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DGTX Token has seen a huge rise started around the end of February, probably due to the Launch of Digitex Treasury on the 1st of March 2019.

Digitex Futures (DGTX) is a non-custodial, commission-free cryptocurrency futures exchange. The use of the DGTX token obviates the need to charge transaction fees because the exchange is able to cover costs by creating and selling DGTX tokens each year.

According to Digitex latest blog post, its native token closed February with a whopping 29% gain since its start, as we can see in the tab below:

But the price hasn’t stopped yet, looking at 15% gain just in the last 24h. The token had also seen a record all-time high in its volumes, which have increased by 10 times since the start of 2019, from around $350.000 USD in January to $3.6 Million USD recorded today.

The main tractor was definitely the today’s launch of Digitex Treasury, where, as stated by the team:

The main purpose is to fund our operations without minting new tokens and still be able to offer a zero-fee model.

This treasury consists of 100 Million DGTX Tokens already locked up for 2.5 years since ICO, which will be gradually released on a quarterly basis.

As stated by the team:

“The tokens will be sold to the public via an Ethereum-based smart contract directly from us. Starting on 1st March 2019, there will be an ongoing token sale of 10 million tokens every three months lasting for 2.5 years. That makes it 10 public quarterly sales until June 2021.”

In this extensive article, you can read more insights about the Digitex Treasury.

In another tweet, Changelly has listed DGTX in the Top 25 best performing cryptocurrencies on the 27th of February, with a big 18% gain in a single day.

Price Movements

On a 4h timeframe, we can gauge the huge gains had just in the last 3 days with, with more than a 50% climb.

On a bigger timeframe, 1 Day, we can recognize 2 major resistances around 1400 and 2000 Satoshis.

As supports, we can locate the main ones around 1100 and 900 Satoshis.

Final Take

The Digitex future seems quite bright being a non-custodial, commission-free cryptocurrency futures exchange, especially since the platform has already more than 1 Million waitlisted users.

As stated by the team:

If only 5% of those users were active traders, we’d still have 50K active traders, which is a busy exchange and we expect a significant spike in DGTX value!


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