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With November ending, we have seen many STO, ICO, and altcoin projects, some worse, some better. So why don’t we look back at the projects that marked the past month with their high ratings and innovative solutions? In no particular order, here are the 10 picks we decided to focus on:

1# Skycoin (SKY) – TIO Rating 9.0

Bravely describing themselves as “the new internet for the world”, Skycoin is a complete blockchain-based ecosystem that promotes the actual use of cryptocurrency and public ledger technology, instead of just speculating on its valuation. A fully developed platform, it operates on its own specific distributed consensus algorithm called Obelisk and the CoinJoin protocol, known for high security. The platform is not yet fully functional, but it looks like the team knows what they’re doing and we’re looking forward to testing it.

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2# Hypd (HYPD) – TIO Rating 9.0

What’s Hypd?

In short, Hypd is a blockchain-based platform that offers a dividend payout and innovative ambassador marketing software with an aim to give brands a chance to create effective marketing through their fans. Hypd has focused on an industry that is bound to grow, providing a solution based on something that is so simple that is a wonder no one has thought of it before – word of mouth.

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3# PundiX (NPXS) – TIO Rating 8.0

One of the highly anticipated ICOs early in 2018, PundiX offers ease of access through the POS (Point-of-Sale) devices and uncomplicated mobile wallet, aiming to outperform BTC ATMs. PundiX POS system allows customers to pay for goods with cryptocurrencies stored in their wallets and to buy cryptocurrencies to bring into the wallets. The POS system also provides inventory, membership, and identity management features for merchants. Whether they will succeed in their mission, remains to be seen.

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4# Siafund (SF) – TIO Rating 8.0

What’s Siafund?

Siafund is a decentralized cloud storage platform whose dividend token – Siafund token entitles the holder to a portion of Siacoins (utility tokens used to rent storage on the Sia network) each time a file contract is created on the Sia network. In April 2018, a TSO (Tokenized Security Offering) was organized, auctioning 750 Siafund tokens to qualified investors. The fact that it is a dividend token only adds to the platform’s usefulness as a secure cloud storage that facilitates payments and file contracts.

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5# Desico (DESI) – TIO Rating 8.0

What’s Desico?

Desico is a platform that facilitates launching, trading, and investing in security tokens. STOs launched on the Desico platform have immediate access to the exchange platform and members will be able to manage their crypto and fiat holdings within the platform. A complete ecosystem, Desico not only caters to its own needs but aims to propel the success of other blockchain startups, which is, we are certain, something they have all the potential to succeed in.

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6# BlueOcean Ventures (BOV) – TIO Rating 7.8

What’s BlueOcean?

BlueOcean Ventures is a Swiss venture capital fund that aims to provide the first tokenized MedTech VC Fund. With their STO, they plan to give accredited investors the ability to invest in pre-vetted start-ups. Given the sheer size of the MedTech in Europe alone, this platform has no reason to slow down on its path to progress.

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7# Greentoken (GTN) – TIO Rating 7.6

Greentoken is a cryptocurrency mining platform which aims to offer lifelong free green electricity provided by a waste-processing plant without endangering the environment. GTN holders are entitled to lifetime earnings from mining, depending on the number of tokens purchased. Being the pioneer in their field, Greentoken should keep up with their good work and become the best in the field.

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8# CoVEX (CoVEX) – TIO Rating 7.4

CoVEX is a complete financial ecosystem that facilitates the entire crypto lifecycle (buying, selling, trading, lending, borrowing, and using as a method of payment), all with high security measures to protect traders’ funds and unique features such as margin trading, social trading, and a payment gateway accompanied by a dedicated marketplace and escrow system. Its description is enough to stir curiosity and we can’t wait to see their ambitious plans put to implementation.

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9# Natmin (NAT) – TIO Rating 7.0

What’s Natmin?

Natmin Pure Escrow is a blockchain-powered application offering pure escrow services along with state-of-the-art security, cutting out the middleman, eliminating the danger of fraud from the process, and dramatically reducing transaction fees. Their MVP is almost live and the platform has numerous important use cases, so we predict a stellar success for them.

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10# Vertalo (VEST) – TIO Rating 6.8

What’s Vertalo?

Vertalo is a cross-chain platform for issuing security tokens, allowing people to “prove themselves” to access credit and housing opportunities and helping companies prepare for the future via workforce data and payroll management. Given the experience of its team and the work they have done so far, Vertalo has every chance to become one of the leading platforms of its type, despite the existence of similar projects out there.

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By Sead Fadilpasic