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WAVES looks good on the daily chart after finding support around $2.50 USD.

Waves allows to gain access to its platform’s solutions for storing, trading, managing and issuing your digital assets, easily and securely.

In the recent news, we have seen two major updates from the Waves team, on the 24th of January they tweeted on their official Twitter page stating: is in 2nd Valley TOP 50 Report made by . The list contains the largest and most important Swiss companies.”

From the link in the post, we can have access to the “CRYPTO VALLEY’S TOP 50 – Q1 2019” report, where CV VC, in collaboration with PwC Strategy& Switzerland and Inacta, has compiled the top 50 companies in Crypto Valley.

Between the “Bigs” in the blockchain space like Ethereum, Cardano and Bitmain, the report contained also Waves Platform. The project assessment was based on basic criteria like Blockchain, Ecosystem and Community Relevance plus Funding, Valuation and Employees.

In another recent announcement, the team informed Waves followers and investors about the upcoming Big Partnership, which name we will probably know by the end of this week.

In the tweet from the official channel we can read:

” Next week in world:

– Big client update

– New games on Waves, don’t fear to miss out 😉

– Behemoths are slow, even micro ones 🙂 So the promised ann will happen next week.”

We can already tell you that Client Update and the New game on Waves where announced. In this Medium article, you can find more details about “PHLOSTON Paradise”, a new game based on Waves smart contracts and inspired by the cult movie The Fifth Element.

 Here you can see the announcement via Twitter about the Client Update which happened on the 23rd of January.

Another relevant news is the partnership with Wirex, a UK-based and FCA-licenced digital money platform that facilitates the seamless conversion of cryptos and traditional currency. Now you can hold your Waves Tokens in their Wallet and Visa debit card.

On the WAVES price point of view, we have seen a gigantic 400% gain that took place from the end of November reaching the top around $5 USD on the 20th of December. 

As you can notice from the chart, the price looks having reached a low around $2.50 USD finding good support on the previous resistance encountered on the 4th of December when the price retraced around 46% after hitting the resistance point.

Probably the recent news, especially the Wirex integration and Crypto Valley’s report, could continue the major rally started in late November 2018, when we have seen major updates about the client and mobile app.

Overall the Waves platform keeps being a strong project with a big community which is constantly updated about new developments in the Waves ecosystem. We look forward to seeing the Big Partnership announced and as usual, we advise you to always do you DYOR and that we are not providing financial advice, but our honest opinion based on facts.

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