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Introduction to Blockimmo

Blockimmo aims to build a decentralized online real-estate marketplace. While it will use smart contracts and blockchain technology to facilitate transactions, its interface will be made similar to centralized online marketplaces making Blockimmo platform user-friendly.

Users can access the platform through any of major browsers by using desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Blockimmo will use smart contracts to tokenize the property.

Once the property is tokenized and listed on blockimmo platform, investors can use the platform to invest in property by buying property tokens via crowd-sale. They can purchase a small fraction of a property and later trade it on secondary marketplaces.


Today investors who want to invest in Real Estate have to deal with banks, large investment funds, agencies and third parties such as notaries and legal entities. All of these third parties and financial institutions take high fees for their services. All of this demotivates both parties to sign a purchase contract.

Also, by using traditional methods, the transparency and liquidity of transactions have disrupted.


When the seller lists the property on Blockimmo platform, the property got tokenized. At that moment, the property’s rights and ownership are controlled and enforced through Ethereum smart contracts.

These asset-backed tokens will further be selling via crowd sale.

This type of sale allows many investors to invest in the property with a smaller stake which gives a property additional liquidity, moreover, the token is tradeable on secondary markets (regulated securities exchanges).

By using Ethereum Blockchain and smart contracts, the fees have significantly reduced, and transactions are completely transparent.

To ensure complete adherence to laws and regulations, Blockimmo is regulated and approved according to Swiss (FINMA) and Liechtenstein (FMA). Also, all users have to pass AML and KYC checks.

Use Case Analysis

The Blockimmo platform aims to list the following types of properties:

– Commercial (non-residential, investment) – single owner or multiple-owner (Worldwide)

– Plots (developments projects) – single or multiple-owner

– Residential (investment) – single owner or (Swiss citizen or C-permit)

In the beginning, Blockimmo will allow sellers to list only commercial investment properties, but in the future, all of 3 types from above will be allowed.

From the picture at the bottom we can see that Blockimmo has already tokenized and sold a few Real Estates:


The Team Behind Blockimmo

Blockimmo team consists of 4 members.


Bastiaan Don is a Managing Director and a founder of Blockimmo. Also, he is currently a Board Member at STX.SWISS and a Chairman at The EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) Real Estate. He holds a Bachelor degree in Design management international at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.


Michael Dietz is a lead software Engineer at Blockimmo. Also, he presently works in STX.SWISS (technology provider for STO). He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Jesse Ngatai is a Front-end Developer at Blockimmo. Formerly he worked for Toptal as a Senior front-end developer.

For more information about the team and advisory board check here.


We have done a little Q&A with their founder and Managing Director Bastiaan Don:

Q1: How will investors earn from buying IMMO token?

Our Token is a security token, as it is synchronized to the underlying participation certificates (learn more). This means that investors have the right to receive future dividend payouts. In addition (or instead) blockimmo might choose to introduce a so-called share buyback program (more information). In general, investors believe in the business we are building and thus that the company will grow bigger and therefore its value will increase, obviously this will be reflected in the token value.

Q2: Are there any competitors in the space and what will separate Blockimmo from other similar projects?

There are many projects trying to tokenize real estate, most of them introduce a so-called utility token, making their platform exclusive and even harder to use. None of them has a traceable transaction of a tokenized real estate property nor has received the green-light from the financial regulators – of which both we already have accomplished. In addition, we already white-label our solution once, and are working with many more partners who want to become white-label clients as well. Blockimmo will separate itself from any other project by delivering a value proposition to the various target groups and executing our vision as fast as we can.

Q3: What are the start and end dates for the STO and pre-STO?

We’re not conducting a pre-STO, so our main STO runs from 1st of April and the 30th of April 2019. The IMMO token will be listed at and will be available to trade (buy or sell) shortly after the STO finishes.

Q4: Do you have any comment to leave for your potential investors and community members?

We’re not raising money to build and launch a product/technology, or gain the necessary legal and regulatory approval — that is already done. We’re regulatory compliant and have launched a solid, fully-functional product. We’re raising money to significantly and rapidly scale the business. Our security token will be listed in Q2 at– another key promise we are ready to fulfil. We have a promising pipeline of properties, development projects and white-label partners. We would be honoured and delighted to welcome you as a shareholder of blockimmo.


Twitter: 222 followers

Reddit: 11 members

Peepeth: 32 followers



Ticker: IMMO

STO Start Date: 1st April, 2019

STO End Date: 12th April, 2019

Total Token Supply: 1 000 000

Token Type: Security Token

Token standard: ERC20

Token Price in Public Pre-STO: 1 IMMO = CHF 1.50

Token price in STO: 1 IMMO= CHF 2.00

Soft Cap: No Soft Cap

Hard Cap: CHF2.5mill

Token allocation

20% – Public

80% – Company

Use of funds

50% – Staff salaries

15% – Marketing

10% – Legal

10% – Outsourcing partners

5% – Accounting

5% – Taxes

5% – other miscellaneous expenses




– Establish a core development team: Q1 (done)

– Working DApp Alpha version: Q2 (done)

– Legal framework completed and approved: Q3/Q4 2018 (in progress)

– Working DApp Beta version: Q3 (in progress)

– Internal Source Code Audit: Q2 (done)

– Source Code Audit: Q3/Q4 (done, Report: New Alchemy)

– Public Bounty hunt: Q4 (in preparation, to be announced soon)

– Q3 – Initial conversations with land register authorities


– Q3 – Establish and announce Board of Directors

– Q3 – Establish and announce Advisory Board

– Q3 – Announce platform partners (Bank, property appraiser, etc.)

– Q3 – Announce DApp + Public Test Version of the DApp

– Q3/Q4 – Further conversations with land register authorities

– Q3/Q4 – Start STO


– Q4 2018 – Hire an operational team

– Q4 2018 – Acquire a minimum of 3 sellers or commercial real estate properties


  • Q1 2109 – Launch DApp with at least 5 commercial real estate listenings


– Q2 2019 – Expand to 3 European countries: Germany, France and the UK

– Q1/Q2 2019 – Hire and strengthen the operational team

Thug of War

Blockimmo vs RealBlocks

RealBlocks aims to build a real estate investment platform. They will use Ethereum Blockchain to tokenize shares of real estate. Similar to Blockimmo each token will represent a share of equity in a property.

To access to both platforms, users required to pass KYC and AML checks.

Both projects have similar ideas and goals, and we will see in the future which one will be more successful.


Blockimmo has an innovative project that uses Blockchain to tokenize properties by allowing investors to buy the fractions of property.

Blockimmo has already tokenized a few properties that show us that it has developed its working product which is a positive sign when evaluating projects.

Despite the great idea behind the project, Blockimmo team has to improve their social media presence.

Also, the team consists of 4 members which is a quite low number comparing to others. A good sign is that they are currently seeking to hire more people.















Market Growth





  • Working product available (Blockimmo has already tested its platform)
  • Integration of stable coins (DAI, XCHF and TrueUSD) which eliminates price fluctuations for investors


  • Small team
  • Lack of social media presence
  • High competition