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What is Thaler.One?

Thaler.One is a blockchain-based platform that combines a Fund regulated under the laws of the European Union with a Marketplace for the listing of individual real estate assets, all in accordance with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) regulation.

Thaler.One’s plan is to have its digital securities provide investors with a stable income that results both from real estate rental and from operating income of online platform that allows the building of individualized real estate portfolios.


Thaler.One is trying to address three problems:

  1. The real estate is the largest asset class in the world, globally worth $220 trillion with historically stable returns, but because it is highly capital intensive – maximum profits can only be achieved by large players.
  2. Smaller investors receive lower returns as they pay fees for fund management and cannot directly control their assets.
  3. Limited opportunities globally for smaller real estate investors, particularly in many developing economies, as regulations often prevent non-residents from investing in real estate.


As a new generation digital investment vehicle that allows borderless entry into real estate assets with greater liquidity, flexibility and reduced costs, enabled by cutting edge blockchain–based processes, Thaler.One offers:

  • A token with proven value secured by stable real estate assets: low volatility and predictable recurring income;
  • Direct access to global real estate investment opportunities
  • Compliance with the EU legislation and SEC regulations
  • Duly registered security token
  • Early investor access and control via blockchain

Also, make sure to check out their whitepaper.


The Thaler.One core team consists of real estate and finance professionals with an excellent reputation and significant experience in real estate. Each of the team members possesses from 10 to 25 years in their field and the team’s total amount of raised capital exceeds US$10 billion.

For more information on the team, click here.

Community Around It & News

  • Telegram: 3,024 members;
  • Twitter: 1,124 followers;
  • Facebook: 1,308 followers.

The Thaler.One team is also active on their Medium blog, where we could read articles like:

Fundraising info

Thaler.One is not holding a typical ICO. Instead, as we were told by Thaler.One’s Mike Sergeev, this is fundraising that is segmented into rounds. Right now is the private round stage with the sale of equity in the platform. Next will be the first round of fundraising, with a hard cap of $100,000,000 USD. After that, more rounds will be organized with various hard caps according to investor demand. A total amount of $1,000,000,000 USD is projected to be done in three years.

  • Total Tokens Offered in Crowdsale: 100,000,000
  • Round 1 Hard Cap: $100,000,000 USD
  • Round 1 Soft Cap: $50,000,000 USD
  • Token Symbol: TLR
  • Private Sale and Crowdsale Price: 1 TLR = $1 USD
  • Blockchain Used: Ethereum
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Token Type: Security

Intended use of funds

  • Real estate portfolio – 88%
  • Placement costs – 3%
  • Team – 3%
  • Platform – 3%
  • Legal costs – 2%
  • Other costs – 1%


Sep ‘18 – Jan ‘19 – Step 1: Private Sale of Equity

Nov ‘18 – March ‘19 – Launching of Thaler.One platform with complete legal set up

Apr ‘19 – May ‘19 – Step 2: round 1 of sale of Fund units (hard cap $100m)

Jun ‘19 – Structuring first real estate deals

Jul ‘19 – Step 3: next fundraising round (hardcap TBA)

Sep ‘19 – Launch of internal exchange and issuance of individual asset units

Oct ‘19 – Dec ‘22 – 2-3 additional fundraising rounds. Goal to grow assets under management to $1b within the following 3 years


Atlant (ATL) – Creating a next-generation global real-estate platform based on blockchain technology, the team at Atlant believes in blockchain’s potential to accelerate the adoption of the Sharing Economy.

With their secure, tamper-proof blockchain-based system, users can trade parcels of property on their platform and bypass intermediaries in rental deals, transacting P2P, all of which they are certain will enhance the ease of use and security for guests and hosts alike, streamlining user experience and driving accelerated adoption. Atlant is a strong platform with a tradeable token.

Brickblock (BBK) – Brickblock provides the technology and legal framework to facilitate real estate investments on the blockchain, allowing developers to raise capital from a global investor pool and investors to access attractive investments around the world. Another strong platform with a tradeable token, Brickblock allows you to sell and invest in tokenized assets (real estate, among others) on the blockchain.

In addition to these two strong blockchain-based real-estate trading platforms, there are also Propy (PRO), Slice (SLICE), and more.

Q&A With Thaler.One Team

We contacted Thaler.One team members for a few comments on their project, so here’s what they told us:

1. Can you tell us about the current situation regarding the project’s development?

Current status:

  • Built business plan, financial model and gathered professional team (alumni of: Rothschild, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Visa, Europa Capital, Cushman Wakefield, PWC, EY, Credit Suisse, JLL as well as the founders of a number of startups in fintech, blockchain, management consulting and PR fields, bios included)
  • Built an MVP – blockchain platform that allows buying assets through purchasing our tokens or digital securities
  • Developed legal framework for operating a fully compliant with financial regulations security token offering
  • Partnerships with asset managers and real estate owners in EU interested to sell their assets through Thaler.One platform (on-going)
  • Shortlisted digital marketing, PR, IT and RE acquisition teams
  • Gained presence in the blockchain and fintech industries (attended and publicly spoke on a series of conferences) telegram group community c. 4,000 members and growing
  • Extensive white list of potential retail investors
  • Received commitments from large institutional players to participate in future fundraising rounds (in the form of assets contribution or/and fiat)

Right now the project is at the private stage, allowing to get an equity in the platform for participants. Private sale is planned until we reach the cap of $4.5 mln with a closing date in late February.

2. Can you tell us a bit more about the plans for the future?

Next steps for Thaler.One (the next 6-9 months):

  • Complete the development of technical platform
  • Complete legal structuring (security tokens and regulations are very new and we are one of the frontrunners on this)
  • Continue with extensive digital marketing and IR activities to gain higher traction and successfully complete first fundraising round (hardcap $100mln)
  • Build deal pipeline and partnerships with strategic platers (RE asset managers, developers, blockchain industry influencers)

We are presently selling equity in the management company to finance the above activities and to be able to make the first round of fundraising to buy real estate assets (estimated $50-100m), 1st fundraising round for, where participants will be able to enter Fund by purchasing Thaler Fund units (TLR). The fundraising round is available only for accredited investors, hard cap is $100 mln, 1 TLR = 1 USD, min entry $100k.

More than 90% of the proceeds will go to the real estate purchases according to the projects’ strategy.

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Together we re-invent real estate investing!


Thaler.One looks like a decent platform that is certain to deliver on its promises. The team is strong, with relevant experience and is bound to make a fine addition to the global real estate market.

Already attracting some relevant media attention, the platform is professionally detailed and well-thought-out, even though the product is not yet available. Which brings us to their competition, which is much more advanced and developed.

Thaler.One, as a newcomer faces the challenge to stand out from the crowd, to bring something new to the table. It remains to be seen how they will fight the competition.















  • Relevant media attention
  • Strong team
  • Beta MVP launched


  • Lots of competitors