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Introduction to Kriptomat

Kriptomat is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange that is seeking to become the most user-friendly trading platform in Europe. The platform was designed with simplicity in mind, allowing non-techy savvy crypto enthusiasts and beginners to venture into the world of crypto.

The development team behind Kriptomat are based in Slovenia and are working to ensure that their crypto exchange has a user-friendly interface and secure environment at all times. The team also want traders to venture into the crypto space in a regulated manner. They have a highly localized support system available in 24 languages in every European country.

While they are venturing into the crypto exchange space for the first time, Kriptomat developers already have other successful digital projects including a digital marketing firm, Spletnik, and a sales tool for inside-sale terms called Platformax.

Problem in the sector

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as excellent investment portfolios for people all over the world. However, the lack of regulation in most of the countries continues to hinder investors, both individuals, and institutions. The crypto market is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years, but the absence of regulated trading platforms is hindering that growth.

Kriptomat is here to solve that problem for traders and investors in the EU. Kriptomat is fully licensed in Estonia and regulated under the EU legislation. This allows them to ensure legal compliance of their services and the safety of the traders. With Kriptomat, cryptocurrency traders could rest assure that they are carrying out transactions with a fully regulated trading platform in Europe.

Use case analysis

As a cryptocurrency exchange, the function of Kriptomat is to offer crypto trading services to its clients. However, operating as a regulated entity makes it easier and more comfortable for traders to carry out transactions on this platform.

As a service available all over Europe, Kriptomat supports 24 languages within the region, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to trade with them. They also users to easily purchase cryptocurrencies using their credit cards and bank accounts. In addition to that, users can also connect multiple bank accounts or use multiple different personal credit cards to make instant purchases.

The regulatory nature of Kriptomat would make it very appealing to people in the EU looking to invest or trade cryptocurrencies.

The team behind Kriptomat

Kriptomat has a significant development, with a total of 15 members.

Srdjan Mahmutovich (CEO)

Srdjan is a tech enthusiast that has been on the internet and online product management space for a while now. He built a successful B2B digital marketing agency with 40 employees and coworkers, developed a project called Platformax, and is now the head of Kriptomat. He also worked as the head of web development at Telemach.

Dejan Davidovic (CBDO)

Dejan is a business enthusiast that has a passion for modern technology, especially cryptocurrencies. With nearly two decades of experience in business development and marketing as entrepreneur and consultant, Dejan is committed to bringing cryptocurrencies to every household. Dejan occupies similar roles at Spletnik and Platformax and was previously the CEO of IQpon and EEMM.

Jaka Erjavec (CTO)

He has 15+ years of international experience in IT and telecommunications environment; 10+ years of experience in line management; managing, maintaining and planning development of IT; management of Information Security process; and a host of other skills. Jaka has previous experience working with Studio Moderna, Mobitel, and a few other establishments.

Mina Kržišnik (CLO)

As a fintech lawyer, Mina is the regulatory head of Kriptomat. She is a legal master and strategist, with strong legal & business fluency, advising on technology-driven legal solutions and strategies in financial services, blockchains, AI, cloud computing.

The other members of the team include:

Jan Poniz (legal advisor)

Polona Gorse (finances and back-office)

Robi Hribar (product manager)

Vladan Markovic (head of engineering)

Sašo Merkač (SEO outreach specialist)

Žiga P. Škraba (marketing content manager)

Tim Zevnik (social media and community manager)

Klemen Štefanec (infrastructure and systems engineer)

Dušan Šarac (engineer)

Darko Živković (engineering and Q&A)


Facebook: 3,008 followers

Telegram: 8,157 members

Twitter: 9,470 followers

Instagram: 193 followers

Reddit: 52 members

YouTube: 74 subscribers

News & Updates

The Medium and official blogs of Kriptomat has some amazing contents that give insight about what the team is hoping to achieve. They include:

KRIPTOMAT Becomes A Founding Member of International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA)

Kriptomat To Be The First Digital Currencies Platform To Share Profits With Users

What Does It Mean to Invest in Kriptomat Securities?

