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Introduction to EdeXa

EdeXa aims to reinvent the supply chain of companies by introducing a new concept called Blockchain in the Supply Chain. By using DLT as a basis for applications and services along the supply chain, the business transaction will be recorded in seconds, while transparency and security will be significantly improved.

Edexa main goal is to allow companies involved in the supply chain to have a permanent overview of the current process progress in the entire value chain. This way companies will be able to react better to change, delays or in any difficulties in the production process.

They will issue edeXa token which will represent a non-voting share with dividend rights.


A big part of companies decide not to digitize their supply chains because of current IT solutions are very cost-intensive, communications between companies are difficult, there is lack of transparency and the trust to exchange data through Internet or third party.

More than 70% of companies decided not to digitize their supply chain because of high transaction costs and low sensitive data protection.


Edexa will try to solve these problems by digitizing the whole process using DLT(Blockchain) and Smart contracts.

The smart contract technology will allow companies to get rid of the middleman while at the same time increase the sharing of sensitive data.

Edexa will deliver permissioned blockchain and companies should benefit from the efficiency, fast transactions and increased transparency.

Edexa chooses to use permissioned blockchain over permisionless because sometimes it is necessary that end users can request or enter some data on the blockchain. EdeXa Blockchain is limited to a specific group of users, but still, it offers companies the same advantages as public blockchains. Validating transactions, transmitting transaction’s details securely and quickly, and keeping them transparent in the long term are the major advantages that are offered by EdeXa Blockchain.

With permissioned blockchain companies costs are smaller because of less expensive hardware and transaction costs. Also, they save on energy costs because of lower computing costs.

Use Case Analysis

EdeXa clients will get access to three types of Blockchains:

– Consortium blockchain

– Company-Private blockchains

– Company PartnerNet blockchains

– A Consortium blockchain has controlled by a group of companies or stakeholders. Edexa will offer its own Edexa Consortium Blockchain’ which is consist of audited and certified companies that provide one or more notes.

– Company-Private blockchains are controlled by one organization which determines who can read them, send a transaction to them, and participate in the consensus process. Private blockchains are 100% centralized, so they are useful as a sandbox environment. EdeXa enables the company to create a private blockchain in an easy and convenient way by simply pushing a button. It will allow companies to distribute the notes in a local or virtual network.

– Company-PartnerNet blockchains are a form of private blockchain. They are operated by a single company which grants access to all users who meet previously made criteria. Those kind of blockchains are not decentralized, but they are attractive for B2B use cases. EdeXa enables companies to create their own PartnerNet blockchain in an easy way and to distribute and manage notes conveniently via their user interface in this PartnerNet.

The Team behind EdeXa

Edexa team consists of 17 members.


Daniel Kohler is a CEO at Edexa. Daniel is the founder and CEO of Edexa parent company io-market AG for 19 years.


Stefan Neyer is a CTO at Edexa. Also, Stefan is working as a CIO at io-market AG for 19 years.


Tim Stockschlager is a CMO at Edexa. Formerly he worked as Corporate Relationship Manager at Deutsche Bank. Currently, he is working as a Head of Communication&Marketing at io-market AG.

For more information about the team members and advisory board click here.


Telegram: 235 members

Twitter: 172 followers

Facebook: 67 followers


Ticker: edeXa Security Token

Pre-STO 1 start date: December 2018

Pre-STO 1 end date: 15th January, 2019.

Pre-STO 2 start date: 15th January, 2019

Pre-STO 2 end date: March 2019

STO Start Date: March 2019

STO End Date: summer 2019

Total Token Supply: 20,000,000

Token Type: Security token

Token standard: ERC20

Token Price in Public Pre-STO 1: 0.28 EUR/Token

Token Price in Public Pre-STO 2: 0.32 EUR/Token

Token price in STO: 0.36 EUR/Token

Soft Cap: 500,000 euros

Hard Cap: 5mill EUR

Token allocation

Fundraising Public: 75%

Management / Team: 20%

Marketing: 5%

Use of the funds

35% – Research and development

25% – Marketing

25% – Operational operation

5% – Lawyers and consulting

5% – Server and platform

5% – IT security


Q2-Q3 2017: Evaluate potential. What requirements do companies place on the blockchain? They get to know the potential and the hurdles from the entrepreneur’s point of view in numerous customer meetings. High data protection and low transaction costs have priority.

Q4 2017: Launch of Blockchain Project The management of io-market AG has decided that they will expand their business model with blockchain applications to address existing and new customers.

Q2 2018: Proof of concept The first proof-of-concepts were successfully implemented and the project was released for the implementation phase.

Q3-Q4 2018: Foundation of edeXa AG io-market AG founds its new subsidiary edeXa AG.

Q4 2018: Launching Security token sale. They offer investors a high-quality and valuable concept. Their parent company io-market AG has been successfully active in the international market for 18 years. edeXa has already guaranteed the first major customer with io-market.

Q1-Q3 2019: Implementation of the Business Blockchain

The development of the edeXa Blockchain is in full swing and they cooperate with innovative companies and universities (e.g. the Fraunhofer Institute). Together, they develop services for their business blockchain that facilitate business processes, increase transparency, and revolutionize financing and insurance processes in collaboration with FinTechs.

Q4 2019: Implementation Business Blockchain they implement the first blockchain services in a pilot project for their customers. The beta version is available and will be continuously improved based on customer feedback.

2020: Increasing efficiency Market entry into the European mass market with the innovative blockchain solution from edeXa. A targeted marketing of the edeXa services for the supply chain is carried out by themselves and certified contract partners.

2021: Global expansion in cooperation with international contract partners.

