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The price of TrueChain (TRUE) has spiked over the past few hours, with the recent mainnet launch and their partnership with Kaiser the most probable reasons for this slight Bull Run. TRUE is currently up 32% against the US Dollars while it has also recorded huge gains against the South Korean Won, recording a 670% increase since the bottom of November 2018.

TrueChain Mainnet Now Live

On March 29, the development team behind TrueChain launched their mainnet following a testnet period that lasted for more than a year. The team announced that the mapping process has begun and their token holders should follow instructions available on their official website to carry out the process. TrueChain tokens are now being migrated from the Ethereum blockchain to their main network.

TrueChain is a project that is dedicated to becoming the next generation of blockchain infrastructure. At the moment, it is the first public blockchain to implement the fPow+ PBFT hybrid consensus with an active community committed to supporting its open source technology. The network currently provides the underlying public blockchain support with high performance and high security for decentralized applications (DApp) and global asset circulation.

The next phase for TrueChain is discovery, a process that would see the developers and community members would work together to build the TrueChain ecosystem.

TrueChain Partners With Bizblock’s Kaiser

The Bizblock’s Kaiser announced last week that it has partnered with TrueChain. Bizblock made this announcement via their Twitter handle, but no further details have been provided regarding the nature of the partnership.

Bizblock is a company that provides a decentralized platform which can be applied to the general–purpose businesses by combining blockchain and hardware security technology. The company’s hardware security technology can boost the credibility and transparency of companies when combined with blockchain technology. Since TrueChain is working on becoming the next generation of blockchain infrastructure, the partnership between TrueChain and Bizblock could be geared towards helping businesses adopt a more credible and transparent approach to their activities.

TrueChain to Reform Its Gas Fee Mechanism

Following the successful launch of its mainnet, the attention of TrueChain developers would be focused on the next task at hand. According to their roadmap, the team would be working on reforming the gas fee mechanism on the network.

GAS is the token (in this case TRUE) used to pay the cost of execution on a blockchain network. At the moment, there is little information regarding this upcoming reform, with the development team yet to make any official announcement.

TrueChain TA

In the chart below we can notice the massive gains had by TRUE against the South Korean Won since November 2018, when the price reached the last lower low.

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