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IOST, an ultra-fast, decentralized blockchain network based on the next-generation consensus algorithm “Proof of Believability” (PoB) is set to launch its secret weapon to make it easier for users to play dApps without technical issues.

IOST to Unveil Its Secret Weapon

The IOST development team is set to launch its secret weapon soon. The team recognized that dApp users usually face technical barriers when using decentralized applications, which led them to develop the secret weapon. This feature is expected to enable people to play dApps without having to worry about technical glitches.

The blockchain project has started inviting developers to create games on their network. Jimmy Zhong, a developer at IOST, noted that with the secret weapon oasis, IOST would be able to bring tens of thousands of users who weren’t tech savvy to the DAPP world, immediately.

IOST Launches Its iUSD Stablecoin

The dApp blockchain network unveiled its own U.S dollar-pegged stablecoin, called the iUSD on April 3. According to their blog post, the stablecoin is expected to support a stable token swap solution and is pegged to TUSD and the USDC.

Even though IOST currently supports TUSD and USDC as the stablecoins on its platform, it told its customers that the iUSD would allow the holders to access liquidity on the stablecoins as mentioned earlier as well as the other ERC20 stablecoins available.

IOST state that “iUSD stablecoin give fiat money users outside of the crypto space a new market option to directly join and use IOST blockchain network. With crypto penetration still in its early days, iUSD lowers the barriers for IOST in attracting new participants into our rapidly growing network.”

The stablecoin will also help address the interoperability problem affecting the ERC20 stablecoins and provide crypto users with an excellent platform for accessing liquidity and transferring value between IOST and the other blockchains.

Buyback Program Initiated by IOST Foundation

The IOST development team announced the beginning of its buyback program earlier this month. The buyback program is aimed at strengthening the confidence of the IOST community and their investors, and it would work alongside the Lockup Program initiated by the foundation. The tokens would be locked up for the remainder of the year except for those used for marketing, and to reward IOST partners and developers.

In a tweet by IOST, the team revealed that the program swould help maximize the value creation for the community and will operate through next year. “It will have a compounding effect with #IOST rapid utility growth,” the company added.

IOST Partners With Blockchain Explorer TokenView

IOST announced on April 4 that it has partnered with TokenView, the world’s leading blockchain explorer and blockchain data platform. The collaboration saw TokenView develop an exclusive section on its platform for IOST, where users can access its information such as trading volume, block generation and much more.

In their blog post, IOST added following the successful selection to become an IOST Node, TokenView has now completed the creation of IOST blockchain explorer. TokenView will be tasked with developing the IOST dApp store, wallet service, and other related projects.

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