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What is it ScientificCoin?

ScientificCoin is a decentralized crowdfunding platform that aims to make easier for the scientific project to be visible and funded by investors.

It uses a unique decentralized evaluation model that allows investors to make better and wiser investment decisions.

Project with a good rating will be able to raise funds without a need to spend additional money for advertisement.

Also, ScientificCoin is an online university and a freelance platform for hiring scientific developers.

Real-world problem?

It is very hard for science developers to get funds for their projects, so they often hire a middleman to advertise and find investors for funding their project. On the other hand, private investors also have to hire third parties.

Also, it is a trend that crowd-funding platforms put projects on their platforms without proper evaluation and experts opinions. Usually, there is a team of a few people, who make projects evaluations and in many cases, they are subjective when deciding.


ScientificCoin platform is a place that connects private investors and science developers. At ScientificCoin platform, for a project to become visible to private investors, it has to pass an evaluation by a combination of mathematical algorithm and expert opinion.

While the unique mathematical algorithm eliminates any possibility of subjective judgment and examines quantitative information, expert opinions are more focused on a rating of qualitative information.

Everyone who holds SNcoin will be able to give their own subjective expert opinions about a project and with using a so-called called ‘Wisdom of the crowd’ the results of their assessments will be adjusted and form a general opinion about the project.


– Mathematical algorithm – this unique mathematical algorithm consists of 5 sections with more than 70 major characteristics of each project. Rating program of each project is going to be based on a 9-months statistical project analysis.

– Expert Evaluation – Each SNcoin holder can join expert evaluation council and analyze the need for a product and use given methodology to research product feasibility.

– Expert reward system – Every project that gets full funding via ScientificCoin is required to pay 5% of collected funds to ScientificCoin holders. More active experts will get greater rewards than passive holders.

– PROOF-OF-RESEARCH – It is mining based on BOINC technology. A project that is supported by the platform will be able to use the computing power of miners for research purpose.

– Smart contract – scientific developers can create unique smart contracts by choosing from a variety of parameters and conditions and by using templates. The platform will automatically generate an individual contract based on ERC 20 standard with the SNcoin tag on it, and the released tokens will automatically enter the listing of exchanges supported by ScientificCoin platform.

– Utility token – SNcoin is utility token, and any user who wants to enter platform is required to hold at least 6 SNcoin. However, more tokens have required for accessing other services on the platform.

– Security tokens – Utility token holders can claim these and holders of this type of tokens will be able to receive dividends, which is 5% commission on all successfully funded projects.

– Monster Brain – It is an online university where students can earn rewards such as interactive training with Doctors of all kind of disciplines or spend their holidays in the educational centers of Europe.

– Freelance platform for scientists – is a place where scientific freelancers can easily find jobs.

Token Details

Main Token Sale start date: 7/20/2018

Main Token Sale end date: 2/28/2019

Total token supply: 100 Mil (utility tokens) and 100 Mil (security tokens)

Token symbol: SNcoin (utility token) and SNcoin (security token)

Token Sale price: 1 SNcoin = $1.5 USD

Blockchain used: Ethereum (utility token), Own Blockchain (security token)

Token type: Utility and Security

News and Updates


The team consists of 18 members, between them we have:

Maxim Dvedenidov CEO, Maxim is also a CEO of Health Monitor which raised funds through ScientificCoin platform. He holds a bachelor degree in Psychology at Novosibirsk State University

Natasha Madsen COO and co-founder, she is an expert in Search marketing and Data Analytic, formerly she has worked for Google and Yahoo.

Vitaly Belekhov CTO, currently he works as a Software Engineer at Exness, a Forex like trading platform, he holds a bachelor degree in Mathematics and Science at Novosibirsk State University.

Team members with a Ph.D.:

Reuter Dirk – has Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Life Sciences, and Applied Physics.

Komarov Yury – has Ph.D. in Economics

Madonov Pavel – has Ph.D. Medical Science

Agafonov Alexander – has Ph.D. in Biology

Yuri Zagorulko – has Ph.D. in Computer Science

Shishlenin Maxim – has Ph.D. in physical and mathematical sciences

Atutov Sergey – has Ph.D. in Physics

Gubanov Alexander – has Ph.D. in Chemistry

For more information about team check Here


– The scientific coin has partnered with airdrop platform @LoMoStarLMC to join the #SocialEconomy and has airdropped 40,000 SNcoins tokens from 18 – 21 September 2018.

– To develop the platform the team made partnerships with Novosibirsk Biotechnopark and Technopark.

– ScientificCoin partnered with Singapore University of Social Sciences to organize BlockShow Asia 2018.


  • Telegram: 17,417 members
  • Facebook: 2,701 followers
  • Twitter: 8,721 followers


  • Kickcoin – KICKICO is a fundraising platform that has a team of twenty fundraising experts who do everything from issuing smart-contract to project marketing and expert analysis of projects.
  • Ethereum – Ethereum is the most popular decentralized platform where anyone can issue its own token by deploying smart contract and raise money for its startup.
  • Waves – is another decentralized platform where anyone can issue a token in an easy way and trade with it on the decentralized exchange.
  • Insight Chain – is a decentralized research ecosystem chain based on Blockchain technology. Insight Chain main goal is to integrate companies, analyst, media and investors with Blockchain technology by making a decentralized platform on which it will be possible to share information, review, index, and to trade with data.

Here you can see a list of competitors that don’t use decentralized ecosystems.


ScientificCoin is one of those projects that has a working product finished before they released their coins through ICO. They have already released the beta version of their platform, and the first project that receives funding through the platform was that receives more funding than it actually needed.

A team will issue security SNcoin in March 2019. They are going to be compliant with US SEC and Swiss FINMA rules, which is very important, as many projects that haven’t done this are risking to be shut down by SEC.

The fact that ScientificCoin team has a lot of members with Ph.D. in various disciplines gives this project more credibility than other similar projects.

With a great team, innovative idea, good presence at social media, online university, freelance platform, and crowdfunding platform ScientificCoin is aiming to become the leading ecosystem for scientists.


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  • Very good team
  • Working product
  • Many features


  • Not many partnerships
  • Many competitors in the crowdfunding space