Announcing the Kriptomat Mint Portal for ERC1155 Assets


Ticker: KRTEX

Public sale: May 30, 2019 – June 10, 2019

Total token supply: 18,000,000

Token type: ERC-20

Token price: 1 KRTEX = 0.10 EUR

Hard Cap: 1,800,000 EUR

Accepted cryptocurrencies: EUR, BTC, ETH

Minimum Investment: 500 EUR

Maximum Investment: 250, 000 EUR

Country of Issuance: Lithuania

Country of Incorporation: Estonia

Fundraising platform: DESICO

Token Allocation

100% available for sale

Use of funds

60% Growth – Marketing, customer base growth

18% Product development

12% Security, compliance

10% Operations, support

Tug of War – Kriptomat vs. Bitstamp

Kriptomat will have to compete against some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe, especially Bitstamp, which is perhaps the largest crypto trading platform in the region. The Luxembourg government granted a license to Bitstamp to be fully regulated in the EU as a payment institution.

Bitstamp offers regulatory cryptocurrency trading services to users all over Europe and in other parts of the world. While Kriptomat would find it tough, its robust support system and experienced team would play a crucial role in helping their growth. While Bitstamp and other exchanges are focused on experienced traders, Kriptomat is focused on the emerging addressable market of newcomers.

In addition to the simplicity to comfortably accommodate newcomers and being an EU licensed service, the platform is pioneering gamification with a Blockchain Reward Program that will boost loyalty, increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and speed up user acquisition.

Interview with Žiga P. Škraba, Marketing & Content Manager at Kriptomat

Token Investor Online: What benefits will investors have from buying KRTEX token?

Škraba: The KRTEX token holders (investors) will receive (indirect) economic ownership of Kriptomat, as well as benefiting from a potential value increase in the company. They are entitled to revenue and profit sharing via dividends. Securities holders are therefore entitled to receive 8% of Kriptomat’s Earnings Before Tax (EBT) every 6 months, and 4% of Kriptomat’s audited Net Profit every year. They will also be able to profit from a potential increase in the value of KRTEX over time.

Token Investor Online: Are there any competitors in the space with a similar idea? And what are the benefits of tokenizing your exchange?

Škraba: I believe that there are some similar cases, but I honestly don’t know them by name. I would have to look it up, but the main distinction is that Kriptomat already has a working product. We have fully functioning web app and a mobile app.

We also have ambitious plans to gamify the exchange to increase user engagement which will drive better business outcomes by providing tangible value to customers. We are also at about to offer revolutionary tools (currently called “Mint Platform”) that will enable users to create their own ERC-1155 tokens.

The tokenization is meant to benefit everyone involved as the growth of the platform will benefit all token holders.

Token Investor Online: What are the start and end dates for the STO and pre-STO? Also, what are the minimum and maximum investments in STO and which currencies are accepted?

Škraba: The start date for everyone is 30th of May 2019. The minimum investment is 250.00 EUR, and the maximum investment is 250,000.00 EUR. Investments can be made with fiat money and with cryptocurrencies.

Token Investor Online: Do you have any comment to leave to your community?

Škraba: We are always transparent with our users and we strive to provide the best customer support. If anyone has any questions, they are welcome to contact us on our social media. They can also chat directly with our team members on our official Telegram channel. We appreciate constructive user feedback and we listen to their wishes. Our team is working tirelessly around the clock to make Kriptomat the best possible crypto solution for everyone. 🙂


Kriptomat is a European regulated cryptocurrency exchange that is aiming to become the preferred trading destination for both veteran and new crypto traders and investors. Their primary aim is to provide a supervised environment where crypto enthusiasts can carry out cryptocurrency trading without breaking any rules. Kriptomat was designed with simplicity in mind, allowing non-techy savvy crypto enthusiasts and beginners to venture into the world of crypto.

















Market Growth





  • A regulated crypto exchange;
  • Supports credit card and bank account deposits;
  • Allows multiple credit cards and bank accounts for purchases;
  • Available in 24 EU languages;
  • Experienced team members & a strong social media followership;


  • Tough competition in the crypto exchange space;
  • Support a limited number of cryptocurrencies, 30 at the moment;
  • As a regulated crypto exchange, it is not suitable for traders that wish to remain anonymous;
  • It supports only EUR as the fiat currency;