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What is Smartlands?

Smartlands is a token issuance platform that will allow the issuance of securities through security tokens that will be backed by a real-world asset. Smartland platform will provide a legal framework for Security Token Offering (STO) that would be in compliance with KYC/AML requirements and also with rules of SEC, FINRA, ECB, and FCA.

Once a company provides a brief presentation of projects by signing Application Form along with the most Recent Business Plan, Smartlands platform will guide business/asset owner through whole tokenization process.

Investors that buy security tokens of the company will be able to trade and profit in an easy and secure way.

Real-world problem

Currently, if someone wants to trade with securities he has to hire a hedge fund manager who takes a big commission for his services. Hedge fund manager charges a flat of 2% plus an additional 20% for any profit earned.

Also, there are entry barriers for buyers such as requiring that an investor has an annual income of more than $200k for the past two years.

Investments have a problem with liquidity, and sometimes asset owners and investors have to wait more than a year before they are able to sell or get a return of investment.


Smartlands will allow issuing security tokens on its platform that are going to trade on exchanges which will help in overcoming liquidity problem.

Also, with security tokens, it is possible to trade with a fraction of assets which will help in solving the problem mention above.

Tokenization of an asset will decrease the number of intermediaries which will decrease the size and number of fees.


  • Marketplace interface – is an informational and business hub where asset owners, asset managers, and investors exchange information, investigate current offerings, make investment decisions, activate the tokenization process and create liquidity for their investment targets.
  • Document Management Centre will store all the documents connected with securities offerings in a safe and convenient way. Each security token will have manager and auditor who is going to be authorized to upload the audited financial results to the depository and verify the financials of the offering.
  • Verification/Categorization Interface has developed according to FCA guidelines. It is made to allow access only to legitimate investments.
  • Investor Accreditation Interface – is a wizard-styled dashboard designed to guide users through the sophisticated investor verification/classification process in 10 minutes.
  • Secondary Market – is a place where investors buy and sell security tokens from each other. It is designed to guide both buyers and seller through the purchasing process. In order to comply with FCA regulation, it will work as a bulletin board that enables investors to express an interest to sell or buy shares held under the Smartlands Platform Nominee Structure.
  • Payments Gateway – All pay-ins will go straight to a licensed custodian account that has a legal obligation to store and safeguard users’ funds. All the funds used for buying cryptocurrencies has transferred through a licensed OTC exchange for instant exchange of the accumulated crypto to fiat.
  • Dividends Distribution – is one of the most important features of the Smartlands platform that will minimize fees and provide the same opportunities for each investor. For timely distribution of the payouts, Smartland will use a flexible structure of Nominee, Custodian, and OTC-Exchange.
  • Escrow – is representing a third party that has an obligation to act in response to a token holder’s voting as outlined in the Smartlands Platform legal framework. Smart contracts allow tokens to be able to be issued on the platform with optimal logic for each type of ABT. Also, necessary functionality is able to be written in the smart contract in the form of legal agreement.


Smartlands team consists of 12 members and between the most noticeable we have:

Victor Yermak is a Director of Business Development at Smartlands. Also, he is a CEO of skyglyph. Victor holds Master of Computer Applications(MCA) at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and Master of Business Administration(MBA) at IBR Institute of International Business Relations – Steinbeis University Berlin.

Arnoldas Nauseda is a Smartlands CEO. Formerly he was CEO of Robos Capital, Max Invest, and AXIFINA. He holds Master of Business Administration(MBA) at Concordia University in Wisconsin.

For more information about the team and advisory board check here.


  • On 1/18/2018 Smartlands announced Partnership with Skyglyph. Smartlands will use Skyglyph technology for initial asset evaluation and ongoing asset monitoring.
  • On 8/31/2018, Smartlands platform made a partnership with Civic. This partnership brings secure, trusted identity verification, including Know Your Customer (KYC), to the Smartlands platform.
  • On 10/5/2018 Smartlands has announced a partnership with multi-billion dollar, international real-estate, and investment management company Colliers International. The partnership will focus on creating Stellar-based tokenization of certain properties managed by Colliers.
  • On 10/29/2018 Smartlands Platform made a partnership with international Law Firm C’M’S. C’M’S will help smartlands platform in making a legal framework for a project that will use smartlands platform for issuing their security token.
  • On 11/7/2018 Smartlands Platform signed Partnership Agreement with Vilnius Blockchain Centre (VBC). Smartlands platform will be able to promote upcoming tokenization projects by using resources, connections, and buildings owned by VBC.


For more updates about the project check Here

Community Around It

  • Telegram: 3.001 members
  • Facebook: 1.687 followers
  • Twitter: 15.9K followers

Token details

As of 4th of January 2019, the price of Smartlands (SLT) is somewhere around $3.51 USD (-0.22 %) with a market capitalization of $17,921,252 USD and a daily volume of $1,011,102 USD.

  • Circulating supply: 5,100,896 SLT
  • Total Supply: 7,186,785 SLT

ATH price of SLT was $6.42 USD on the 12th of January 2018 with an ATH market cap of $32,748,746 USD.


ICO information

  • Token Sale: Lasted from 2 to 20 November 2017
  • Ticker: SLT
  • ICO price: 1 SLT = 0.5 USD
  • Raised: $1,753,698 USD
  • Token Type: Stellar Based Token


These are some of the major competitors in the space:

  • Polymath is security token issuance platform that has introduced they own standard ST-20 which adds ‘restriction function’ to ERC20 standard. This function restricts transferring tokens for token holders that didn’t pass KYC/AML verification.
  • Securitize is another platform for issuing securities token. It uses their unique DS protocol along with ERC-20 compliant tokens DS tokens.
  • Harbor is a Blockchain based platform where everyone can issue security token that will respect regulatory framework. It also provides a way for companies to tokenize traditional assets classes of companies using regulated token system R-Token. Using permission token(R-Token), it would be possible to transfer tokens only if an on-chain Regulator Service approves it.
  • Swarm is a blockchain based platform that aims to allow asset tokenization by using special SRC20 protocol that defines the legal framework that security tokens need to respect.


Smartlands is the first and the most successful token on Stellar network. The fact that each token issued on Smartlands will be able to be traded at Stellar distributed exchange is a positive sign and the first step in solving liquidity issues.

They have a working product, so any company that wants to raise funds through STO and asset tokenization can already apply.

Although they have a lot of press releases, I think this project has to attract more people and improve numbers when it comes to social media presence.

STOs are becoming popular in crypto space, and my opinion is that this uptrend will continue in 2019. However, there are a lot of competitors, and we will see which project will succeed to attract companies and investors.


By Nikola Radojkovic














  • Good idea
  • First Stellar based token


  • Many competitors in the space
  • Small team