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Introduction to FidelitySuite

FidelitySuite aims to reinvent the loyalty system by building a platform that will allow its users to gather loyalty points from various shops without need having a lot of different cards.

Those loyalty points could further convert into services or cash by using the SuiteCredit (SCT) and STK token.

STK is Suite’s native currency which will users converts by using both types of exchanges, centralized, and decentralized whenever they wanted to cash-out.

On the other side, SCTs are points collected or exchanged between various platforms users who are going to allow access to the services offered by the platform.

They not be listed on any exchange, and they will have a previously determined price.

Also, FidelitySuite aims to allow small operators and large distribution chains access to wider prizes catalogs and increase customers by organizing events and initiatives.


The biggest issue with the fidelity cards is reaching the most expensive prizes, due to the expiry of benefits/rewards.

Also, loyalty point collector usually has to wait a lot to receive small prizes.

Often a user has to pay for the requested prize much more than the cost of the same item on the market.


To solve these problems FidelitySuite aims to make the whole system transparent and to gather all possibilities of accumulation of prizes and bonuses from the global market.

Prizes and bonuses will have an immutable value to ensure stability in the management of sales and purchases.

By using the application, users can manage all transactions and operations. This application will have a user-friendly interface that will allow even those ones without previous knowledge to use it.

If users accumulate unused credits in their wallet, they can request the SuiteCredit cash back option.

Use Case Analysis

The application will allow the investors and final users to accumulate and spend SCTs by using the barcode with the Wallet address. User registry will help users to see the balance of their tokens and the list of businesses which accepts STK as a medium of payment.

Users will be able to make purchases on the FidelitySuite platform and buy SuiteCredit (SCT). Also, the application will keep them informed about the promotional offerings of adherent shops.

Through this application, shops will be able to receive SCT or distribute SCTs to their customers. They are also entitled to publish their user catalog or to advertise promotions and offers to a specific group of customers. Also, shops will be able to buy SCT or services in the FidelitySuite platform.

The Main use cases of the collected SuiteCredits (SCT):

- With SCT users will be able to purchase digital coupons;

- Redeem money through bank wire transfer;

- Users can use SCT for services with partners with whom they have signed the agreements;

- They can use SCT to buy STK token as an investment;

- Users can use SCT to Cashback.

The Team behind FidelitySuite

Francesco Napoletano is co-founder and CEO at FidelitySuite. Formerly he worked as a Forex Dealer at FOREX Finv. He graduated computer science at Universita degli Studi di Torino.

Patrizia Amoruso is a CFO & co-founder at FidelitySuite. She worked as an auditor of business processes and management control in Formula for more than 20 years.

Simone Di Francia is a CIO, Co-founder, and Community Manager. Simone is a blockchain enthusiast. He currently works at EthBits LIMITED as a blogger. He has experience in creating token models for start-ups and managing various communities.


We have done a little Q&A with their Co-Founder, CIO, and Community Manager Simone Di Francia:

Q: How will investors earn from collecting STC and buying STK tokens?

A: STK tokens give you access to the SCT monthly airdrop. SCTs have a fixed value and can be used for redeeming rewards, gift cards and money through bank wire transfer.

STK will also grant access to various dedicated services and VIP lotteries with exclusive prizes.

Regarding solely SCT, they can be collected in the real market after buying in supported shops and marketplaces without worrying on prices oscillations.

Q: Are there any competitors in the space and what will separate FidelitySuite from other similar projects?

A: Competitors have developed their projects using solely a token and the cryptocurrency market oscillations impacted negatively on their real life adoption and success.

Fidelity Suite project tokenization is based on our Hybrid economy: STK + SCT.

SCT is a stable coin used as a loyalty point that will protect merchants and users from cryptocurrency price oscillations. In addition, it will be user-friendly and aimed to be used even by people not involved with blockchain for creating more awareness and helping adoption.

On the other hand STK is the native token that will grant access to SCT monthly airdrop, exclusive promotions, VIP lotteries and so on. STK through projects success, buyback & burn program (reduced token supply) and increasing amount of SCT distributed monthly (increased demand), is expected to gain value over time.

