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What is SPiCE VC (SPICE)?

SPiCE Venture Capital (SPICE) is a liquid tokenized fund created by SPiCE. Founded in 2017 when tokenized securities were just a faraway idea, SPiCE decided to prove that it can be done by tokenizing themselves.

Since security tokens didn’t exist then, they had to invent much of the legal and regulatory structure used by the industry today and create the first generation of the technology themselves.

This gave them first-hand experience and opened their eyes to the huge potential of tokenizing ownership. That is why they have decided to direct a lot of their investment efforts to this space.

SPiCE VC’s goal is to eliminate the illiquidity problem by issuing digital security tokens to their investors, tradable from day one. The tokens are regulation-compliant and will entitle holders to 100% of net exists, just like traditional VC funds – only liquid.

For more details, check out their whitepaper.

Token Sale Info, News

SPiCE VC uses the Ethereum blockchain to host its ERC20 compliant tokens which act as digital securities, making sure every investor gets their share of the exits when they occur.

As tradeable assets, these tokens are asset-backed, liquid and will be available for trade on an open exchange. The main sale began on February 1, 2018, and ended on March 3, 2018. SPICE tokens were originally sold to investors for between $0.80-$1.00 USD.

According to the company’s report from October 2018, the Net Asset Value (NAV) of each token was $1.37 as of September 30, 2018. The company has raised $15,000,000 USD. According to their Telegram channel, they are continuing with the private sale trying to reach $100,000,000 USD.

The token can be bought via the SPiCE website and on the OpenFinance Network (OFN).

Community around SPiCE VC

  • Telegram: 1,510 members;
  • Twitter: 912 followers;
  • Facebook: 120 followers.

SPiCE VC is also rather active on Medium, so here are a few highlights from their blog:


BlueOcean Ventures (BOV) prides itself with being the first tokenized MedTech VC fund, operated by a Swiss VC firm specializing in ventures from the MedTech field.

It has issued a tradeable token (BOV) to give investors access to the highly illiquid asset class of European MedTech and life science venture capital investments.

The goal of their STO was to provide accredited investors the chance to invest in carefully selected pre-vetted MedTech start-ups.

Cosimo X (COSIMO) by Cosimo Ventures is a new blockchain tokenized VC fund focusing on early-stage deep tech companies concentrating on blockchain technology, across industries like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Internet-of-Things, and cybersecurity.

Providing their portfolio companies with advice and support, Cosimo X will also be steering them toward successful initial coin offerings and Series A funding round.


SPiCE was founded by a team of entrepreneurs including Carlos Domingo, the former CEO of Telefonica R&D and a VC investor, Tal Elyashiv, the former CIO at Capital One and Bank of America and founder/angel investor or multiple startups, and Ami Ben David, a serial entrepreneur, former founder of EverythingMe, and a product innovator.

As for advisors, they include Eyal Herzog who is also the product architect at Bancor, Loic Le Meur, founder of Le Web, as well as Brendan Eich, the inventor of Javascript and founder of Brave (BAT).

For more details, check here.


All things considered, SPiCE looks like a trustworthy project that will definitely find its place in the world of blockchain and tokens. They have an experienced team with a number of projects behind them.

In addition, they are willing to communicate everything via the company’s social media channels, which is highly appreciated in such a business. With a noble goal of allowing private investors to participate in startups, SPiCE VC offers a security token to ensure a fair share of the exits for every investor.

Tokens are backed with assets, shielding them from market volatility once they are fully tradeable. That said, although one of the first, SPiCE VC is hardly the only project of its kind out there, so they should watch out for the competition.















  • Experienced team
  • Good idea
  • Inclusive project
  • Great communication with the public


  • There are other players in the field