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What is Gainfy (GAIN)?

Gainfy is a technological company aiming to revolutionize the healthcare industry through the use of blockchain, AI and IoT, offering consumers and enterprises an HIPAA-compliant platform for digital urgent care and second medical opinion, identity verification, and data protection, as well as an incentivized reward system, digital and crypto payments, management and monetization of anonymous clinical data; enabling timely treatment of the patient, as well as fast and accurate payment to the provider.


The biggest challenges of healthcare today are:

  1. Consumers have a hard time to stay motivated, to overcome obesity and unhealthy lifestyles;
  2. Most cities are struggling to reduce carbon emission and provide clean air for their citizens;
  3. Consumers don’t get to participate in the ownership, management, and monetization of their health data, a $28 billion market in the US alone.


The solution to these issues is Gainfy, a consumer and enterprise HIPAA-compliant healthcare platform powered by blockchain, AI and IoT where everyone can communicate with a doctor for free, own their data and get paid to stay healthy.

  1. Gainfy uses AI and blockchain technology to collect, store and sell non-confidential consumer data;
  2. Gainfy gives consumers full ownership of their health data;
  3. Gainfy rewards consumers for sharing their anonymized data;
  4. Gainfy pays consumers to drive less, walk more and stay healthy;
  5. Gainfy helps cities reduce carbon emission and create a sustainable future.

Gainfy’s mobile and web healthcare consumer and enterprise platform consists of the following subset of features:

  • GainfyFit — a mobile APP which pays for healthy habits;
  • GainfyCare — a messaging and video platform for digital medical care;
  • GainfyDoc — an identity and Provider credential verification platform;
  • GainfyPay — a digital wallet to store points and other crypto assets;
  • GainfyMarketplace — a marketplace to earn and redeem reward points for products and services;
  • GainfyEnterprise —a  platform for Enterprise improving operations, care delivery, customer outcomes and lowering costs

Check out more details in the whitepaper:


Gainfy’s team is filled with professionals in relevant fields, such as CEO Victoria Saucier with over 20 years of experience in business development and capital investments and Chief Product Architect Dean “Sakis” Karakitsos, who has more than 20 years of experience in entrepreneurial leadership, building concepts and businesses which achieved award-winning successes.

For more information about the team, visit

Community around it

  • Telegram: 4,803 members;
  • Twitter: 2,499 followers;
  • Facebook: 2,054 followers.

The Gainfy team is also active on its Medium blog, so here are a few highlights:

Token info

Token Sale start date: September 24, 2018

Token Sale end date: October 16, 2018

Total Token Supply: 500,000,000

Total Tokens Offered: 200,000,000

Soft Cap: $25,000,000 USD

Token Symbol: GAIN

Token Sale Price: 1 GAIN = $0.5 USD

Blockchain Used: Ethereum

Token Standard: ERC223

Token Type: Security

Funds Distribution

30% Software deployment

20% Reward token reserve fund

20% Ecosystem development, database integration, marketing

15% Team, advisors, contributors, partners

12% Operations

3% Legal

Token Allocation

40% Offered for Sale

30% Gainfy foundation

30% Reserve fund


  • Q4 2018 – Complete token sale and begin implementing platform development. An android campaign to increase network distribution.
  • Q3 2019 – Beta platform launch and testing – GainfyEnterprise. List GAIN token on available security exchanges.
  • Q1 2020 – Beta platform launch and testing – GainfyCare, GainfyDoc, GainfyPay, GainfyMarketplace.
  • Q2 2020 – Platform Launch. Provider database integration – GainfyCare, GainfyPay, Gainfy Marketplace.
  • Q3 2020 – Database integration. Finalization of strategic partnerships with institutional healthcare partners.
  • Q4 2020 – Expanding, developing strategic partnerships, increasing the database pool.


According to Gainfy, their current competitors do not have the advantages of strong industry infrastructure and well-designed AI or blockchain technological solution that brings cost reduction, scalability, gamification incentives, data monetization, crypto payment capabilities, and data integrity. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some other players in the industry, such as MedicalChain and Clinicoin.

MedicalChain is a blockchain platform that provides secure sharing of health records in the medical sphere. It also allows patients to have video sessions with doctors and consult on their health situation. The company also has an app that provides nutritional advice to its users. The platform hosts over 80 doctors specializing in different fields and has presented its project to WHO.

Clinicoin is an open-source, blockchain-leveraged health, and wellness platform, accompanied by a token-based rewards ecosystem, just like Gainfy. It also rewards its users for taking part in health, wellness, and research activities. The platform aims to connect people, health app developers, and providers around the world. Its tokens can be used to purchase digital tools, products, and services from the decentralized marketplace. Clinicoin also comes with tools to build health apps.


Although there are many players in the budding field of blockchain-powered healthcare platforms, Gainfy seems to be a scent of fresh air. A noble aim is combined with the newest technologies to give their users the best possible experience, investing opportunities, full ownership of their health data, and reward them for sharing anonymized data and taking care of their wellness. Today, when off-chain wellness apps are becoming increasingly popular, Gainfy has a good chance for success.

Having said that, there is still no working product, as it seems they opted for gathering investments before focusing on launching their platform, which is perfectly legitimate. However, some of its competitors are slightly ahead as they have working products/platforms. Nevertheless, we can’t wait to see the Gainfy platform up-and-running.


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  • Has trading value
  • Reduces regulatory risk with a compliant security token
  • Users have access to network resources
  • Innovative and well-planned solutions
  • Experienced team


  • No MVP yet
  • Some competition