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Cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi Global has announced earlier today that it has listed PundiX on its platform.

What is Pundi X?

Pundi X is a blockchain project that is looking to attract a billion users as it enables people to purchase, sell, and use cryptocurrency at any place and time. The primary objective of the cryptocurrency is to become accessible to people all world, with the hope of becoming the largest decentralized offline crypto blockchain in the world.

Pundi X is a decentralized coin because its ecosystem and transaction records are kept live on the blockchain. The cryptocurrency if offline as its main entry point is through XPOS, the point-of-sale (POS) devices installed in physical outlets. The XPOS devices are available in over 25 countries, with over 50,000 cards already issued to users. Pundi X’s mobile payment app, XWallet currently has over 100,000 users just three months after it was officially launched.

Pundi X listed on Huobi Global

Earlier today, cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi Global announced that it had integrated the Pundi X (NPXS) cryptocurrency on its platform. This information was contained in a tweet by the official handle of the crypto trading platform.

In their blog post, Huobi Global stated:

Pundi (NPXS) would be launched on March 25, 2019 (GMT+8). Deposits will be available to users starting from 14:30 China Standard Time (CST), March 25, 2019. NPXS/BTC and NPXS/ETH trading will be available from 10:30 (CST), March 26, 2019. Meanwhile, withdrawals will be available from 14:30 (CST), March 27, 2019.

Huobi Global also advised users to read the tips made available to them, stating that:

Users are encouraged to carefully read the suggestions in the deposit/withdrawal page for this token before effecting any balance transfers. Users who fail to adhere to the warnings specified within may lose the transfer amount, especially if it does not meet the minimum quantity. In doubt, please reach out to Customer Support.

The exchange further advised users to fully understand the risks behind trading cryptocurrencies before delving into them, asking traders to be conscious about the decisions they make while trading digital currencies.

The crypto community welcomed this latest development, with some of them impressed by the achievements recorded by Pundi X so far.

Pundi X has been making positive strides in the crypto space over the past few months. Late last month, Pundi X unveiled new specifications for its blockchain phone which it plans to launch before the end of the year.

The blockchain phone called the XPhone is expected to enable users to switch between the traditional Android support mode and a blockchain mode that would grant access to decentralized apps present in the device.

The phone will come with Android 9.0 and would have a feature to enable users to switch on and off blockchain-based messaging and calling.

Pundi X To Take Part In The Creation of Cambodia’s Smart City

Pundi X will be a partner in the development of Phnom Penh, a smart city currently being developed in Cambodia. The builder of the smart city, Limestone Network has chosen Pundi X to participate in the project, with Pundi X’s pioneering blockchain-based POS solutions to be used for carrying out multiple cryptocurrency transactions by residents of the city.

According to the blog post, Pundi X will ensure the availability of its XPOS, XPASS, and XWallet technologies to make it possible for merchants to accept payment in numerous digital currencies while also offering other financial services.

Pundi X To Announce Xbounty For Security Experts Soon

The Pundi X development team is expected to announce the launch of its XBounty, their bug bounty reward program for security experts over the coming weeks. The XBounty program is expected to allow security experts, developers, white hat hackers, and other crypto enthusiasts to test and report issues with the blockchain and earn rewards in the process.

The XBounty program will enable the developers to fix vulnerabilities on the network, allowing them to deliver a secure and stable blockchain. Pundi X will provide more details about the bug bounty program in the coming weeks.

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