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What is SpaceFund?

SpaceFund is a venture capital firm, providing near-term liquidity through security tokens and informed investing in a diversified portfolio of space companies.

It was created to bridge the two most important revolutions of this generation — NewSpace and Digital Finance. Combining the liquidity and smart contract simplicity of security tokens with deep knowledge and insider access to the space industry, SpaceFund plans to improve investor returns and greatly increase the number and types of investors that will profit from humanity’s desire to reach the stars.


One of the largest hurdles to success for the space industry is access to capital which is restricted due to both the nature of space ventures (being high-risk, low-liquidity, capital-intensive investments), and the limited size of the investor pool (because of the marketing restrictions and international control concerns in the US).

According to SpaceFund, security tokens offer a viable solution to some of these issues and could open a new and very large pool of capital to this growing industry.


Security tokens can ensure the increased liquidity needed to open space investing to the world. They can be issued much earlier in a company’s lifecycle than an IPO, which is especially useful for space companies who may need more time to reach a typical exit event.

According to the company, security tokens should preferably be issued during a company’s growth stage, providing an opportunity for a wider group of investors to participate in the high-growth phase of these companies, and ensuring reasonably-timed exit for early Seed and Series A round investors.

Furthermore, SpaceFund has a SpaceFund Reality (SFR) Rating Launch Database of 112 launch companies from all over the world in various stages of development, with some already in regular operation and others without any financing or hardware.

Each company is assigned an SFR rating based on the analysis, publicly available data, and expert insights from the SpaceFund team. This is meant to be the first such comprehensive database of launch companies to provide thorough and non-biased information in an interactive format for public consumption.

For more details, check out the whitepaper.


SpaceFund includes experts in finance, blockchain, space technology, and other relevant fields. According to the website, the team consists of business leaders interested in space travel, space technologists, investment experts, and blockchain developers.

Its management team also includes portfolio managers overseeing dozens of space-oriented startups.

For more details about the team check their official website.


These are the partners that will use their expertise and capacities to help SpaceFund launch its security token:

Community Around It

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Although SpaceFund doesn’t have a Medium blog, their website does have a news section, so here are a few highlights:

Token info

No details on the token sale are yet available, save for the fact that it is only open for qualified investors in the US, at least for now until the SEC allows it. The plans are currently underway to make the tokens available to international investors as well. All the partners are working together on developing their international legal frameworks.

Token Distribution and Intended Use of Funds are also unavailable, as is the Roadmap.


SpaceFund doesn’t really have competitors in this segment, as this is the only VC firm in the space-related business that is offering security tokens.

We can only talk of VC firms with tokens in different industry fields, like SPiCE VC and BlueOcean Ventures.

SPiCE VC (SPICE) is a liquid tokenized fund created by SPiCE with a goal to solve the illiquidity problem by issuing digital security tokens to their investors, tradable from day one.

The tokens are regulation-compliant and will entitle holders to 100% of net exists, just like traditional VC funds – except that they’re liquid.

BlueOcean Ventures (BOV) is the first tokenized MedTech VC fund, operated by a Swiss VC firm specializing in ventures from the MedTech field.

It has issued a token (BOV) to give investors access to the highly illiquid asset class of European MedTech and life science venture capital investments.

The goal of their STO was to provide accredited investors with the chance to invest in carefully selected pre-vetted MedTech start-ups.


While the project is a really good idea, it is too early to give it a definite score.

First of all, the team is very strong, with good experience in all relevant fields, including finance, blockchain and space industry. Some of the members already have several token sales in their portfolios. There is still no competition whatsoever in this area, so they could be considered pioneers in space VC security tokenization.

Be that as it may, the company has no Telegram account where one could contact them directly and their overall social media presence is minuscule.

Moreover, the token sale is available to qualified investors only and not much information can be found on the sale other than that. The team promises to have the tokens available to the wider public in the future, so hopefully, we will get more details then.















  • Strong Team
  • Good Plan
  • No Competition


  • For qualified US investors only
  • Not many details on the token sale so far
  • Small social media community