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Token Investor delivers you a direct Q&A with the CEO of Cryptune, Ricardo Cuesta, where he answered our questions about strengths and future plans for the Cryptune project. Don’t forget also that Cryptune will soon be listed on Coinbene, HitBTC and Bancor Exchange.

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1. Please tell us how your product would change the world?

Our company is aimed to accelerate crypto adoption for the masses and our products and services are designed with that goal in mind, our product is unique because is not focused in killing fiat and making crypto win, it works with both and the business owners can choose how they received their funds, not only that but the consumer is rewarded every time the use our mobile wallet to pay.

The merchant does not need to understand or learn a totally new financial system wish they don’t have time to do as they are running their business, with our product accepting crypto is a breeze. We believe that by giving real value to consumers and merchants alike we can accomplish crypto adoption in the next couple of years.

2. How are you better than your competitors? Primarily in the Blockchain world, but if relevant outside as well.

I don’t know if to call it better, we are superior and different, we bring 20+ years’ experience in POS system and developing software the competitors don’t have that background, we bring a product aimed at everyone, not just crypto, our system can work worldwide both with crypto and fiat or one or the other.

We have a Distribution and Sale channel called BIZNODE to give people with entrepreneur skills to be able to run their own business, we offer free terminal placements and we reward both consumers and merchant for using our ecosystem, our terminals come in different modules and they are mobile and powerful at the same time.

3. What are the strengths of your team?

Our team is composed of a diverse talented background from software engineering doing hardcore programming and binary to graphic design and sales gurus as well as successful business savvy people, we know success and we know how to accomplish it with Cryptune.

Cryptune Team at Work

4. How is the project development progress and what is your near future plan?

Our project is fully developed we have MVP and are working in videos to showcase all our products, our plan is to get our products and services in as many businesses as possible and as many consumers as possible in the fastest way possible, is because of this that we have partnerships with many distribution channels all over the world to get these terminals out to the users quickly.

5. What is your long-term strategy for success?

We’re going to continue improving and innovating, always bringing value to the end consumer and the merchants, we pride our self in that, and we believe that when u make a product to help make running your business, your life is easier and customer loyalty is accomplished.

6. What do you think a blockchain start-up needs to succeed?

You need a great product and you need to work hard to make people aware of it, you need to make people connect with your product, you need a great team, you need good people around u, you need to put the time, a lot of time, and you need to love what you do.

7. What is your message for potential investors?

We are a Company focused on making a difference in the industry, we don’t have an idea, we have a working product designed and backed by a lot of experience in the POS sector, we have designed these products to be productive and bring value to the ecosystem, consumer, merchants, entrepreneurs, and investors. This is not just another crypto company, this is a game changer.

8. Are there any events or conferences where we can meet you?

We were at the Summit in Malta and We will be hosting a conference in Orlando Florida in W2 of 2019, we will be announcing the date in Q1 of 2019, other than that we are working very hard on our ICO and we would be more than glad to attend any invitations to talk about our amazing company and products.