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What is ORBIS?

Orbis is a company that aims to provide banking solutions based on Blockchain Technology to bring banking to the unbanked.

Orbis is going to issue a price-stable coin, ORBS-utility coin, that will be used for transfers, payments, and savings and is going to be directly connected inside the digital wallet with Orbis security coins, coins backed by OrbisSolutions company shares.

Also, Orbis will develop the mobile app, desktop software, Debit card, self-service ATM machines allowing their users to transfer, spend, withdraw, and invest fiat money or cryptocurrency in a fast way and without the middle man.

Real-World Problem

Currently, there are more than 2 billion people that don’t have access to banks or don’t have enough money to deal with banks.

However, among these 2 billion, there are a lot of them who owns mobile phones, and in 2009 when the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin has created, those people got an alternative way to send money all over the world using these digital coins.

Although bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrency are solving the problem with unbanked people, still it is very hard to use it without previous knowledge.


Orbis will develop a mobile app which will allow its users to transfer, invest and save their money, and receive credit or funding for their business without the need to go to the bank or other financial institution.

Orbis AI VR customer service chat robot will help users by answering any question, allowing ordinary persons to use it.

Orbis will make transaction extremely cheap and removes all entry barriers by removing third-party intermediary services.

Also, Orbis aims to open physical branches all around the world and provide users with self-service ATM machines where they can make deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and payments.


  • ORBIS decentralized Desktop/Mobile platform will allow users to save, transfer and invest their money or receive credit.
  • Orbis Wallet – tokens have stored in a digital wallet that has built within the decentralized platform. It will allow their users to save, transfer, and invest their tokens. Orbis wallet will have a Transfer token account, an Investment token Account, an IBAN Fiat currencies Account and a Savings Account.
  • Orbis Exchange – is a decentralized exchange that will be used for buying, selling Orbis coin and exchanging them to all FIAT currencies.
  • ORBIS Token (ORBS) – is created in a limited supply of 8000.000.000.000 coins which price will start at 0.50€ ORBS token will be used to transfer funds safely not causing customers any money lost. ORBIS token that has used for transfers, payments, and savings has connected through the wallet with ORBISInvest token which is backed by companies shares.
  • ORBIS Invest Token (ORBSi) has created in a limited supply of 240.000.000 tokens at a releasing price of 0.50€. ORBSi coin will be used by investors that want to earn from the coin appreciation on the cryptocurrency exchange market. It is going to be backed by the company shares.
  • ORBIS debit card – Orbis will release an IBAN debit card that will be used by customers at Orbis Branches. Customers will be able to connect their own debit/credit card with a platform to make deposits and withdrawals to any bank account they want.

  • ORBIS POS – Orbis will release wireless Point of Sale terminals which little businesses can use for their payments.
  • ORBIS SAVINGS – Customers that want to save their money can do it by using virtual, anonymous, decentralized storage account that will give them 5% annual interest.
  • Security – Platform will use blockchain World Identity Network system, ID card scanner, ID Verification, and debit/credit card check, SSL certificates, and 2FA authenticators. Customers deposits are going to be ensured by insurance companies.


The team is consists of 16 members.

Mihail Tudoroiu is a CEO and founder of ORBIS. He holds a Master of Computer Applications at ESB Business School, Reutlingen University.

Orsika Vitos is Operation director and project manager of ORBIS. Orsika is a marketing specialist, and she holds a Master’s degree in International Business at Babes-Bolyai University.

Alexander Zamfiresku is a web developer in ORBIS. Currently, he is working as a lead web developer at la FAST. He has a Licentiate Degree in Management.


For more information about the team and advisory board check here


  • Telegram: 9 868 Members
  • Facebook: 6,269 Followers
  • Twitter: 3576 Followers
  • Instagram: 952 Followers



Token Details

  • Ticker: ORBSi
  • Total Token supply: 240.000.000 ORBSi coins
  • Pre-STO start date: 11/1/2018
  • Pre-STO end date: 11/8/2018
  • Coins sold in PRE-STO: 18,862,071 ORBSi
  • STO start date: 12/15/2018
  • STO end date: 4/15/2019
  • Coin Exchange Rate in STO: 1 ORBSi = 0.5 EUR
  • STO Hardcap: 40mill EUR
  • Token type: Security Token

Token distribution:

  • 20% – Legal and advisory
  • 8% – Referral program
  • 10% – Team
  • 62% – Pre-Sales coins

Uses of funds from the token sale:

  • 10% – Legal services and license acquisitions
  • 10% – IT Team
  • 5% – Salaries
  • 20% -Blockchain development
  • 30%- Marketing
  • 5% – Research
  • 20% – AI and VR development


These are some of the competitors in Blockchain space:

  • Humaniq is a startup that aims to build a secure transaction platform that will bring banking to unbanked people. They have built a mobile wallet for transacting and storing Humaniq Coins (HMQ).
  • Bitwala is building a blockchain-driven bank. They will have some interesting features such as Bitwala debit card and a well-secured wallet. Also, all deposits up to 100,000 Euro has protected by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme(DGS).
  • BABB is a decentralized platform that aims to enable people to open a bank account and let them use peer to peer banking services. They will build a mobile app, secured wallet and decentralized payment card, Black Card, that is connecting directly to users BABB bank account.
  • Bitcoin Diamond is a decentralized cryptocurrency that has a digital wallet BCD Pay where anyone can use to send or receive crypto payments in an easy and cheap way. It is designed to be easily accepted by merchants.

Outside Blockchain space:

The major competitors that are offering a centralized solution for transferring money are Western Union, Moneygram, and RiaMoney.


Although Orbis has many competitors, none of them has such an original way of approaching service to its users as Orbis has.

Orbis is building AI VR Customer service chat robots that will help everyone unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies to start using it. Also, they offer self-service Branches that will be franchised all over the world.

Orbis is a people friendly project that intends to giveaway automatic produced QR codes from their future self-service machines to people from undeveloped countries.

With these QR codes, they will be able to buy food and hygiene products from specific affiliated companies. In my opinion, this is a good way to attract people to start using cryptocurrency while helping them.

Orbis has a solid team, but when I asked admins for the information that I need, I didn’t get any answers. Another complaint is that Orbis have not given a proper explanation of the application of the Blockchain technology, so I think they should have written the whitepaper in a more technical way.




















  • Innovative Idea
  • Solid Team


  • Lack of information in Whitepaper about Blockchain technology
  • There is competition in the space