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Insolar TestNet release and a positive forecast from DPRating.

Insolar is building an open-source enterprise-grade blockchain platform to enable seamless interactions between companies and new growth opportunities powered by distributed trust.

As for today 22nd January 2019, Insolar is launching its Private TestNet as scheduled in their roadmap. The Insolar project, former INS Ecosystem, had their ICO in December 2017 reaching the Hard Cap and gathering the massive amount of $ 41.5 Mil. USD.



Since then, the platform has been in constant development which can be seen from their GitHub commits during 2018 in the image below.



But Insolar has another good news today for its followers, in a tweet informed that the digital assets rating portal DPRating, who aims to become the “Moody’s” in the digital currency sector, rated Bb with a Medium Risk the Insolar platform. Here is the Medium Article!



In a tweet the rating website stated: “[DPRating – Insolar, Qualification Bb, Risk Medium] Insolar, a pragmatic and actively growing project, has grasped a lot of attention recently. Their testnet will be launched today!”

The rating portal provides a detailed report locating Insolar in the top 150 by market capitalization for the short-term and top 100 for the long-term. Below we can see some details about the report which you can see in full Here:

Qualification: Bb

  • Insolar has a great vision and a well-equipped team.
  • The project is targetting a huge market.
  • A potential of development in the communities (four languages).
  • Active movements in code update.

Risk: Medium

  • Expanding Enterprise Eco is difficult. Potential risk for project failure.
  • Community is relatively inactive.
  • Potential risk for price manipulation. Small market cap.


The forecast results very positive for the projet’s followers and investors since it would be a substantial jump of more than a 100 positions from the current 229th as in CoinMarketCap.

This would collocate the Insolar market capitalization at more than $30 Million USD, which is three times its current one at this point in time.

Insolar’s CEO Andrey Zhulin and Co-founder Peter Fedchenkov will also attend and present a speech at the Chain Plus conference in Seul, South Korea, on the 23-24 January 2019. Here you can find more details about it.

In conclusion, we prospect a great future for this platform, it solves a real-world pain, it has a skilled team and it keeps developing and respecting the prefixed milestones. What do you think about the Insolar project? Will it be successful as forecasted by DPRating? Let us know in the comment section.