Thug of War – EdeXa vs VeChain

VeChain(VET) is currently the most successful project that aims to allow manufacturers to manage and share their important product data with vendors and consumers. They will use public Blockchain making the whole lifecycle of a product transparent. DLT will enable transparent information flow and fast value transfers.

VeChain has connected to China’s One Belt One Road initiative, one of the largest infrastructure projects.

Vechain has established partnerships with a lot of well-known companies such as PwC, DNV GL, Givenchy, Renault, and others.

On the other side, Edexa is a relatively new project that still has to prove itself to the community. As opposed to the public blockchain, Edexa decided to use permissioned Blockchain which will allow companies to benefit from the efficiency, fast transactions and increased transparency, but also companies will retain sovereignty over their own data allowing them to remove personal data on request.

Q&A with EdeXa CMO Tim Stockschlager

We have done a little Q&A with their CMO Tim Stockschlager:

Q1: How will investors earn from buying edeXa token?

Investors can profit from edeXa Security Token in two different ways. The first possibility to earn from buying edeXa token is by receiving dividends via smart contracts on a regular basis as soon as the company is making profits. The second possibility is to benefit by price increases of the edeXa token on a secondary market. There are some Security Exchnages opening this summer and we’re excited to list our Token. As soon as these exchanges go live, the edeXa token can be traded.

Q2: Are there any competitors in the space and what will separate edeXa from other similar projects?

Of course, there are several competitors on the market, but most of them are using a niche strategy in order to focus on one specific area to solve cases with blockchain technology. However, we have one big advantage: We have almost 20 years of experience with our parent company io-market in the Supply-Chain. edeXa AG is the only company that creates a comprehensive framework with blockchain as a service and wants to address and optimize the supply chain management as well as the value-added chain as a whole.

For instance, it not only wants to improve efficiency for procurement and transportation industry but also for storage, invoicing and signature services as well as, in particular, the payment service. As you can see, the most important objective for edeXa is to improve processes along the whole Supply-Chain as a whole and not only a small part of it.

Our Security Token is a real alternative to actual shares in the financial system. It offers many advantages for investors. First of all, Investors will receive an actual legal binding share. We are convinced that you as an investor should receive a reward for your investment. We are therefore planning a regular dividend and a liquid trade, which will further increase the value of the token.

One major advantage is that edeXa has many experienced employees because of the parent company, io-market AG. Employees know how the business works, how to provide customers with the best service and how to solve problems efficiently. Furthermore, io-market has already established a vast customer database and has an excellent relationship with its clients. Therefore, edeXa can profit from io-market AG’s existing customers, because many of them already show a strong interest in implementation of blockchain solutions.

Furthermore, edeXa AG wants to be always on state of the art when it comes to new knowledge of scientific findings. This is why edeXa is cooperating with universities and in particular the Fraunhofer Institut in Germany.

Q3: What are the start and end dates for the STO, pre-STO 1, and pre-STO2?

The sale of edeXa token started in December 2018. Pre Sale 1 of edeXa token with a price of EUR 0.28/token closed on the 15th of January 2019. Pre Sale 2 of edeXa token with a price of EUR 0.32/token closed in March 2019. After Pre Sale 1 and Pre Sale 2, the main sale with a price of EUR 0.36/token started. The whole sale is taking time until summer 2019.

Q4: What are the major benefits business will have from using Edexa Blockchain?

We help companies to realize enormous optimization gains in their supply chain. Up to 70 % of the costs can be saved in procurement alone: Many companies still rely on paper-based processes that are error-prone and time-consuming. We are developing solutions across the whole procurement process for daily business processes. Furthermore, we develop specific solutions like an eID and a patient’s chart on the blockchain.

Confidential data must remain within the company. That’s why edeXa offers a consortium blockchain that only you and your business partners can access. As a company, you benefit from the particularly high transparency and efficiency of edeXa’s business blockchain.

The classic blockchain offers too little storage space for complex business transactions. We therefore combine innovative off-chain storage solutions with the transparency and security of the blockchain. Thus, all data is securely protected and can still be retrieved in a flash.

Our parent company, io-market AG, has been on the market for 18 years and has both an established business model and a huge customer base. edeXa thus benefits from this huge customer base and experienced employees.

Companies do thousands of business transactions a month. Previous blockchain solutions simply require too high transaction costs. edeXa has developed its solutions especially for companies and offers a unique pricing model based on a flat fee with outstanding security and transparency.

Q5: Do you have any comment to leave for your potential investors and community members?

Blockchain technology gives the opportunity to rethink, reinvent and optimize so many existing procedures. Right now, we are focusing on some of the most interesting products and have a huge pipeline of solutions under development. However, we always try to think outside the box and see the process as a whole so that we can expand applications later on. To always stay up-to-date, we are looking forward to visit the most important conferences about blockchain technology in Europe and hope to receive new input as well as get to know potential customers or investors. If you have any questions – meet us there or contact us directly.


Edexa has an innovative idea to solve the problems current supply chains are facing by using permissioned Blockchain.

Edexa has a solid team and advisory board, but there is space for improvement when it comes to social media presence which is on a very low level.

The competition in this field is huge, so in order to succeed this project has to improve its marketing and attract more investors. Their key market target is Europe, so we will see if they manage to attract users to digitize their supply chains by using Edexa Blockchain.















Market Growth





  • Solid and experienced team;
  • Innovative idea;
  • Permissioned blockchains are less expensive then permissionless ones and transaction costs are lower;
  • Token gives regular dividend rights to token holders;
  • Use of Permissioned Blockchains allows confidential data to stay within the company;


  • Lack of social media presence;
  • Marketing has a room for improvement;
  • High competition;
  • Permissioned blockchain is less decentralized than Public Blockchain;