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The price of NANO cryptocurrency has been on the rise over the past few hours, going up 8% against the US Dollars. The spike in price comes as the developers continue work on the next update, Solidus.

Nano Welcomes New Community Manager

The Nano Foundation recently welcomed a new community manager to the team. RockmSockmJesus is already a favorite member within the Nano community due to his contributions on the Nano Discord and subreddit platforms.

According to their Medium post, Rockm was described as having “special perseverance when it comes to helping newcomers understand the intricacies that the Nano journey often brings. His openness and availability to the community will lend another productive voice to our growing ecosystem.”

This latest announcement is an important one because it means that RockmSockmJesus is now the 2nd US community manager with the Nano Foundation. According to the developers, Nano is a cryptocurrency that carries out instant transactions with zero fees, and it is infinitely scalable. It is designed as a digital currency for real-world use due to its fast and free way of paying for goods and services.

Nano Added As Native Mean of Payment  On Travala

Nano has been added as a native coin on travel planning platform, Travala. The company is providing a revolutionary, easy to use booking platform combining decentralized technologies and tokenized incentive structures. Travala takes advantage of global competitive cost advantages which allows it to alter the relationship between the consumer of the future and their travel shopping using tokenization to increase incentivization and encourage growth in the ecosystem.

Users on the platform can now book 550,000+ hotels in 210 countries with #NANO. Travel to 82,000+ destinations using the Nano cryptocurrency.

NANO Tip Bot Use Cases On The Rise

Nano published a blog post which highlighted the contributions of The Nano Tipbot to the growth of the cryptocurrency. With the payment tool, Nano users can find a profound link generator that creates URLs which directly open the most popular Nano wallets when accessed. However, if no wallet is available, the amount of coin and address are filled automatically. This function makes it easy to prepare Nano transactions when sending the coins.

The Nano Tipbot has become an instant hit in the Nano community as it allows users to send the cryptocurrency via social media. The development team recently launched the Reddit Nano Tipbot which enables users of the social media platform to tip Nano to other users on the platform.

Nano Developers Continue Work On Solidus

The Nano developers have continued work as they prepare for the launch of Solidus, which is 80% completed at this stage. The upgrade is currently being developed on the underlying action in v18 Dolphin. The Solidus upgrade is set to introduce ‘Confirmation Height’ to the Nano node software, which would aid solidify account ledgers and decrease vote traffic experienced on the network.

The latest developments recorded by Nano has seen its price spike by 8.7% against the USD over the past 24 hours. It is also up by 7.7% against BTC and is trading at $1.12 at press time.

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