale start date: 7th November 2018

Main Token Sale end date: 25th January 2019

Total Token Supply: 38,575,472

Total Tokens Offered: 1,023,018

Hard Cap: Unknown

Token Symbol: DESI

Token Sale Price: €1.0 EUR/ DESI

Blockchain Used: Ethereum

Token Type: Security Token

Token distribution

Allocation of tokens

  • 2% Bounty
  • 3% Advisors
  • 8% Financial Supporters
  • 9% Team
  • 78% Public Sale

Allocation of proceeds

  • 32% platform development
  • 18% business development
  • 20% marketing
  • 9% legal and regulatory
  • 11% operational
  • 10% reserve


Desico CEO Interview with Cryptovest

Desico Security Token Launch

IMF Meets with Desico

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Twitter: 3.3K followers

Facebook: 5.9K followers

Telegram: 31.6K members

Reddit: 174 subscribers


While the security token market is just starting to grow there are already a few platforms ready to launch STOs.


  • “Ethereum of STOs”
  • complete legal and technical solution to tokenize stocks, bonds, and other assets
  • ST-20 token standard and smart contracts
  • POLY Market cap $79 Million


  • Complete lifetime management of token issuers, and from login to capital for investors
  • DS protocol and ERC-20 compliant DS token
  • Does not have its own security token, but helps companies to launch them


  • Platform to launch security tokens and help them comply with regulations
  • R-token is ERC-20 compliant, allows the token transfer if the regulatory requirements are fulfilled
  • Focusing on private securities like real estate, company equity, fine art, etc.
  • Raised $28 Million on their STO in April

Swarm Fund

  • Security token marketplace
  • Tokenized assets as real estate, company equity
  • Artificial intelligence and workflow automation for capital allocation and investment opportunities
  • SWM Market cap $14 Million


Desico has built an impressive proposition for the growing market of security tokens. They have achieved support and regulatory stability from the government of Lithuania, hence occupying a unique space in Europe for the launch of security tokens for startups.

Their project does not offer tokenization of current assets, it focuses only on startups. This provides an opportunity to be the market specialist in one specific area, while it might miss out on the overall tokenized securities market. The Desico solution from each point of view is complete: they have a sophisticated exchange and investor support as well. The platform, after all, will be as good as the amount and quality of projects listed on it.

The team is very experienced, with a successful venture behind them. This provides plenty of experience, however, it splits the attention of many team members between 2 companies.

The market just started to grow, but there are already some companies offering tokenization of securities. At this moment. however, most of them tend to have a different focus.

Desico is the first frontier of a new era, and a great new step in the world of crypto. Their success will bring plenty more blockchain startups to fruition, and they are in a good position to start.










By Barbora Juhaszova














  • Europe focused
  • Complete startup launch and exchange
  • Endorsements from government and media


  • Startup focus only
  • Competitors
  • Founders run 2 ventures