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The KIN token has gone up by more than 40% over the past 24 hours as its migration processes continue to gain more support.

What is KIN?

KIN is a blockchain ecosystem that is aiming to bring app developers and users together so as to make the digital world better for both parties. With the help of the blockchain tech, KIN is boosting the transparency in the process, allowing app developers to focus on creating exciting user experiences, while the users get to make use of the best apps without having to worry about their data being stolen or exploited.

With KIN, users can be able to access an entire ecosystem of apps that are available to them. The app developers are rewarded for their efforts while the users are also paid for sharing great contents on the apps, a process that is aimed at boosting the overall contribution of the ecosystem.

KIN Token Migration Gains More Support

On March 12, the Kin development team announced that it has started migrating the KIN tokens from the Ethereum network to its own blockchain. This migration process would allow them to eliminate the complexities of having two cryptocurrencies while achieving scalability, increase in transaction speed and flexibility.

The Kin migration process has so far attracted ten partners. In a Medium post a few days ago, the team announced that it has partnered with five exchanges, three wallets, and two swap services for its migration process and is expecting to add more partners over the coming weeks. It is so far supported by Ledger, Atomic Wallet, Freewallet, CoinSwitch, Changelly, HitBTC, BitForex, LAToken, CoinTiger, and Lykke.

There is an expectation amongst crypto traders that KIN could be listed on Binance and this is one of the reasons why the cryptocurrency has soared over the past few days. Listing the token on Binance would be big news for the community, and it could lead to an increase in price. However, it is still unclear if that would happen, but the team has assured its traders that they would be updated once they make any move.

The excitement around KIN has seen the cryptocurrency currently up by more than 40% against the US Dollars over the past 24 hours. It has also recorded similar gains against Bitcoin and Ethereum, with its total market cap crossing the $50 million threshold.

In addition to the token migration, the team announced that the second Kin Developer Program has started and 20 apps are currently working on their integration into the ecosystem. In March, the team introduced 13 apps and has now added seven more apps to its ecosystem including DreamLabs, KiddoBank, Behold, Kino, FullTank, RentMole, and Find.

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