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What is Metronome (MET)?

METRONOME is a cryptocurrency that aims to provide a concrete answer to the problems that today afflict Bitcoin and its main competitors, such as Ethereum, Litecoin.

Specifically, the project conceived by Metronome is based on 3 fundamental principles: self-governance, reliability, and portability.

With the aim of ensuring a fairer distribution of coins, an alternative and in some ways, very controversial system has been devised of descending auctions that should limit or eliminate the problem of whales able to take possession of large portions of the total supply.

It also promises to be a meeting point between the benefits of deflation linked to limited supply coins and those of inflation-linked to currencies with the unlimited issuance, containing the side effects of both solutions adopted.

A key aspect of this coin should not be underestimated is the speed of execution of transactions, estimated in less than 30 seconds.

It also supports the “Mass Pay” function (multiple payments ordered in a single batch) and Recurring Payments (recurring payments between 2 users).

Cumulative payments can be configured as one-time transactions or, if the payment amount is always the same, as recurring automatic payments

Metronome is not bound to any blockchain, in fact, it is born as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and the development is planned for the support of the Ethereum Classic blockchain as indicated in the Q1 2019 phase of the project Roadmap.

In the near future, the possibility of supporting Qtum and Bitcoin blockchains will be implemented. The opportunities for compatibility and support of other types of blockchain are currently theoretically unlimited.

This means that the Metronome tokens can be moved from one blockchain to another simply for reasons of economic opportunity and flexibility (for example for higher speed, lower fees, greater security, etc).

Therefore, the possibility of moving tokens on different blockchain will involve the inevitable spread of the total supply of tokens on all the blockchain supported by the project according to the needs of the individual owners.

To be able to export their tokens to another blockchain, the team has made available to users a special downloadable manual within the project website.

Partnerships and Beta Products Since ICO End

These are the partnerships created in the various sectors after the conclusion of the ICO:

  • New Alchemy: provides blockchain technology, ICO advisory, smart contract audits, and token mechanics to the world’s most innovative companies;

Info, News and ICO Results

The ICO phase took place between June 18th and 25th of the current year. During this phase, $ 12.1 million was collected, corresponding to 8 million MET tokens sold.

Contrary to the traditional ICOs, which tried to reward the first buyers, the sale of Metronome was carried out through a descending auction system, to try to sell the token at a progressively lower price every minute for a maximum of seven days.

The purchase price in the ICO phase started from a maximum of 2 ETH and will decrease over time in a progressive and predetermined manner.

Subsequently, a predetermined number of MET will be put into circulation every day, also sold with a descending auction system, in which the best bidders buy the new tokens.

Any unsaved MET tokens will be added to the supply on sale the next day.

This system would guarantee the total autonomy of the Metronome project from any third party since there are no healthy miners to exercise a dominance position, nor did even the team once get hold of the 20% due at the end of the ICO phase. Everything will be governed and performed by a sophisticated combined system of four Smart Contract interconnected with each other.

The MET token is of the ERC-20 type, and was sold for around $ 1.27 at the ICO stadium and is now trading at the price of $ 1, 47. It has a market capitalization of $ 12,619,423 USD.

The ICO post recorded a first significant increase in value, reaching a price of $ 4.54 in the first days of July. From the second half of the same month onwards, there has been a gradual decrease in the quotation, which has led the token to have a price of $ 1.22 in August.

Currently, the token value is in a price range of $ 1.24 and a maximum of $ 1.60.

With the general recovery of the market, we expect a good return in the near future.

The community around it:

  • Telegram: 17.1 K Members;
  • Twitter: 10.1 K Members;
  • Facebook: 1.5 K Members;
  • Medium: 1.97 K Members;
  • Reddit: 1.2 K Members;
  • Linkedin: 1.6 K Members;

As for the recent news, you can look at the links below for updates and the blog, where you can find news and partnerships established by METRONOME:

  • Metronome Minute – Phil Gomes – 18/10/2018

  • Blockchain Seattle September 2018 Wrap Up – 11/10/2018

  • Metronome Meetup Wrap Up — Chicago August 2018– 27/09/2018

Link for the METRONOME blog:

Competitor’s comparison

Undoubtedly, the possibility of migrating your tokens on various types of blockchain will attract a lot of attention at the global level.

There is a significant opportunity for blockchain-based projects, as the market is not very developed from this point of view.

Metronome is unique in its kind, as it is the first cross-chain cryptocurrency.

However, other cryptocurrencies can be considered competitors for some specific intrinsic functions in the currency itself.

For example, we could consider Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin as competitors for some of their particular functions.

Below there is a summary prepared by the METRONOME team, on the various aspects that allow differentiation from the competition.

The Team

Jeff Garzik

Jeff Garzik: CEO & Co-Founder / Chief Designer

– Bloq – Co-Founder

– Dunvegan Space Systems – Founder

– BitPay – Bitcoin core development


Matthew Roszak


Matthew Roszak: Chairman & Co-Founder

– Bloq – Co-Founder & Chairman

– Tally Capital – Founding Partner


You can find the rest of the team members in the link below:

Considerations About What We Have Seen

The question marks from the point of view of economic return are many.

Metronome is trying to stage something never seen before under almost all points of view in the crypto scene and at least on paper, it could really represent a revolutionary project.

Of the possibilities for which this project can become a reference point of the highest level for all the blockchain movement there are.

At the same time, however, there are doubts about the system adopted, which is very complex and sophisticated.

The project has all-star team members and consultants. The idea is unique and the growth potential is wide


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  • The market is large and the money around it is substantial
  • The idea is unique and the growth potential is wide
  • The project has members and consultants of the all-star team


  • Carving out a slice of the market will be very difficult considering the competition
  • The system adopted is very complex and sophisticated
  • Partnerships should be strengthened