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The MainNet upgrade for High Performance Blockchain (HPB) will bring technical, security and performance improvements to the blockchain network.

High Performance Blockchain (HPB)

Starting today, May 17, the High Performance Blockchain (HPB) will undergo its scheduled mainnet upgrade thereby introducing some key technical and performance improvements aboard.

High Performance Blockchain is a hybrid yet permissionless blockchain architecture which combines elements of its high-performance blockchain software along with customized hardware dubbed Blockchain Offload Engine (BOE).

The HPB node system utilizes dedicated high specification servers and the BOE hardware units. These chipsets are designed to accelerate the rate at which transactions are processed.

The HPB developers claim that using this hybrid approach helps them to attain extremely low latency with high transactions speed without any compromise on decentralization and security.

The HPB MainNet Upgrade

The scheduled mainnet upgrade to the HPB network comes as the company’s plan to bring performance improvements to the network. As per the official announcement, the upgrade will “better support the hardware wallet, optimize the chain-ID and make sure the process is performed smoothly”.

The scheduled upgrade execution is divided into two parts. The first phase shall be completed by today, May 17, at a block height of 2560000. While the second phase of the upgrade is scheduled next month on June 10.

The major features that the upgrade plans to introduce are:

  1. Optimized algorithm for network bandwidth;
  2. Optimization of recognition algorithm for smart contract transactions;
  3. Optimizing the gas fees of transactions with input data;
  4. Improving the parallel processing capabilities of block transactions as well as txpool transactions;
  5. Optimizing block broadcast routing;
  6. Optimizing the Chain-ID to support the hardware wallet;
  7. Fixing the bug of peer connections;
  8. Fixing over-sized data bug caused due to the reward of empty blocks;
  9. Adding number limitations to the block transactions.

Being a permissionless blockchain, HPB has kept the contribution of data and deployment of smart contracts open to the general public. The platform shares a larger vision of empowering enterprises across the globe to build an enhanced DApp ecosystem for enterprise applications yet available to the general public.

HPB claims that the in-house development of its Blockchain Offload Engine (BOE) hardware will help them towards the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. The BOE hardware design seamlessly integrates with the blockchain to attain better security and performance.

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