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What’s QuantmRE?

The QuantmRE real estate network is a membership-based real estate network built on Blockchain technology. It provides the issuance and secondary trading of investment tokens so-called EQRE that are backed by Homeowners fractional equity interests.

It will enable homeowners to take release part of the value of the equity that is locked up in their houses without taking any debts.

QuantmRE will build a platform where its members (investors) will be able to build their own portfolio based on buying fractions of real estate assets from their choice of individual properties.

Real-World Problem

Currently, if homeowners want to access their home equity and leverage it, they need to take Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). However, in this case, homeowners are borrowing against the available equity in their home, and the house represents collateral for the line of credit increasing the level of borrowers debt.

On the other hand, a lot of potential investors who can’t access the Real Estate marketplace because of high entry barriers.

The price of almost all cryptocurrencies is very volatile, and it can move more than 10% in a day. Crypto Industry needs to have more stable coins.


QuantmRE introduces a Share Equity program that will allow homeowners to liquidate their equity and receive funds without the need to take on any new debt. Homeowners will stay living in their houses until they decide to sell it.

Shares Equity Process:

QuantmRE platform will give homeowners free access to a real-time estimated market look at the value of the equity that could be able to be released from their home, and if they are satisfied with the value, they submit a free online application which will enable the QuantmRE underwriting team to decide if there is potential for equity release.

Once the transaction has been pre-qualified QuantmRE will carry out all of the underwriting and third-party appraisal processes that are required to present a Formal Offer.

After the creation of the Formal Offer and the transaction documents has been signed by the applicant, the process is completed, and the funds will be paid to the applicant.

QuantmRE will than put these equity interest in a pool with all other equity interests and create a cryptocurrency that is backed by real estate interests.

These fractional equity interests will be offered to investors and will be tokenized on its private Blockchain making tracking and representing ownership in these assets extremely easy and efficient.

Each of these tokens will represent a fraction of real estate investments which means that it is equity backed so the price of these token should be stable.


  • QuantmRE Platform’s graphical user interface – is a place where Members of the ‘Active Portfolio’ Real Estate Marketplace will be able to build their own portfolio based on buying fractions of real estate assets from their choices of individual properties.
  • The QuantmRE Model Portfolio Builder – Is a tool that enables QuantmRE Platform members to create model portfolios from the numerous real estate investments that are showing on the platform.
  • QuantmRE’s’ Active Portfolio’ Real Estate Marketplace will enable investors to build, model, manage and trade their portfolio of fractionalized real estate assets.
  • QuantmRE Securities, Inc – This entity will act as the broker-dealer of record for all of US Securities transactions on the QuantmRE platform which will enable QuantmRE Members to trade fractional assets and EQRE tokens in the secondary market which will be an integral part of QuantmRE marketplace.
  • EQRE token – is a stable coin backed by a diversified, audited pool of real estate assets derived from the purchase of shared equity interests in US houses.
  • MQRE Membership Tokens – are separate tokens to EQRE and are not asset-backed, may also be used as payment for access and certain products and services associated with the Platform.
  • Social Connections in the QuantmRE Platform – The QuantmRE Platform will have a lot of powerful social connectivity technologies to enable members to create private and public groups and followings to enable them to trade their real estate assets more effectively and more profitably.


The team consists of 12 members like:

Matthew Sullivan a founder and CEO of QuantmRE. He co-founded Secured Real Estate Income Strategies, LLC and founded He studied LAW at the University of Birmingham.


John Livesay is a Co-founder and CMO at QuantmRE. He has a lot of experience in sales. Formerly he worked as a sale director for a few magazines such as wmagazine, ELLE Magazine, SELF Magazine, and He holds Bachelor of Science, Advertising at the University of Illinois at Urbana –Champaign.


Jeremiah Jacquet is a CTO at QuantmRE. He is also a Co-founder and Blockchain Developer at Bliss Information Technology Consulting. Formerly he worked as a Lead Automation Engineer at Whisper and Linkedin.


Robert Barr  is a CFO at QuantmRe. Formerly he worked as Financial Advisor at Wachovia Securities and currently he is a President at Good Steward Account Servicing, INC and Good Steward Capital Management, INC.


For more information about the team and advisory board check here.

Community Around QuantmRE

  • Facebook: 110 followers
  • Twitter: 371 followers
  • Telegram: 2.238 members

Token Details

  • STO: In March 2019
  • Ticker: EQRE
  • Blockchain: Hyperledger
  • Token standard: ERC20
  • Token type: Security Token
  • Price in STO: $1 per 1 EQRE


For News and Updates check their official blog


On 10/4/2018 QuantmRE has partnered with Securrency to help them launch fractionalized real estate trading platform and EQRE.

QuantmRE made the partnership with Prime Trust. Prime Trust will enable investors to buy and hold EQRE securities tokens without the need to have their own digital wallet. It will also do all necessary AML/KYC compliance.


QuantmRE has engaged CybrEye, Inc and Cognitio Corp. to provide leading-edge solutions for security and privacy.


QuantmRE is the first platform that allows householders to get funds from selling their equity in a shared equity process while allowing them to stay living in their houses.

ATLANT Is a platform that aims to tokenize ownership to simplify property investments and ownership transfers. Real estate tokens will represent a share in property ownership that will allow forming of a liquid real estate market with transparent prices.

Swinca – aims to create Real Estate Platform based on Blockchain. By tokenizing real-world assets and making fractional units of apartments, offices, houses smaller investors will be able to invest which will improve liquidity.

Slice Slice allows investors to invest in US real-estate investments by recording fractional ownership on the Blockchain.


QuantmRE has an innovative idea to allow homeowners to release their equity without the need to leave their houses or take additional debts by borrowing money from banks.

They have a quite few competitors that have a similar goal but, there are no competitors that do this in the same way as QuantmRE.

If they succeed to attract homeowners to get into shares equity process, they will be able to make a secondary market where it will be possible to trade with fractions of assets.

QuantmRE has a good team and a lot of experienced advisors. However, in order to succeed and attracts more householders and investors, they need to improve their online presence.















  • Good team
  • Innovative idea


  • Lack of social media presence
  • There is competition in the space