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Stellar Lumens is performing majestically, surpassing Tron in Market Cap, which, by the way, had its 9th ERC-20 Token Burn.

But Tron’s coinburn wasn’t welcomed positively by its community, as we can see from the comments to Justin Sun’s update:



Many questioned why it was posted as an announcement while there is not much to announce about the burning of unutilised tokens like the TRX ERC-20 in question.

In the meanwhile, Stellar Lumens had a wonderful day gaining 13% against USD and rising. Let’s have a look at the price movements had today:

From the image above it’s clear how the price broke a few resistances hitting the one around $0.093-$0.094 USD range. If the price will not break the resistance cited, the possible support can be found around $0.087 USD as in the image above.

What’s your opinion about Stellar price future? Let us know below in the comment section and remember that this is not financial advice but our personal opinion about the projects and their development. 

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