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What is OceanEx (OCE)?

Launched by BitOcean Global in 2018, OceanEx is a VeChain-based cryptocurrency asset management platform that utilizes cutting-edge AI technologies to provide an actively protected and ultra-liquid crypto trading environment, with full-fledged quantitative trading capabilities and a wide array of investment tools and products for all types of investors.

There are four main products in the OceanEx ecosystem:

  • OceanBrain – an integrated AI system of the platform which synchronizes all the network’s features, from security, through scalability, to connecting customers and financial instruments. It assists the network’s security by detecting malicious behaviour, boosts scalability of the platform, and improves trading activities through social trading and recommender system.
  • OceanQuant – a feature that allows users to fully leverage quantitative trading while being able to test and employ tailored trading algorithms on the platform.
  • OceanMarket – the system in the OceanEx platform that enables participants to publish their trading algorithms and strategies, and gain followers. The performance of these algorithms is then observed to keep the platform safe from any malignant activities and to reward the publishers of the algorithms based on their adoption and execution.
  • OceanLab – a research and development hub, to improve the network, both in terms of its place in the market, as well as its technology, coordinating with academic research labs for innovative products.

Partnerships and Beta Products

Strategic partners:

Beta 1.0 version of the platform went live on November 30, 2018.

Token Sale Information

OceanEX conducted its token sale in two stages: the whitelisting (private sale) phase and VeChain community phase. The whitelisting required all participants to commit at least 50,000 VET, with the latter following soon after.

With the exchange up-and-running, OceanEX exchange’s OCE token is expected to be used for a number of things such as for paying fees for all services on the platform, including listing fees and transaction fees; using the platform’s professional trading tools as well as other investment products such as CryptoBento, voting rights, and access to the OceanLab, among others.

The OCE token cannot yet be traded on any of the exchanges.

Community Around OceanEx

  • Telegram: 10,215 members;
  • Twitter: 5,079 followers;
  • Reddit: 1.6k subscribers.


They also have a pretty active Medium blog, and here are some of the highlights:


Indeed, OceanEx is far from being the only platform of its kind in the crypto world. Its competitors are quite a few, but we’ll mention just two of them:

  • Binance: one of the most well-known and most popular exchanges at the moment, launched in 2017, with basic and advanced trading options. Additional features include Binance Academy (for education on blockchain), Binance Info (market stats and ICO reviews), Binance Labs (startups incubator), and Launchpad (for token launches).
  • Neon Exchange: a decentralized platform on the NEO blockchain that uses a publicly verifiable off-chain matching engine to handle trading volume and support complex orders that are not yet possible on most of existing decentralized exchanges. Powered by NEO’s NEP5 token, Neon Exchange uses sidechain smart contracts to match orders, which are then fulfilled on-chain.


OceanEx was founded by its CEO Xiaoning Nan, a founder of BitOcean and chief advisor at the VeChain Foundation, with more than five years of experience in the cryptocurrency market, and extensive skills in development and operation of cryptocurrency ATM.

Other valuable team members include Jiayu Zhou, the co-founder and CTO, with about 12 years of experience in the field, in the companies such as Microsoft, and IBM; the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Daniel Kelman, with over 19 years in the crypto-space.


OceanEx has a great concept, providing both security and higher scalability to ensure an efficient trading experience. Although there are quite a few players in the field of decentralized exchanges, OceanEx has the technology and the people to achieve success.

This is especially true with regards to the trading volume, which is something OceanEx seems to be excelling in. However, it remains to be seen how exactly things work out, given the fact there is no whitepaper available where we can discern how the platform works.

All things considered, this platform looks well-thought-out and is already in its beta phase, so it looks like there is a lot in store for it in the future as well and we’re looking forward to seeing it continue with its hard work.


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  • Excellent team (blockchain investment, machine learning, marketing, law)
  • Great concept (AI and machine learning)
  • VeChain support
  • Fast trading (1,200,000 orders per second)
  • Strong partnerships


  • Huge competition
  • No whitepaper yet