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What is Sports Ledger?

Sports Ledger is a sports data analytics platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

It provides access to a variety of services and rewards users who contribute to the success of the entire ecosystem, in addition to building social sports communities where fans, athletes and clubs can interact with each other and exchange information.

Problem & Solution

The sports industry doesn’t have a good data analytics platform in place and all the other platforms are a bit outdated.

Sports Ledger is building a platform with an aim to enhance the sports data market. This platform will collect high-quality data to carry out high-quality analysis, which will be available to the sports fans to use.


The Sports Ledger team has a solid experience in blockchain and fundraising and the project’s co-founders: Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu, Fabian Kippenberg, Bozidar Ijacic, and David Robson-Kanu have a decent managing and professional experience.

To see the rest of the team, go here.

Community Around It

  • Telegram: 23,508 members;
  • Facebook: 13,301 followers;
  • Twitter: 12.9K followers.

News About Sports Ledger

Sports Ledger is also present on Medium, with highlights such as:

Token Sale Info

The STO token sale has to be decided and more info will be released soon as expressed by the Sports Ledger team.


  • First quarter 2019: Aggressive engagement for social engagement and market research
  • Second quarter 2019: STO begins; MVP Prototype and Team Expansion; Beginning of Sports Ledger Blockchain development; Further platform development (CORE I); Strategic partnerships and community announcements
  • Third quarter 2019: AI and Machine Learning integration (CORE II); Existing and historical sports data integration; Advancing network configurations with sports professionals, entertainment and sports management and major league hosts
  • Fourth quarter 2019: Utility Token Offering begins via the Sports Ledger application; Expansion of sports integration; Implementation of next-generation predictive sporting analytics; Platform Alpha rollout starts; Development begins on CORE III & CORE IV; Expansion of the business development to Europe with further team recruitment
  • First quarter 2020: Sports Ledger API service offering; Expansion to North America, Middle East, Asia and Africa; Business expansion to North America and Asia
  • 2020 onwards: Global rollout of Sports Ledger Blockchain and platform; Development and release of Sports Ledger wearable tech for leisure and professional sports


Sports Ledger is not the only player in the field, although they say their competitors are a bit outdated. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at two sports-related platforms offering their services on the blockchain:

Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC) is the NEO blockchain-based coin aiming to provide various use cases, such as eSports, betting and more.

By creating RSC platform, the company plans to develop their service on Ronaldinho digital stadium, Betting (RSC super league and e-sports), and an agent system (Ronaldinho soccer academy and smile project).

SportyCo (SPF) has a mission to introduce a brand new industry of sports crowd micro-financing while providing athletes, clubs, and sports organizations with macro-funding on their respective end.

Furthermore, SportyCo’s goal is to enable a direct financial link between the participants on both respective ends.

The key features of the ecosystem will be the blockchain, low transaction costs, smart contracts, as well as the use of DAO voting.

Anyone connected with sports (athletes, clubs, etc.) will be able to use their so-called Smart Manager Platform.


Sports Ledger is already a well-developed working platform whose team has a solid knowledge of blockchain and fundraising, as well as a decent managing experience.

The company’s social presence isn’t lacking either and they have a clear and detailed roadmap and whitepaper, with all the answers easily reachable if there are any concerns.

Although they do have some competition, Sports Ledger looks like a strong platform that knows what it’s doing and will probably have more success in the future.















  • Detailed whitepaper
  • High social media presence
  • Detailed roadmap
  • Working platform


  • Competitors do exist