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What’s IOB?

IOB it’s a blockchain-based venture capital fund, it aims to create a global platform for regulated blockchain companies. It’s a Fintech company that have a BOT to select which start-ups are eligible candidates to be funded, they already invested and advised 8 projects with more of 8 million dollars in revenue declared in 2017, they also were developing a smart exchange and a smart trading algorithm.


These are the partnerships IOB made with:

  • Fundamental capital: Investment fund;
  • Kession: Regulatory hosting services;
  • Schnigge: Independent securities trading bank;
  • Writee: A programmable Strategy Platform;
  • Universa: Fully Customizable Blockchain ;
  • PWC: Corporate tax information;


Speaking about a security token we can’t explore the tech difference between other coins, we must indeed see what are the main features or upgrades that this project bring us, they are:

  • The Smart VC™: Which is an upgrade of the VC funding system, their BOT will select by itself, the best start-ups to bring to the eyes of investors.
  • The Smart Trading™: An Algorithm that helps to invest and trade on the crypto market.
  • The SmX™: A next-generation P2P trading platform for professional, experienced and high volume traders.

Info, News and ICO Results

It’s very hard to find information about this ICO, no ICObench or ICOmarks has traces of the ICO, anyway I was able to find this information on their medium page here:

The last ICO took place in June 2018, during this last ICO they issued 10 million tokens, bring the estimated circulation supply to 10-20 million. The Total supply of the IOB token is but it does not mean that the hard cap is token, as it is almost impossible to issue this many tokens in 10 years. The amount and each “hard cap” depends on the demand for the investment projects they have and what their business needs at that time.

There will be 5–7 ICO’s in the next 3–4 years, depending on when and how much they will need for investments, and how many good projects they are following. They don’t want to hoard money, and this is why they abolish the ‘Annual Management Fee.’

Community Around It:

  • Telegram: 1.648 Members;
  • Twitter: 131 Followers;
  • Medium: 30 People Follow It.
  • Reddit: 14 Subscribers;

Regarding recent news, you can have a look at the links below their Medium blog where you can find out about news and articles:

Trading Basics Everyone Should Know (14 August)

For the latest news you can check their Twitter page, where on the 28 August Yale Resoleil (The CEO) posted a live stream of the Blockchain Summit:

Competitor’s comparison

After a deep search on the web, I was unable to find a VC developing a similar project, with a trading bot and a blockchain use.

Any way we can check the main differences between this project and the VC projects not using the blockchain.

These are the advantages/differences I was able to find:

  • Social Investment Platform (SIP): Blockchain based social investment network featuring content authoring, commenting, voting and its own wallet;
  • Reputation Score (RS) ranking system;
  • Member incentivizing system;
  • AI-based Crowd Wisdom Bots (CWBs);
  • Investment Company Governance (ICG);
  • Dividend Distribution Ledger (DDL).

The blockchain add all these advantages compared to a traditional VC firm, the social investment platform makes investors able to talk to each other about a project, comment and vote it, the reputation score show to investors what others think about the project, the incentivizing system, force investors to take action about a project and be rewarded with IOB tokens and the CWBs put a rank on the project for help investors to choose the best investment.

The Team

-Brings VC managing experience;

-Previously with Sichuan Hongjian Medical Fund;

-From 2013 to date, Mr. ReiSoleil has developed several proprietary quantitative trading systems;

-University of New Mexico;





-A veteran in the asset management industry;

-He has built up his vast expertise at Prudential Securities;

-Previously he founded Meridio Asset Management AG in 1998;

-Uwe has had experience in the cryptocurrency market since 2012;



You can check the rest of the team member and advisory board here:

Considerations About What We Have Seen

  1. They are developing three different platforms, a VC funding platform, a Trading platform for the average user and a trading platform for large traders.
  2. They are not very active on social media, their last news is from a month ago and it’s not a news of the real project development state.
  3. The team has a lot of experience in both VC field and Trading.
  4. They don’t have a lot of partnership or they seem to be not so important.

What I like

  • Expert Team +2
  • VC Platform could help blockchain projects to rise +1
  • Multiple ICOs could attract more investors +2

What I dislike

  • No spread of news, no social activity -1
  • Focusing on all three different platforms could be harmful -1
  • Little interest watching social numbers by the community -1

IOB receives a rating of 2 out of 5


By Michele Costa