Q: What are the start and end dates for the STO and pre-STO?

A: Private sale is actually live and will end on 31st May or after reaching soft cap.

Pre-STO and STO date has not been officially announced, but will occur on Q3 2019.

Q: Can you tell us something about FidelitySuite refund agreement?

A: The Fidelity Suite Refund Agreement provides to investors the certainty to save the amount invested without worrying on STK price after hitting the exchanges. Conditions summary: investor must keep STK acquired on our platform for 1 year after STK have been listed on exchanges. If the price is below 0.12$ after such date we will refund the amount invested. For more detailed info read our blog post and agreement.

Q: Do you have any comment to leave for your potential investors and community members?

A: We believe that launching an innovative blockchain solution into a multi-billionaire market will definitely help cryptocurrency adoption and consequentially benefit STK tokenholders itself.


Facebook: 3750 followers

Twitter: 2555 followers

Reddit: 39 subscribers

Telegram: 16414 members


Ticker: STK

Private Sale: Ongoing

Private Sale End: May, 2019

Pre - STO Start Date: 1st May, 2019

Pre - STO End Date: 31st July, 2019

STO Start Date: TBD

STO End Date: TBD

Total Token Supply: 60.000.000 STK

Token Type: Security Token

Token standard: ERC20

Token price in Private sale: $ 0.12 USD

Token Price in Public Pre-STO: $ 0.18 USD

Token price in STO: $ 0.24 USD

Soft Cap: $ 600.000 USD

Hard Cap: $ 12.000.000 USD

Token allocation

60% - Market

20% - Society

10% - Team

7% - for the collaboration

3% - for the presentation

Use of funds

62% - Corporate legacy

18% - Advertising

10% - App. Development of the Customer Care platform

4% - Referrals presentations

4% - Credits distributed

2% - Legal expenses, general expenses




  • Launching of the Token Sale STO site
  • Private sale (great investors and entrepreneurs)
  • Business development: Eurozone, Whitepaper (Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic)



  • Pre-STO
  • FidelitySuite platform prototype and APP
  • Research of businesses and properties to acquire as corporate legacy


  • STO


  • Token distribution
  • Creation of the society
  • Acquisition of businesses and properties as corporate legacy
  • Beta release ver.1- FidelitySuite platform
  • Beta release ver. 1- Suitecredit management APP


  • Token listing in EXCHANGESs
  • Business expansion: the rest of the world
  • Release ver.2- FidelitySuite Platform and APP



  • Masternode lunching: blockchain as service\


  • Partnership with other societies in order to integrate new platforms
  • Public REST API (Golang, NodeJs)


  • FUTURE further services about Blockchain & fidelity cards at partner’s disposal.

FidelitySuite vs Loyalcoin

Loyalcoin is an unified customer loyalty blockchain based ecosystem that is using LoyalCoin as the medium of exchange. They have already launched their app, a special wallet, from which they can send loyalcoins in a fast and secure way.

Also, they made partnerships with 7-Eleven which allows their users to get loyalcoin across all 7-Eleven branches. Loyalcoin is currently traded on Kryptono and RightBTC exchanges.

While the price of Loyalcoin has determined by the laws of supply and demand, Fidelity Suite will use another model. They will issue two different tokens.

STC is going to be a stable coin used as a loyalty point which will protect users from losing their funds due to price speculations, and STK is going to be a tradeable token which will give its stakeholders right to access to SCT monthly airdrop, exclusive promotions, and VIP lotteries.

Although both projects have innovative ideas and want to reinvent customer loyalty ecosystem by using Blockchain, we will see which one will be more successful.


The fidelity card market size is huge, and it has estimated that it will hit $ 6.9 Billion USD by 2023.

Although there are many competitors in the space, FidelitySuite has implemented an innovative business model which will separate him from its competitors.

This project has a good presence at social media and a solid team, but in my personal opinion, it is too early for users to start using this kind of applications because Blockchain is still young and it has to pass some time till it becomes adopted by non-crypto users.
















Market Growth





  • Innovative business model 
  • Good social media presence


  • A lot of competitors
  • lack of crypto knowledge in the company