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The Stellar Network launched a new GO SDK last week, making it the third official SDK supported by the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF). The Stellar community is also gearing up for the Blockchain Week in New York, with members to discuss vital issues regarding the network.

Go SDK launched on the Stellar Network

Stellar developers published a blog post last week where they revealed that they had released a new Go SDK for the Stellar blockchain. The Go SDK is the third official SDK supported by the SDF alongside JavaScript and Java.

The Go SDK comes with two packages. According to their blog post, the horizenclient is a package by the developers that allows users to retrieve ledger information. The information could be recovered either as a one-time call or as a continuously updating stream. With the horizenclient, users would be able to check their account balances, the status of a transaction, and monitor new offers for an issued token in real-time.

The second package called the txnbuild supports the convenient construction of operations and transactions. Every transaction built on the txnbuild can be submitted to a horizenclient server for processing quickly.

The two packages are essential because actions that change the state of the Stellar blockchain are built using txnbuild, while horizenclient recovers the information from the system. For most apps on the Stellar network, users would require the functionality of both services.

Stellar to Discuss Tech, Community, And Math Issues at The Blockchain Week NYC

The Stellar Development Foundation is looking forward to the Blockchain Week slated to take place in New York on May 14. According to the developers, Stellar would spend the week discussing favorite topics including community, tech talk, and math.

The team is inviting the Stellar community to join them at the National Museum of Mathematics on May 14th for an evening of math games. They will also have an in-depth discussion about the Stellar network and ways to move it forward.

The event will have in attendance famous personalities including Stellar founder Jed McCaleb, Director of Community Zac Freundt, and Director of Developer Engagement Johnny Goodnow. At the time of writing, the event already has 187 registered attendees.

UK-Based Wirex Launches 26 fiat-backed Stablecoins on The Stellar Network.

Towards the end of last month, Wirex, an FCA-regulated payment platform in the UK announced that it had launched 26 fiat-backed stablecoins on the Stellar Network. Jed McCaleb, the founder of Stellar, revealed that he is excited to work with Wirex on their stablecoins project to make money more fluid.

Pavel Matveev, the co-founder of Wirex, stated that most stablecoins are pegged to the US Dollars and this creates a problem when using them for international transactions. Thus, their aim of adding support for local currencies is to ensure that stablecoins can be used for international payments. Matveev pointed out that stablecoins pegged to local currencies don’t need a local liquidity provider, and can be exchanged with local fiat currency quickly and at affordable rates.

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