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The ICO market is booming in 2018! The market grew 10-fold since 2017, and only in Q2 of 2018, there have been 827 ICOs launched. While this shows us a market full of opportunities and growth, it becomes harder to select the projects, which will be truly beneficial and provide us with a legendary return on our investment.

Reality is, 55% of these ICOs fail, only 7% of these projects make it to an exchange, and half of these projects cannot raise more than $100K.

We here at Token Investor Online want to help you find the projects we think will prove to be a success from the last quarter of 2018.

We have selected for you 5 projects with great potentials. These projects have been hand-picked from the hundreds of ICOs and prove to have unique and viable business models, great teams and community support. While we cannot guarantee their success- this is where we would invest.

1. CLOUDBRIC (CLB)- Cyber Security Reinvented

The Cloubric project aims to improve cybersecurity everywhere with combining blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity technologies. They create a safe decentralized database, where parties can submit their anonymous cybersecurity logs. The logs will be analyzed by the AI, forming a central collective hub of intelligence against threats.

The users submitting their data will be rewarded with CLB tokens, which they can use for their own protection. Cloudbric’s web gateway will give the most updated 24/7 protection against malicious attacks, viruses, spyware, and any malware by using up-to-date data collected via blockchain.

Cloudbric Labs will serve as a decentralized resource community, with an extensive list of tools and sources to improve overall cybersecurity. The project is a reverse ICO– Cloudbric is an established company with an award-winning security solution, and market leader in small to medium enterprises in the Asian market. Their pre-sales have sold out with record speed, which shows great interest from the community.

Their token sale ends on 31st October according to plan, so get in soon!

2. MOBU (MOBU)- Security Tokens for Real Businesses

The ICO business is a huge market for new businesses, despite the changing regulatory environment, and risk of success. Mobu wants to give an option similar to ICOs to existing businesses, in a safe and efficient way.

Real businesses with Mobu can now issue KYC/AML and SEC compliant security tokens and build their ICOs on the user- friendly MOBU platform. MOBU creates an abstract smart contract from which the security tokens will be extended, which has built-in requirements towards the MOBU ERC20 platform and MOB20 standards.

Through Mobu businesses can get bank support for their ICO, open investor account portals, use escrow accounts, legal support, and raise funds. Mobu is a network of confidence and trust, which will enhance operational and economic efficiency. The team at Mobu has experience in multiple industries and the blockchain world.

The CEO personally is experienced in investments, equities, and stock exchange. The project is also surrounded by a big community.

Mobu is definitely bringing a unique idea to the market and opening a brand-new door to traditional companies extending into the blockchain world.

The ICO will be starting on the 1st of December, ending 31st January 2019.

3. CRYPTOINDEX (CIX100)- Trade Smarter

Cryptoindex is an AI-based cryptocurrency index and portfolio management tool. They automatically select the top 100 coins, considering more than 200 factors, and rebalance the portfolio the structure every month. They use a highly sophisticated neural algorithm called ZORAX. With Zorax, one’s portfolio can be managed automatically according to real-time smart market analysis.

Their product aims to easy investing in the crypto market. With over 2000 coins and highly volatile market conditions, daily trading is a time-consuming and risky activity. The HODL strategy which was very beneficial in the last few years, might not be profitable anymore.

Cryptoindex takes charge of the portfolio and automatically redistributes monthly to achieve maximum profits. Zorax has been tested through 2018 and has proven to be able to predict almost all highs and lows in the market.

The team brings various high-class experience and they boost excellent partnerships, with a working MVP.

Cryptoindex provides a solution for managing a successful crypto portfolio, without high risk and hours of analysis, and I predict it will be a great alternative for HODLers.

The token sale is live now, till 16th January 2019.

4. W12 (W12)- Invest in ICOs, STOs and Crowdfundings Securely Through the DAO

The W12 is an open Blockchain protocol to create DAOs. The company wants to improve the ICO, STO, crowdfunding, and charity market by reducing risk, protecting against scams and increasing transparency. The protocol consists of multiple smart contract templates, which can be used without any programming skills.

The DAO governance and decentralized oracles control the execution of tasks, reaching milestones and keeping up with the roadmap. This way W12 provides a reliable platform for investors in any crowdfunding project. Their W12 utility tokens are now for sale, which give access to the platform and its services. Their MVP is already completed, and the team brings plenty of entrepreneurial and international business experience.

5. Lynked.World (LYNK)- Linking the World Through the Blockchain

Lynked.World is aiming to securely store and maintain digital identities, documents and data. With Lynked.World documents cannot be counterfeited anymore, there will be no more fake profiles. Lynked.World reestablishes trust and transparency with the help of blockchain.

It is a multi-faceted solution comprising of an entire application platform, based on the Ethereum blockchain. It solves issues with authenticity and digital identity in the world of educations, jobs, or even know-your-customer processes for banks and organizations.

Individuals will be able to securely store all of their unique data on the blockchain and share it with important parties when they choose to easily. Data stored on the Lynked.World network is completely safe and unique, without the chance of theft or copy.

Lynked.World has their application already live, with 50K users and 300 organizations onboard. They have 5 patent applications and a growing network of partners.

What we really like about Lynked.World is that they are solving a real problem in the world with identity authenticity, allow easier, safer and more efficient way to share data, and at the same time keeping their solution flexible for plenty of use cases.

Their token sale will be starting on the 15th of November.

By Barbora Juhaszova