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Introduction to ikioo

ikioo Technologies Inc. is a California-based private corporation focused on creating technological synergies at the physician-patient “point of care” with the help of Digital Health, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. The company has adopted a digital securities capital structure through the issuance of ikiooTech security tokens under the INPR18 protocol.

ikiooTech may be traded internally within the ikioo ecosystem or on external ledgers. According to the company, ikiooTechs may be traded in the future for other digital securities, or fiat currency, or cryptocurrency.

The ikiooTech tokens are created through the conversion of off-chain derivative instruments, and through STOs, issued from the ikioo treasury of tokens into an ikioo-issued digital crypto-wallet.

The tokens are will provide holders with price, compliance, corporate transparency, corporate governance, and liquidity derived through contract standardization and company disclosures sufficient to perform price evaluations. Reconciling of all ikiooTech transactions happens on ikioo blockchain.

Use Case Analysis

Ikioo allows remote health monitoring with Tele-Health, providing instant delivery of patient’s health and medical data to preferred providers from your device’s screen. Health care providers can extend their reach worldwide and maximize the delivery of care. All the health and medical records are stored securely on the ikioo blockchain.

The ikioo app (available in the Google Play store and Microsoft Store, as well as the Apple App Store) incorporates the latest AI tech to automatically generate personally tailored AI health and medical reports.

Through their ikioor platform, the company helps providers develop their own proprietary AI algorithms. These algorithms can be sold to users across the world on ikioo AI hub.

Patients can earn “ikioo” cryptocoins via using the app to receive discounts on services and goods. Providers can earn “Neuron” crypto-coins via using the ikioor platform to buy AI compute credits.

Team Behind ikioo

The team includes individuals fluent in some of the relevant areas, at least that is what we could gather from their LinkedIn profiles. For instance, the CEO himself, Ayman Salem, is an MD, while the CTO has experience in design, manufacture and marketing of portable medical devices.

You can learn more details about the entire team on the company’s website.

Q&A With Stephen Inglis (COO)

1. Can you tell us about the current situation regarding the project’s development?

No Comments about it.

2. Can you tell us a bit more about the plans for the future?

No Comments about it.

3. Would you like to leave a comment for your investors and followers?

Stephen Inglis (COO): “IkiooTechs are coming. We are doing the accreditation on investors. It is looking like a $41 million closing.”

Community Supporting ikioo

  • Facebook: 113 followers
  • Twitter: 6 followers
  • Instagram; 7,701 followers

Although their website has a link for a blog, the page does not seem to be working. No news articles can be found on ikioo. We managed to dig something out on their Instagram profile though:


  • Main Sale start date: January 9, 2019
  • Main Sale end date: April 30, 2019
  • Total Token Supply: 5,000,000 ikiooTech
  • Total Tokens Offered: 5,000,000 ikiooTech
  • Hard Cap: $10,000,000
  • Soft Cap: $2,000,000 USD
  • Minimum Investment: $5,000 USD
  • Maximum Investment: $10,000,000
  • Token Symbol: ikiooTech
  • Token Sale Price: 1 ikiooTech = $2 USD
  • Blockchain Used: ikioo
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Token Type: Security
  • Tokens sold to the public: 20%
  • Tokens in circulation after ICO: 100%
  • Roadmap: The ikioo Robot is supposed to be available Q2/Q3 2019

As we were told by Stephen Inglis, the COO at ikioo Technologies, the token sale will first be available to accredited investors only. The company knows how many there are, how many tokens there are and what is their value, but none of this he was willing to share with us.


ikioo vs. MedicalChain

Although it’s too early to say, ikioo doesn’t seem to be anywhere near other popular blockchain platforms such as MedicalChain (MTN). MedicalChain has raised $24 million USD during its ICO, selling its ERC-20 token.

Just like ikioo, MTN also has a working app with similar options. One of the differences though is the fact that ikiooTech is a security token that is regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which makes it safer in terms of any legal irregularities.

MTN is a utility token. That said, the information on ikiooTech is incredibly difficult to find, and the team is painfully difficult to communicate with.

MedicalChain also has a huge social media following, something ikioo truly lacks. Also, MedicalChain’s whitepaper is publicly available even though the company is already “operational” (more on this in the Conclusion).


Although ikioo has a wonderful idea and the business of decentralized health care is on the rise, it seems that they’re struggling with putting it into action. Yes, they do have a working app (in beta), but without enough patients and physicians to test it out, it’s hard to tell whether it is truly useful yet. To learn this, ikioo has to work on growing its community.

The technology behind the concept seems decent, but considering how poorly their website looks and feels, it’s hard to trust the same team is capable to provide a top-notch healthcare data app.

The social media presence is also awfully scant, with a very low number of people following them. No whitepaper either, although when we contacted the team, we were told that they don’t have a whitepaper because they are already operational.

This is not a good business practice because the public and potential investors deserve to know as much as possible about the principle in one document.

Also, their status on Justia is 606 – “Abandoned – No Statement Of Use Filed”. So far it seems they have stellar plans but are not that good in accomplishing.

The team members are overly secretive about the whole thing, which is highly suspicious. We could not even confirm with the team the tokenomics gathered from other websites, nor would anyone answer our Q&A in a coherent manner. It remains to be seen what will happen once the ICO ends.










Market growth





  • They have a working beta product available for three operating;
  • Regulated by the US SEC - Regulation D (506b, 506c).


  • Not enough information available on the website;
  • No whitepaper;
  • Plenty of competitors;
  • Very secretive.