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What is Augmate (MATE)?

Augmate uses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), the Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help usher the world into the 4th industrial revolution.

The company’s mission is to connect all things with the powerful simplicity of wearables. This is why the Augmate Connect is being created: the platform providing scalable, secure, blockchain-agnostic device management capabilities built from the ground up for IoT and wearables.

Partnerships and Products

Here are some of Augmate’s partners so far (more in the whitepaper):

Augmate Connect is an IoT device management platform using protocol agnostic blockchain and acts as the connective tissue for device and technology integration.

Augmate’s initial work is in integrating the IOTA Tangle and will follow with future builds using new Ethereum technology, EOS and other protocols that bring advantages to an IoT ecosystem.

The company is currently implementing Hyperledger Fabric and is in the development phase with RChain and in the research phase with EOS and Hashgraph.

Augmate has also created a fully functional Wearable Environment Management, for which you can request a demo via the website, just to get the feel of what they can do.

MATE (Machine Access Token Exchange) Token:

For more information, consult the Augmate Connect whitepaper.

Token Sale Results & Info

The MATE token sale took place from December 2017 till June 30, 2018, raising $64,000,000 USD.

During the token sale, the security tokens were sold at a various price depending on the stage the token sale was in. The final STO price was $0.01 USD.

Community around Augmate

  • Telegram: 1,162 members;
  • Twitter: 7,009 followers;
  • Facebook: 393 followers;
  • LinkedIn: 1,046 followers;
  • Medium: 1.4K followers;
  • Reddit: 28 subscribers.


The team is rather active on their social media and Medium blog, so here are a few top stories:


The Augmate (MATE) team consists of experts in various fields of relevance to the project. It includes talents from IBM (Pete Wassell), Cisco (Dave Evans, Alicia Swanson), and GE with deep expertise in IoT, blockchain, wearables, and augmented reality/virtual reality.

Other team members include individuals like Dana Farbo and Thomas Miller with plenty of entrepreneurial and professional experience.

For more information about the team, visit here.


In truth, Augmate doesn’t really have much of a competition save for Lucyd.

Lucyd (LCD) is an AR company which produces high-level technological smart glasses. They want to make truly user-friendly smart glasses and a blockchain-based AR app ecosystem, the smart glasses everyone would wear. The company had its ICO in 2017, which in this business makes you somewhat of a veteran. With its own 13 advanced augmented reality patents, Lucyd truly is a strong competitor.

Wal-Mart is also doing something similar on its own. In June 2018 the company was awarded a patent for a system to store and share vital health information through blockchain and biometrics. In this system, the private key is held on a device such as a bracelet and accessed by first responders using the wearer’s fingerprint, iris, or facial biometrics.

In the field of Mobile Device Management (MDM), Augmate’s competition includes VMWare’s AirWatch, SOTI, MobileIron etc., although the team sees them more as potential partners rather than competitors as they can help fill the gaps these projects and companies might have with higher intelligent device management including wearables, AI enabled security cameras, robotics, medical devices, and so on.


Augmate is an established and successful company, beyond any doubt. Named an original Google “Glass at Work” partner, and a winner of Gartner’s Cool Vendor award in 2017, they work with some of the world’s largest enterprises including Verizon, UPS and Toyota.

It looks like they know what they’re doing, both in the wearable devices segment and in blockchain technology, as they boast with team members that have an enviable experience in the world of technology.

They have worked out their plan to detail and face no serious competition so they have a head start as one of the pioneers in the blockchain-based wearable devices branch.

We have gotten in touch with Augmate’s COO Dana Farbo, who expressed his company’s enthusiasm regarding their work on bringing together security tokens and MDM technology.

He told us that the company was “excited for the possibilities that security tokens and digital securities bring to funding new technology advancements. We have been working with partners including Securitize and exchanges such as OpenFinance to help us usher in this new era.”

The smart wearable devices industry is still very young (as is blockchain), and many are struggling (Sidera for instance) to cope with the challenges of bringing blockchain into an already complicated and underdeveloped industry segment. Whether Augmate will pass the test of time and public acceptance, still remains to be seen.

We are certain they will do their best as the IoT market for industry and consumers is growing at the speed of light and offer immense business opportunities. Once the product is available, we will know more.















  • Lots of partners
  • Established company
  • Virtually no competition
  • Expert team


  • Token not yet tradeable
  • Not many details available on token sale