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The ICON development team has announced that the testnet for its P-Rep will be coming up by the end of the month, urging developers to check the technical status after it opens.

P-Rep TestNet Application to Open on April 30

ICON has revealed that the P-Rep TestNet is opening on April 30th. According to their official blog post, the team believes that the testnet will enable P-Rep candidates to check the technical status of the nodes and boost activities. This will ensure the long-term stable operation of ICON Network.

When the candidates submit the testnet application form, the ICON team will proceed to review the application and give the successful candidates access to the testnet platform. The testnet is expected to function based on operational and technical circumstances.

The team provided details for the testnet process. On April 26, the candidates will set up their nodes, and submit their application form and IP address. The second step is the testnet launch and the P-Rep TestNet Guide release which are slated to take place on April 30.

However, only the candidates that submitted their IP address in the first step will be eligible to participate in the testnet process. Finally, the last stage is the testnet final check on May 10. All P-Rep candidates are required to complete TestNet node set-up by May 10th while the late-coming candidates will be added to the list on a regular basis.

The P-Rep Pre-Registration is open until September, the ICON team concluded.

ICON Partners VELIC for ICX Station Listing

Last week, the ICON Foundation announced its partnership with cryptocurrency exchange VELIC. The collaboration will see the exchange list the ICX Station accelerator program on its platform. This would also lead to VELIC listing ICON dApps on its cryptocurrency exchanges.

With VELIC serving as their listing partner, the ICX Station would enable projects to come through the program with different ways of increasing their liquidity. VELIC is set to support IRC2 standard tokens, and in the process reducing the challenges for all ICON-based token projects seeking to boost liquidity.

However, VELIC will carry out its own research for each project interested in listing its tokens on the platform. Once VELIC approves the listing of a token, the cryptocurrency exchange could offer fundraising support with various promotions through IEOs, IAOs (Initial Auction Offerings), and consultation.

The Chief Strategy Officer of VELIC, Timothy Yang, commented that they are excited to explore more diverse blockchain projects via their partnership with ICON. Jonghyup Kim, who is a Council Member at the ICON Foundation, meanwhile stated that ICON and VELIC are working to increase user accessibility for high-quality blockchain projects. The partnership is also exploring processes that would accelerate the expansion of blockchain ecosystem.

ICON dApp Meetup Has 193 Participants

The ICON team is gearing up to host the ICON dApp meetup slated to take place on April 25. So far, 193 people have declared interest in going, with the team expected to talk about their development achievements and introduce their dApp partners.

ICX Technical Analysis

From the chart below we can see the ICX price stopping at the 200 MA which coincides with the 0.236 Fibonacci level, therefore both are acting as resistances after the price broke below the two indicators.

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