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What’s Lucyd (LCD)?

Lucyd is an AR company dedicated to the production of high-level technological glasses. The goals of this project are to make truly user-friendly smart glasses and a blockchain-based AR app ecosystem.

This will be the world’s first blockchain fuelled glasses. We’ve already seen smart glasses in the past years, like Google Glass that was considered the future, but today nobody wears those glasses.

Google Glasses were heavy, anti-aesthetics and difficult to use. Here Lucyd sees an opportunity, it solves all this problem making light and comfortable smart glasses and giving you the opportunity to customize your pair with prescription lens.

The company also own 13 advanced augmented reality patents. That makes these smart glasses unique in their kind.

Here below you can see the 13 patents:

Partnerships and Beta Products

This project started on 17 October 2017 with the launch of LCD token presale offering that ends on 31 October 2017, the same day regular sale begins and ends one month later. At the beginning of December team was composed and product development for Lucyd Lens and app family starts, the project completion was supposed to be at the end of December, and so it was.

At the beginning of June, the development of first Lucyd Lens hardware prototype, the development of native apps, operating system and backward compatible with smartphone ecosystems starts and ends at the end of the same months. On October 2018 first beta sales start for focus on group testing of prototype and apps. Lucyd Lens launch to LCD holders is scheduled for Q1 of 2019.


The app ecosystem of Lucyd is created on blockchain and the payment peer to peer will work using LCD tokens. If we think about the vast universe of the app that can be created for smart glasses, this will help a lot the growing of content than a traditional payment.

Lucyd is currently developing two apps. The first is focused on Lucyd Loud, the available glasses for now, and will be called LMAIL because the goal is to improve texting for smart glasses. The second app is LWALLET and is an LCD wallet app for storing and sending the token on various devices.

At the beginning the features of the project were:

  • Unibody design for a discreet look, for not drawing unwanted attention;
  • All circuitry inside the frames for a better looking and feeling, like a normal pair of glass;
  • Can be outfitted with prescription lenses;
  • Stereoscopic LCD micro-display integrated into the lens for a long battery life;
  • Bluetooth connection to iOS and Android device to experience apps in AR;
  • Integrated microphone and bone-conducting;
  • Can be connected to Bluetooth peripherals (speakers and keyboards);
  • Integrated front camera for photo and video;
  • Hands-free navigation with custom control like eye tracking, voice control, and finger tracking;
  • A large field of view for HD AR graphics.
  • Whitepaper Link

Info, News and ICO Results

At the moment, the price of LCD is sitting at $ 0.01406 USD (-94,7 %) with a market capitalization of $726,504 USD and a $1,048.13 USD 24H volume.

The Total supply is 91.7 Million LCD and we have 51.7 Million LCD as the circulating supply.

Pre-sale was live from 17th October 2017 to 31st October 2017.

Token sale ICO was live from 31st October 2017 to 28th February 2018 and they’ve raised $ 6,100,000 and the price in ICO was $ 0.2500 USD.

In the news we could see:

Here you can find all the news about Lucyd:

Community Around It:

  • Telegram: 4.2K members;
  • Twitter: 21.9K follower;
  • Facebook: 147K likes;

The Team

These 3 guys that you see in the photo above developed this idea to change the AR and eye world.

The CEO Clifford Gross is a successful executive with 25 years of leadership experience in academia and commercial enterprises and is also the CEO of TekCapital.

The COFOUNDER Konrad Dabrowski, who is also in TekCapital, has extensive 10 years of experience in accounting and finance, he also holds a Master of Science degree in finance and accounting.

The other COFOUNDER Eric Cohen is also the Software Lead, has over 10 years of experience in web design and software development in general.

The project is also supported by a famous Ophthalmologist William B. Trattler, that is one of the “Top 100 most influential people in the world of Ophthalmology”, and a famous Optometrist Ira Clement, that has over 40 years of experience in the practice of optometry.

You can check the rest of the team member and advisory board here: (team page link) (non trovata)

Competitors and comparisons

At the time of writing Lucyd is still the first and only smart glasses based on the blockchain, but anyway there are other non-blockchain smart glasses. In particular, I think that is a good thing to compare this to Google Glass, the most famous pair of tech glasses.

The team of Lucyd is really good and solid regarding the medical side of the project, regarding the engineering side is a good team, but not as good as Google team that has several years of experience with the best engineers that we can find nowadays, and it’s a really big team in comparison to Lucyd’s team.

Google glasses were released in 2013, and today if you look around you it’s difficult to see someone wearing them, they are incredibly expensive, anti-aesthetic and battery life is very poor. Lucyd’s glasses, according to what is written in the white paper should be far more superior, beautiful, and more functional, especially considering the AR technology and blockchain ecosystem.

Here comes the MVP, because for the moment you can buy Lucyd glasses, but not the same described in the white paper, but another beta-testing model that it’s called Lucyd Loud.

In the photo below you can see the details of this glasses model:

It’s really different from the one described in the whitepaper, but this is only the first model.

Considerations About What We Have Seen

Lucyd put together smart glasses, AR and blockchain technology. They have a really good whitepaper but the first model of glasses is under the expectation created by them.

In my opinion, one of the key points of this project is the that this glasses will be like normal glasses, you can get the glasses with a prescription and they are light and comfy.

Experts, due to recent growth of AR, have predicted that the AR market will grow to $36.4 billion in few years. This makes the investment on Lucyd really interesting.









By Marco Cucci















  • The medical team really experienced
  • Exclusive patents for AR
  • Attention to aesthetics


  • First model under the expectation